Continuing on with testing out Canmake ’ second products, today I will review their blush in the shade “ Fairy Orange Fleur ”. The blush looks gorgeous, color jazz band is already to my like, let ’ s see how this blush performs shall we ?
Description of product:
“ Translucence & staying might worthy of a cream blush, but in a powderize ? !
-It ’ s a powder, but it doesn ’ triiodothyronine feel powdery ! An extraordinary texture that clings to your bare peel, as though the soft, clean gunpowder is melting into it★
The secret of glistening buttock ! finish with the burnishing glow powder★
-Glow powder is the privy of the luster !
-The color and content of the pearl particles have been cautiously calibrated to ensure that they achieve the best shininess for each shadow ! A quick chimneysweeper is all you need over cheeks tinted with a delicate flush.
Boosts translucence ! For bright, healthy-looking cheeks♪
Soft-focus effect gives your cheek a poreless look★

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Long-lasting★ Contains powder to prevent makeup run ! ! *
-Contains “ sebum-absorbing gunpowder ( silica ) ” to prevent makeup ply.
Highly oil-absorbent, it sucks up overindulgence sebum ♥ Keeps your makeup in place for hours on end .
Contains cheek-friendly beautifying & moisturizing agents and establish & yield extracts♥ ( moisturizing agents ) *
-Ectoin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, rosemary leaf extract, pomegranate flower educe, damask rose flower anoint, hip oil, Rosa multiflora fruit excerpt .
★Formulation designed with your skin in mind★
Free from mineral oils, petroleum-based surfactants, bouquet, and alcohol. ”
Country of Manufacture:
Made in Japan
How to use:
Apply a modest amount along your cheek bones with brush .

Product packaging:
Just like any Canmake product, the design on the covenant has the same gorgeous design with fictile packaging. The close is not magnetic but alternatively, fair the even throw up pack where you have to pull up the hat to release the lid. Opening up the covenant reveals the pretty bloom with flower and ribbon design. There is no mirror inwardly, obviously .
Included in the compress bloom is besides a slender brush that is actually not that bad. The bristles are soft, it is a natural bristle brush which is ideal when it comes to powdered products. The brush is a perfect size for the buttock, the fish is very useful and the brush international relations and security network ’ t excessively dense or besides flimsy .


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Colour/ pigmentation:
With Fairy Orange Fleur, it is a courteous summer coral bloom. I fair mix all the blush shades in the pan and lightly apply them on my buttock and this means I get a slender orangey hot flash that looks very youthful and fresh. The pigmentations of these have the right balance and not chalky and powdery when applied to the clamber .
Texture/ Finish:
The texture is nice, this is decidedly a set better than any beauty blushes I have tried by far. No wonder, they are very popular. It is slightly satiny to the touch and doesn ’ t have a powdered and dry look on my bark. All these shades have a bit of shimmer finish but the shimmer is actually little, which I prefer since I ’ thousand not a big shimmery finish type of female child .

Lasting power:
This is super pigmented and, they start to fade and need a touch up after 6 to 7 hours. The finish looks very natural and international relations and security network ’ thymine powdery, you can silent reapplying without worrying about the coloring material .
No bouquet detected .
– The blush in the pan looks truly gorgeous
– Pigmented adequate for a nice subtle look
– Silky texture
– Buildable blush
– Non-powdery finish
– nothing

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Rating: 4.5/5
Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks [10 Types To Choose]
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