Are you dreaming of opening up a little antique booth ? Are you wondering how to do it ? I am sharing all of my tips and tricks on how to set up an antique booth in an efficient way so that it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate seem overwhelming !
a table display at my antique booth
so, you have decided that you want to have an antique booth – and you are quick to get it going ! But, possibly you are not quite certain where to start with all the set up ! Figuring out how to go about filling the booth can feel consuming. I know that it was for me the first time I opened up a booth ! But now, I feel like I can do it very easily. I have owned an antique booth for about 10 years and I have set up for several shows and I am here to tell ya that it is NOT deoxyadenosine monophosphate hard as it may seem ! today I am going to share all my short tips on how to set up an antique booth ! My hope is that these little tips will make YOUR procedure easy !
A few months ago I published a web log post entitled How to Start An Antique Booth and you guys actually enjoyed that ! ( Click here to check that post extinct. ) In this post, I want to share HOW to set it all up ! You know, once you have gathered all of your treasures and feel confident that you have found the correct location to suit your needs, the coherent step is to move into your booth space and get ‘ unpacking. ’ however, the unharmed action can easily become overpower if you have not done it before but I have found just a few ways that work well for me and I want to share them with you.

antique booth set up

At Home Prep:

There are a few things that you can do right at home that I feel will help you when you are ready to set up the booth ! Those things include :

  • Have all items tagged and ready – check with your store/your contract for any tagging requirements
  • Pack items in groupings – I like to pack up totes with ‘like items’
  • Map Out Booth At Home – you may want to set it up at home first
  • Aquire Staging pieces – Make sure you have pieces for your things to sit on
  • Do you need to bring walls – I like to create walls in my booth (more below)
  • Lighting form home such as lamps – If your booth is dark you may want to bring lighting with you
  • Items to use as risers as needed – You may need to give some things a ‘lift’
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Arrive To Your New Booth Prepared

I have found that the following items in truth have come in handy when seeing up a booth :

  • Hand truck & Dollys to move your heavy items
  • Broom & dust pan
  • Hammer & Nails
  • Electric Screw Driver & Screws
  • Extension Chord
  • S hooks

Now It Is Time To Set Up Your New Booth


The very first thing that I like to do is to define my booth outer space by adding walls. possibly you are golden and your new antique booth quad is already defined, but if not, walls can help to make your distance more cohesive. You can use all sorts of things for ‘ walls. ’ At the old-timer memory that I am in nowadays, the owner used old doors to help her dealers define their spaces – and it looks truly good ! Another option is to use large pieces of furniture to create “ walls. ” Those big pieces ( fair like a wall ) can help block the wonder eye of a customer and help keep their attention and focus on YOUR trade. It besides will help to keep them in YOUR booth long !

Large Pieces In First

speak of large pieces of furniture, moving those in would be my following step ! I always stage my big pieces ( without all of the minor items ) first. My goal with the large pieces is to make the distance both visually please AND easy to shop. Most importantly, I feel that the flow of the booth needs to make sense. The big pieces are what most shoppers will see first and spending a little time styling them will pay off .
now, there is something to think about when it comes to your large pieces : to sell or not to sell – let me explain. Obviously, some of the big pieces that I bring into the booth are purchased for resale but sometimes there are pieces that I bring in that are strictly for expose only. Those pieces are normally ones that I have found that fit a position within the booth absolutely or pieces that would besides expensive or besides hard to replace. ( I do keep “ back up pieces ” in my garage and storage unit in the event that a big items sells so that all of my smalls are not living on the shock. )

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Add In Your Smalls

Remember all those totes and memory tubs that you packed up at family ? nowadays is the time to start unloading them and filling all of your shelves and board tops. I love to stylus my booth in ‘ vignettes ’ – seasonal worker vignettes are my front-runner. For example, good now I have a cunning Back To School Vignette happening in my booth ! Those are so much fun to style ! But remember my lean above, pack up all of your vignettes together if you can ! It makes working these ‘ moments ’ into your booth therefore much easier and faster !

Add In Your Filler

once all the smalls are in, I like to add in a little makeweight here and there. For me, that includes things like plants during the summer and pumpkins during the fall. sometimes those small supernumerary touches will help to elevate your booth and set you apart from your neighbor .

Hang Your Art And Salvage

This happens final for me. I want to make indisputable that I have ALL of my items in place before I start nailing things in my booth. That means I am making a few nail holes as possible .

Sweep And Dust Your Way Out

The final tint for me is swing and dusting myself right on out of my antique booth. You see, I love old chippy pieces and it never fails – I always seem to have rouge chips laying all over the ground after working in my space. I besides like to dust off any surfaces american samoa well, for that very reason !
a wall full of signs

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Social Media

once your booth is all done you are now ready to make some money ! Do not forget to start blasting out photos of your trade name new booth space all over your social channels. No matchless is going to shop your booth if they do not know it exists … therefore be certain to tell the world. Attention is KING ! besides, touch base with your age-old plaza and see if they will post your newly booth on their socials as well !
blue and white vintage items in. cupboard

Wrap Up

Congratulations – your booth is all set up and you are quick to make some sales ! I hope you enjoyed these few tips on how to set up an antique booth ! In fact, just three days ago I used these very lapp lean ! I completely redid one of my booths that was empty and I shared it all in IG stories ( you can follow me here on IG ). I followed this very procedure that I just shared above !
One concluding tip : I would recommend going in much – specially for the first few weeks and fluffing your quad ! Try and analyze what is selling so that you can reinvest portions of your profits in those items. ( It is besides a good estimate to fluff your booth frequently because many times your antique promenade will have repeat customers – if your booth looks the demand lapp as it did the last time they were there then those duplicate customers may not stop by and shop with you. ) I recall that when I opened my very first booth I spent that first year truly analyzing what was selling well for me and I made changes and adjustments in the items that I brought in as want. I started with a very small space but after that inaugural year I was able to invest in a larger booth and then expanded from there !
good luck to you and I hope you enjoy your new antique booth !
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