Hello peeps , I have always been attracted to sheet masks ( one major reason is the flawless skin that korean girls flaunt attributing it to sheet masks ). They are capital to use when you are in a hurry and less messy compared to early face masks. I have stocked quite a few sheet masks from Watsons, and today, I am gon na review the repairing face disguise. indeed, scroll down to read whether this mask made any difference to my skin or not !
Watsons Black Pearl Smoothing Facial Mask
Price :
RM 6.90/Rs 115

Product Description:
Watsons smoothing facial mask with black pearl contains 20 kinds of minerals which help promote healthier, smoother and more limber skin. This series is formulated with high molecular weight unit hyaluronic acerb ( AHA ) which retains a high gear sum of water to forma moisture protective level and prevent moisture passing. It works in concert with vitamin B5 which makes skin more humidify, softer and more elastic.
Product description Directions To Use :
gently place the mask onto your front after cleansing. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. lightly massage the remaining essence into the skin. Use 2-3 times per week for optimum results .

My Experience with Watsons Black Pearl Smoothing Facial Mask:

These sheet masks from Watsons come in a lot of colored shades, I love having them in my dressing table. This discrepancy is called “ black pearl ” and hence of the lapp color as the name. It has park fonts over it, which makes the integral box look identical far-out. This plane dissemble comes in a sachet, so it ’ second comfortable to carry around, during travels.
normally, most sheet masks do not fit me properly, but this one was of perfect size and sat nicely on my clamber. The mask is easy and feel very pacify on the skin. It was quite wet which meant it was loaded with essence. I normally keep sheet masks for 20 minutes and then when the edges start to come off, that ’ s when I realize that it ’ sulfur clock time to take it off. The perfume does inject all the moisture into my face within those 20 minutes.
Ingredients sheet mask
The kernel provided in the mask is a draw, sol even after removal, a distribute of essence was there on my face, with which I gave my front a dainty massage, till the essence got wholly absorbed into my skin. My hide felt amazingly hydrated after using this disguise and provided all the moisture that my skin was lacking. My face initially felt identical fresh, but the result was impermanent. The disguise got rid of the sobriety from my face and my clamber looked felt and looked healthy. My facial skin felt truly voiced to touch and I did not need to use a moisturizer after this. I got a very natural glow after using this dissemble.
Sheet mask

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Although it did not make my clamber attend any bright, it made it look better by imparting a smooth texture and providing amazing balminess. The chief aim of this dissemble was to provide hydration, which it did, but if there is some mask out there which would give hydration and brightness to my clamber, I would like to try it ampere well .

Pros of Watsons Black Pearl Smoothing Facial Mask:

  • The packaging looks cute and attractive.
  • A variety of options available to choose from, in this range, according to one’s skin type.
  • Affordable.
  • A good option to pamper the skin with.
  • Sheet mask was drenched in essence.
  • Fits my face nicely.
  • Makes me feel totally relaxed and calm.
  • Relaxing scent.
  • Gives a boost of hydration and moisture to the skin.
  • Makes my skin soft and smooth.
  • Gets rid of all the dryness.
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Cons of Watsons Black Pearl Smoothing Facial Mask:

  • Temporary effect.
  • Does not add freshness or brightness to my skin.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Watsons Black Pearl Smoothing Facial Mask?
Yes, I do recommend this sheet mask, it ’ mho reasonably priced and easy to use, but I am not besides certain whether I would come spinal column to this because I have realized all the plane masks work in the like means .
IMBB Rating:

I have actually liked this brand, this is one budget-friendly brand to try out .
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