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Parrot TV for Birds🦜


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A virtual bird room full of happy parrot sounds to add to your birds’ environment! Just the birds of Parrot Town and their own parrot sounds, noises and conversations in the bird room they make here at our house. We hope you and your birds enjoy 🙂 See the benefits of our YouTube channel: ➤ 🥦 We are a proud partner of Bird Street Bistro, the only organic Parrot Chop that we have been using here at home for over 2 years. —Use code: PARROTTOWNTV for 10% off your entire order. Thank you very much! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ➤Our Amazon Store: ➤Our Birdie Blog: ➤Our Discord: ➤Our Shorts Channel: ➤DIY Bird Toy Supplies: ➤ All Natural Bird Toys: ➤ All Natural Vine Wreaths you see birds playing in the streams with: ➤ FREE Bird Rescue Database: ➤ Find an avian vet near you: ~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ Parrot Playhouse: ♥ PEAC San Diego: ♥ Ronies for the Love of Birds: ♥ Rocky’s Rescue Birds Support Group: ♥ Fluff & Feathers Bird Training: ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~*~❤️~*~ Parrot Town TV is a virtual bird room for your parrot (as well as my own pride). Birds are highly intelligent social creatures. This channel is here so we can give our parrots a virtual flock to spend time with every day while helping us create a happy, content, calm and balanced atmosphere for them through endless enriching sights and sounds. The Birds of Parrot Town➤ Peachy & Ellie🌈 (Cockatoo), Charlie (African Grey), Benny (IRN), Frankie & Augie (Cockatiel) ~*~Please note~*~ If you are new to bird keeping, Please note that Parrot Town TV is not a cure-all for parrot problems. Make sure all of your physical, mental, and emotional needs are met every day as well. Parrots are wild and complex creatures that require a great deal of research to properly balance all aspects of their many daily needs. *As an Amazon Associate, Parrot Town earns from qualifying purchases. #ParrotTownTV #BirdRoom #BirdTV

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Bird Room Buddies | Keep Your Parrot Happy with Bird Room Sounds | Parrot TV for Birds🦜
Bird Room Buddies | Keep Your Parrot Happy with Bird Room Sounds | Parrot TV for Birds🦜

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Bird Room Buddies | Keep Your Parrot Happy with Bird Room Sounds | Parrot TV for Birds🦜.

manana meaning in tamil.

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