Questions demand answers – and I ’ megabyte here to give them to you in this Braun series 9 revue. Note:  I ’ megabyte talking about the 9290cc Silver assortment from of the Series 9. generally, the difference only lies in the out shell of the shavers or whether you ’ re ordering a plant with a clean station .

A primer on foil electric razors

Before I get into all the specifics on the Braun Series 9, let me go over some things that you should understand about electric razors so you can understand if this is the razor you ’ re looking for. This is how things get murky when you label something as being the best since it may not be the best for everybody.

In fact, you may want to read our article on the dispute between foil and rotary razors when you finish this article barely to make certain. I ’ ll give you a brief description of the difference here .

Foil vs Rotary

Braun only features hydrofoil dash razors, while other brands do both foil and traffic circle stylus. The main deviation is how the blades operate. Foil razors have heads that are straight like bars. The blades rock back and forth and cut as you work the razor up and devour. Rotary on the other hand obviously rotate. The blades spin on a pivot and you move the razor around in a synchronous converter manner to cut the hair. Above the blades on the Braun is a foil cover charge to protect the skin from the blades. Without this barrier, you would cut your side to shreds. It is a very slender layer of substantial, sometimes gold plated sometimes titanium, that has many humble holes for the hair to enter so it can be cut by the razor. With a traffic circle, the screen is a metallic disk with slats cut out of it which is a bit thick than the foil counterparts. Which one is better ? Neither and both. It in truth depends on what you need it to do. broadly a thwart razor is gentler on hide since the thwart is sol smooth and even has a curl to it so there is less material rubbing against your face. Braun particularly excels in this area. rotary razors are truly dear at getting into crafty areas and can ride the contours of your grimace better. however, this is changing as you will see when you read on about how the Series 9 can maintain dear contact with the peel ascribable to the directions that the heads can move. More on that late !

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invention might not mean much to you, but when a well designed razor is ergonomic, you will notice it. When it is ergonomic, you not alone get a better clasp, but it helps you to shave your expression a lot easier. By improving the clasp, you can get better coverage of your face and keep liaison with the skin much better. This is authoritative particularly if you are using the razor in the shower or when your hands are wet.

This is another area where Braun excels. They are not entirely pretty razors to look at, but they are easier to use and way more effective than some other brands .

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Electric razors are barely like any modest appliance. They work good and for longer when you take care of them. If you want your razor to be as gloomy maintenance as possible, then look for ones that have a charging base that doubles as a clean station. The manner they work is that there is a cleaning solution inside a chamber on the charging dock. You place your razor in fountainhead first and it activates a sort of jacuzzi for your razor. At the same time it charges. When you need to use it again, it ’ second in full charged and the blades are clean of hair, dirty and shaving cream remains plus they are disinfected. Braun Series 9 has equitable such a arrangement so you never evening have to think about taking things apart and cleaning the blades .


Electric razors are not bum. not for a well one at least. There are some that are economic that do a great job, but you are limited in the functions. For case, you can get an Andis Pro Foil child that does a good caper and is a front-runner among barbers for about half what you would spend on the Braun Series 9, but they don ’ t have a charging/cleaning dock. They don ’ t have a buffer zone to help the shaving head bide in contact with the skin around the contour of your face. While they are big in a master typeset, they are not ideal for the guy that needs to shave every day in a commodious manner. To get the bells and whistles, which do add a fortune to the potency, then you need to spend a bite of money. You ’ ll save money in the long term when you consider how much substitution blades are for cartridge razors like Gillette Pro Glide and others, though .

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rechargeable batteries are the direction to go when it comes to electric razors. You don ’ metric ton want to be plugged in as you ’ re less mobile and can ’ thymine use the razor moisture if you want to. Plus, if you want to use it in somewhere like a gymnasium cabinet room, it can not only be wet there and dangerous to be plugged in, but finding a free release can be a challenge. not all rechargeable batteries are created peer however. You should look at razors with a Lithium Ion battery. These batteries final way longer than their Nickel Cadmium counterparts. immediately, I don ’ thymine mean how long they last between charges as they are both on par with each early angstrom far as that goes.

I mean after a while and many charges, the battery starts to have trouble charging amply and keeping a appoint. finally it will stop charging wholly. This is true of any type whether we are talking about Lithium Ion or Nickel. But, it happens much later with a Lithium Ion battery thus you get means more longevity with that kind of razor so you actually get your money ’ randomness worth. Braun Series 9 uses this type of battery as no storm to anybody .

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