Canmake Wink Glow Eyes is a cream eyeshadow .
Glittery, stored in a lipgloss-like tube .
Has three colors right now :

01 Terracotta Brown ( a bright red-brown for aphrodisiac eyes )
02 Sakura Mauve ( a smoky pink for a pretty, yet grown-up spirit )
03 amatory Aurora ( a combination of lavender and light-polarizing
bone particles for translucent eyes )

Wo n’t build up in the furrow of your eyelids
All you need for coloring material grade
Stands up to sweat and water.
Contains beautifying ingredients

Sophisticated, dewy shimmer ♥
● Contains fine-textured, high-intensity pearl to create a ending that shimmers rather than glitters ♪
● Unlike glitter, which ends up dotted here and there, the pearl particles spread evenly over your peel, giving your eyes a twist, bedewed shimmer that never looks brassy ♥

All you need for color gradation
● Apply a sparse layer for a translucent, single-shade look ♪
● Enjoy 2 different looks with just one item : single-shade makeup and color gradation ♥

Won’t build up in the crease of your eyelids!
● Contains ingredients that form a highly adhesive, waterproof film, so it won ’ thyroxine wear off your lids well, even though it ’ s a liquid !
● Clings to your lids with good the correctly sum of stretch, providing even color. It won ’ thymine build up in the kris, either, so your eyes will still look arrant, flush when you lower your gaze ♥
For a beautiful, durable finish !

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Silky finish ♥
● Contains satiny gunpowder that becomes absolutely polish when applied to your bark, while retaining its bright shininess !
●Non-oily conceptualization makes it easy to apply eyeliner over the top ♪

Contains beautifying ingredients!
[ Moisturizing agents ]
Sodium hyalurate, acerola fruit excerpt, mix fruit extracts ( crataegus cuneata fruit excerpt, jujube fruit infusion, grapefruit fruit extract, apple fruit infusion, orange juice, lemon juice, birdlime juice )
how to use

Gently press the tube to squeeze out an amount about the size of a grain of rice onto the back of your hand, etc.
Lightly touch it to get a tiny amount of the product onto your finger.
Apply from the edge of the eyelid and blend.
If you wish to create a color gradation, apply another layer over the area where you want more intense color.
gently press the tube to squeeze out an total about the size of a grain of rice onto the back of your hand, etc.Lightly touch it to get a bantam amount of the product onto your finger.Apply from the edge of the eyelid and blend.If you wish to create a discolor grade, apply another level over the area where you want more intense color.

I copied them all from the web site. Call me lazy .
The box is like common Canmake, diaphanous, besotted, and thinly .
The pipe packaging is small .
I found that using a tube is hard to control the product come out .
Always squeezing excessively much and it is such a waste .
Since I only need a short total of glitters on my eyelid .

Nozzle is besides boastful

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Color no.03 Romantic Aurora is a aglitter purple .
once spread evenly, it is sheer .
Minimum fallout and does n’t stand on my rumple, like the written drumhead .
It stayed the stallion day on my lid while I was going to Disneyland HK .
From morning til night .
( deplorable my telephone got wet and could n’t turn on for 2 days in HK ) .

swatch on hand

I do n’t like putting this besides much since it will make my eyes puffy.

I once interest in the purple-ish color, together with no.02 .
But the color is besides pale .
I think it is more suit to be a top semblance ,
or when I want a short glow on my eyes .
furthermore, it is hard to be squeezed .
The semblance itself is cute, desirable for doll-like makeup .
But the glitters on no.03 color is excessively big for my predilection .

expression before disaster .

It soon will be available in Indonesia .
I hope to try no.02 Sakura Mauve coloring material besides ,
tied though I do n’t truly prefer this tube packaging .
Does n’t have olfactory property, distinctive japanese constitution product .

I think this is not good as eyeshadow.
But if used as topping glitters, it’s very good because of the staying power.
Still prefer
for better pigment & finishing.

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Wore this eye cream to Disneyland .
I was very sad my call got wet the good morning before going there .
I could n’t turn it on until 2 days passed .
Can you see the separate I used this cream ?

I ‘m seeing this like a toy, forgive me Canmake.I think this is not dependable as eyeshadow.But if used as topping glitters, it ‘s very good because of the persist power.Still prefer PAUL & JOE Eye Gloss S for better pigment & finish up.


+ A little & dilute tube, desirable for travelling .
+ Brings gleam to the eyelid.
+ Does n’t stand on my rumple .
+ Minimum side effect even with big glitters .
+ Cheap .
+ Buildable to metallic purple .
+ long staying office for the entire day approved on my dry skin without eyebase .
– semblance is excessively pale to be called eyeshadow. It is commodity as topping cream though .
– The nozzle is excessively boastfully and will wasted many creams.

– excessively a lot glow for casual practice .
– A sting dry once the cream has settled .

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