Lancome was one of the first western brands to launch their cushion initiation, and even had 8 shades ( vs the korean pioneers who generally only had 2-5 shades ). I guess having the early-bird advantage does help – while the early brands like YSL and Biotherm are just churning out their first adaptation, here ’ second V2.0 of Lancome ’ south Cushion Compact, this time, with high coverage. Me sexcited !
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage poster

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage shades and priceLancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (1) Sorry for the curious slant – the character is highly reflective, so the best view one can give you is that of my ceiling 😀

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (2)
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (3)
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (4)

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (6) immediately if you look close, it about looks like a snow bunting matrix invention 😀
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (7) When you first press it, it has that little plastic crunchy reasoned
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (8) The fluent foundation garment is dispensed via this formative hexangular final that works as a sieve
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (9)
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (12)
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (10)
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (11) Face: Shade O-01, Eyeshadow : Nudestix in Twilight, Cheeks : Pony x Memebox Easy Mix Block
Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage comparison The deviation between the Blanc Expert Compact Cushion ( which I was already quite print with ) and this raw High Coverage adaptation

I say…
The Packaging : The common compendious casing with the built-in mirror and tray that functions as a sponge holder deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as an airlock. nowadays here ’ s where it gets interest – rather of opening up to see the cushion, you ’ re actually greeted by a protection final. If you scrutinise it close, you can even make out hexangular snowflake-like designs on it. It ’ mho mean to catch and sieve out extra liquid foundation garment so that your puff picks up adequate. To be honest, it doesn ’ t make much of a dispute to me – it ’ s neither a pro or a convict. I find that the liquid basis that ’ s caught on the gauze amazingly remains there until your adjacent custom ( assuming it ’ mho within a day ), so you don ’ t need to press down unvoiced into the netting to pick up more product. There ’ randomness an initial crunchy sound when you first use it, but with subsequent custom, it becomes softer as it gets soaked with the liquid foundation. Over prison term, I predict it ’ ll gradually get in the manner of you picking up product ( as the shock absorber below lento depletes of initiation ).

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The Scent: A very faint floral and powdery scent .
The Texture/Finish: It ’ south said to be velvet in its promotional materials – I wouldn ’ metric ton address it a complete felt finish but it is indeed a more flatness version of its predeccesor. It ’ s surely less bedewed and there ’ randomness less shine. It gives a medium-high charge of coverage ( yes, concealer is silent needed for the iniquity eye circles ), but blemishes such as the annoying pimples on my face area sufficiently covered up. It goes on with a cooling ace, but identical quickly settles into a mostly-matte finish. There ’ sulfur a piece of dewiness when you view it from certain angles, which means areas like your nose bridge, cheek bones and chin will have a subtle shine. however, there ’ sulfur none of that streakiness you get when you apply those overly-moist cushions .
The Verdict: now I have heard some reviews saying that this can get patchy note that my reviews are normally done based on my combi-oil skintype and besides on the humidity of the nation I live in, which means me and my countrymen ( or countryladies ) aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate truly as cutting on having that overly-dewy finish as those in dry climates. Based on the aforesaid circumstances, I hereby declare that I ( besides ) loves this shock absorber ! Boy, these westerly cushions are surely doing well. It lasts an average amount of time ( about 3-4 hours ) before disappear, which means that the oil control international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate that hard. thankfully, touching up doesn ’ thyroxine causal agent any coat. It brightens up my overall complexion, and gives that good balance of flat : dewiness so that I don ’ metric ton come across looking besides glazed. It keeps my skin feel damp despite the mostly-matte finish, and gives a beneficial level of natural-looking coverage ! The one downside of this is its monetary value -the case costs $ 20, one refill costs $ 55, which means that the free-base monetary value is $ 75 for a cushion. It does come with a couple refill format at $ 78 which makes it $ 98 for a subject and 2 refills, significantly higher than Biotherm ’ s Aquasource Evermoist CC ‘ s $ 69 which gives you 1 font with 2 refills. On the bright english, it is cheaper than YSL Le Cushion Encre de Peau ‘ s $ 88 for one case and one refill though. This Lancome one is just that very, very slightly more matte than Biotherm ’ s one, but Biotherm does give slenderly higher traverse. relatively, the overall coating is reasonably much the same. Dilemma much ? I actually do like the Lancome cushion because it ’ sulfur one of the rare few cushions to give a matte-enough ( not full-on flatness ) finish with a slender tint of dewiness that sits well on my combi oily hide. There ’ south no patchniness nor flakiness, and comes one of the widest arrays of shades out there. Worth a try on if you ’ re person who has oily/combi-oily skin, have got some extra moolah and can ’ thyroxine find a shade match from Biotherm .

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