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Candle Review: Yankee Candle Sugared Vanilla Pure Radiance
Candle Review: Yankee Candle Sugared Vanilla Pure Radiance

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Candle Review: Yankee Candle Sugared Vanilla Pure Radiance.

radiance candle collection.

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11 thoughts on “Candle Review: Yankee Candle Sugared Vanilla Pure Radiance | General documents related to radiance candle collection most detailed

  1. sunfishoutofwater says:

    That soot is definitely over-the-top!! I have burned a number of the original Woodwick brand candles (prob 10-12?) of different shapes/sizes/styles from the actual Woodwick brand since they first hit the market & have NEVER had any problem w/ them. They definitely crackle, which people either like or dislike, have all burned well, & if I recall correctly all but one have had good scent strength & throw. All of which is to say that I feel quite confident in saying the issues you had are definitely not inherent to woodwick candles across the hoard but more so to yankee's woodwicks &/or that particular candle design. I've not tried other brands that have ventured into woodwicks but if you like or at least don't mind the crackling don't let this candle scare you away from the idea & perhaps keep your eye open for the Woodwick brand @ TJs/ Homegoods; I've picked up two @ my TJs in the past month (including one that is their newer Ribbonwick design, which I'm both excited & a bit terrified to burn as the "ribbonwick" is four inches wide!! I couldn't resist it though for $15 as it's a 10"wide ceramic beauty in a yummy scent (Red Chai) that I would never even look at for full price; I'm looking forward to giving it a go after the holidays & will let try to remember to let you know how it goes.). Thanks as always for all of your reviews, etc & hope you have a wonderful Christmas w/ your beautiful family!

  2. L Z says:

    Melanie, I have a video request/idea: I was wondering if you could rate your top 5 favorite candle companies for throw and scent, performance, etc. I usually buy Yankee Candles but haven't been 100% happy with them, but wonder what other companies I should try. My main objective is to fill the whole room with a scent I love. Thanks!

  3. Prettypolkadots says:

    I had one of the smaller Almond candles like this that I was burning last month. It was a mess and tunneled on me and I couldn't get a scent throw so I got mad and put it on my wax melting plate and the crazy thing about blew me out of the house. If it sooting a lot you might try that. I talked about it in my empties video last month.

  4. lipglossandearrings says:

    Yankee candles are junk! Why waste your money on candles that don't even smell? The only candles that are good still are candleberry and swancreekcandle.

  5. Lindsay Treppa says:

    I bought iced cookie in the pure radiance line. I loved the scent, but mine had the exact same soot problem! I did enjoy that mine pooled out for once, since my large jars of Yankee seem to take FOREVER to make the smallest pool. Thanks for the great review! 😍

  6. CanadaKim1978 says:

    Great review Melanie! I don't like soot…ugh! I do, however, enjoy wood wicks. Thanks for sharing ~Kim


    Oh my goodness!  I've been quite a few pure radiance and none of mine have ever looked like that.  They do tend to soot if the wick gets to long. It can be hard to tell when to trim the wood wicks but I do keep them trim short.  I also put an illumalid on mine though to trap any soot just in case.

  8. lara ng says:

    I have the opposite problem lol Mine burns well but throw is about a 2 (it's a different scent, almond something, which is supposed to be strong). I'm OK w/it b/c I didn't expect a strong smell

  9. eee wee says:

    have u ever tried woodwick brand they were alot better all around. great reive as always. merry Christmas

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