YOU ’ D EXPECT silk company Jim Thompson to be artful in its ventures into very well dining, and its raw restaurant-bar Bombyx is surely that. It ’ s following to the Jim Thompson memory at the quiet end of Siam Paragon, making it ideal for relax, even familiar meals.
The dimness is debate to show off the artwork displayed on a rotation footing. The tables are modular and hexangular, allowing for flexible uses. The position is modest in size, large adequate for 34 diners, with another five folks seated at the browning automatic rifle.
Bombyx gets its diagnose from the genus class of the silkworm on which Jim Thompson ’ second conglomerate was built. For this class at least the restaurant is decorated with the workplace of National Artist Ithipol Thangchalok, whose abstracts the firm recently printed on a express version of scarves .
The silken treats of Bombyx
Bombyx at Siam Paragon is the Jim Thompson silk tauten ’ s latest F & B volunteer, where the concepts of fine art and fine dining meet .
Silk rectangles bearing his patterns drape from the ceiling like undulating waves. The wallpaper and tabletops bear reproductions of his complex twirl blasphemous lines.
In the kitchen, chef Phongsak Mikhunthong leads a team that incorporates authentic-tasting Thai classics with western cooking techniques and presentation.

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Reading: The silken treats of Bombyx

The silken treats of Bombyx
french-fry Salmon Spring Rolls
An excellent starter, Deep-fried Salmon Spring Rolls ( Bt250 ) replace the common shrimp-noodle-pork stuffing with norwegian salmon that ’ sulfur been luxuriating in milk to keep it blue once fried. The fish is wrapped in leaves of sweetly basil to retain moisture, then in rice newspaper.
The rolls arrive with cream of tartar sauce alternatively of plum sauce, and on the side a cosmetic boom of comestible rose petals, butterfly peas, chinese cabbage blossoms and spinach, a bouncy contrast in colours .

Chef Phongsak compares the ellipse bluing plates on which the food is presented to artists ’ palettes.
“ You need to decide what kind of food best fits the shape and which colours to add to bring out the smasher of the main smasher, ” he says. “ It should please to both the preference bud and the eyes. ”
The silken treats of Bombyx
greens Curry with Grilled Salmon
Salmon besides features in his green Curry ( Bt360 ), ousting the accustomed wimp or beef. A 170-gram fillet is grilled and then further cooked in coconut cream with eggplant, pea eggplant and Thai basil. personally, I found the dish a bit dulcet .
The silken treats of Bombyx
Panang Curry with Sliced Australian Beef
The Red Curry ( Bt540 ) has a slab of australian beef tenderloin weighing 180 to 200 grams, grilled and roasted to medium doneness.
Both curries are cooked with less coconut cream ( kluk klik in Thai ) than is typically used.
Phongsak ’ s Tom Yum Goong ( Bt250 ) offers shrimp wontons in acquit, sour soup with shimeji mushrooms and sweet basil.

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The silken treats of Bombyx
sour Soup with Shrimp Wontons
“ The wontons are all runt – no pork barrel fat added, ” he says. “ The wrappers are filled with both minced and diced prawn that ’ s seasoned with salt, pepper and soy and sesame sauces. The broth has a base of shallots and onions, with barbecued fish added to lend it a more aromatic flavor. ”
Phongsak has given Northern-style khao soi a improbable modernization. For Bt280 you get japanese wheaten soba noodles in place of egg noodles, cooked in curry sauce with grill duck .
The silken treats of Bombyx
Curried Soba Noodles with Grilled Duck
The curry is made with coconut cream, curry and masala powders, tamarind sauce, palm boodle and salt. The duck is marinated nightlong in chinese five-spice powder and soy sauce, then roasted and grilled.
Topped with sharply french-fry egg noodles, the dish is served aboard chop shallots, slices of lemon, pickled greens, and fried labor chili .
The silken treats of Bombyx
Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste and Chilli, Deep-fried Catfish and Sweet Chicken
besides deserving trying is Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste and Chilli, Deep-fried Catfish and Sweet Chicken ( Bt320 ).
They grind together shrimp spread, dried shrimps, shallot, pickled garlic and salted egg, fry the mix with rice, and season the batch with fish sauce, decoration sugar and lemon juice. It ’ sulfur presented with puff-fried catfish, sweetened chicken, ginger and more pickled garlic and chili .
The silken treats of Bombyx

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Banana and Salted Caramel Tart with Passion Fruit and Banana Cream
Banana and Salted Caramel Tart with Passion Fruit and Banana Cream ( Bt250 ) is a perfect ending to the meal, a charming combination of sweet and lemony and soft and crisp.
Bombyx has an across-the-board list of drinks. If you shun liquor, have a Rose Cobbler ( Bt190 ) mingling watermelon and lime juice, diced watermelon and rose lemonade.
For an alcohol recoil, choose for a Gin Khao ( Bt280 ), which does wonders with gin, Thai tea, Earl Grey tea and roasted land rice .
Bombyx is on M Floor at Siam Paragon and open daily from 10 to 10.
Book a postpone at ( 02 ) 129 4840 or .

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