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I hope you are enjoying your weekend a a lot as I do. I take some time for myself to update my web log. I took photos in one plump and drafting some of them. That is the means I do my blog images, since I am a lazy polar lolol
For nowadays ’ s blogpost I ’ d like to bring you my current darling powder. It is from Canmake –sadly hasn ’ t released in Indonesia yet, Secret Beauty Powder. I feel like going back to my 90s, watching Sailor Moon and role-played as the Guardian with my sisters by looking at the packaging. Super cute and brings back memories !

here ’ second from the Canmake web site :

Comes with puff and mirror
You can even wear it while you ’ rhenium sleeping
Contains fancify ingredients
A translucent skin powder for use at any time of day or night
● You can even wear it while you’re sleeping! Use it as a translucent powder in the day and a night powder overnight.Keeps skin dewy and silky-smooth
● Contains 5 moisturizing agents, keeping skin dewy & less prone to dryness.
● Sebum-adsorbing agents cling to sebum & keep the skin’s surface silky-smooth.“Better than bare skin, lower-key than make-up”
● Contains soft-focus effect powder to softly blur flaws in your skin, creating the effect of a smooth, beautiful, make-up-free face.
● Natural finish that doesn’t feel like make-up, so you won’t get found out easily.
● You can even wear it while you ’ re sleeping ! Use it as a translucent powder in the day and a night powderize overnight.● Contains 5 humidify agents, keeping skin bedewed & less prone to dryness.● Sebum-adsorbing agents cling to sebum & keep the peel ’ s surface silky-smooth.● Contains soft-focus effect gunpowder to lightly blur flaws in your hide, creating the effect of a smooth, beautiful, make-up-free face.● Natural eat up that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel like makeup, so you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate catch found out well. Formulation designed with your skin in mind
● 5-free formulation
Free from bouquet, mineral vegetable oil, ethyl alcohol, tar-based pigments, and UV absorbers

color image [ 01 ] clear gunpowder
Non-powdery and won ’ thyroxine conceal besides much. For arrant, translucent-looking skin .

very detailed explanation you can find at the web site. now here ’ s my think on the product .
20180426_104725 The powder comes in a small container, heart shaped dome on the out lid that reminds me of Sailor Moon ’ south brooch, complete with an attached mirror and a puff. Compared to Marshmallow Finish Powder, it is half the size. They both have similar packaging–round container with gold, kinda chrome eyelid and jagged around the bottom container. The delicate puff is dead-on same with the one in Marshmallow gunpowder, only smaller .
The powder comes in one tad : 01 Clear, as stated in the web site. It is a translucent powder that works universally for any skin timbre. It doesn ’ t leave any white cast ! I don ’ triiodothyronine notice any odorize from the product which is a good thing .
Secret Beauty Powder claims to have beautifying ingredients. obviously I can not provide any english adaptation of the ingredients. It is said to blur your proves, to create a flawless front even without any makeup foundation day and nox. You besides can sleep with powder applied ! Buuut I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate commend you to do that.

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I was disbelieving first time using the powderize. I mean, it sounds the powder works wonder to the peel. Is it, with my kind of textured, disruptive, oily skin ? Man, how I have been wrong. It blends magically into the skin, transforms my radiance, adult pores-skin into felt, camouflaged skin in seconds .
The powder blur my pores specially around the nose and frontal bone. It mattifies beautifully ! I like the look of my skin after applying it all over the face. The best lotion is using the powderpuff, pat it on the clamber as the set powderize. I besides try powder brush ( I use one from Miniso ) but for me, it ’ south best to use the puff that comes within. I don ’ triiodothyronine set my under eyes with it coz it looks dry. I use Wetnwild Photofocus Powder for my under eyes. I pretty much use Secret Beauty Powder everywhere on my face .

It stays pretty estimable on me, around 6 hours still looks okay. It doesn ’ thymine stop oil to come out. But using this powder, I feel like it keeps my face looks bedewed so far doesn ’ thymine look blotchy and cakey. Plus, it doesn ’ t lose to my sweat !
I ’ d say the powder does about precisely like Innisfree No Sebum powder. I love that one last year and this quarter of year I actually like Canmake ’ second. Who knows I will have another front-runner ? 😉
I preordered mine through immunoglobulin denounce @ cocciPO for IDR 149K .
Thank you for reading~~

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