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A demonstration and explanation of Bikram Yoga’s Fixed Steady Pose, or Supta-Vajdrasana, by Raffael Pacitti and Joanna Barrett of Bikram Yoga Manhattan.

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Bikram Yoga's Fixed Firm Posture

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Bikram Yoga's Fixed Firm Posture.

fixed firm pose.

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4 thoughts on “Bikram Yoga's Fixed Firm Posture | Overview of information about fixed firm pose most complete

  1. Ever Outlaw says:

    I appreciate you addressing the modifications for lack of knee flexibility. I do a home practice and have Bikram's books and audio class cd but have found this posture very difficult to achieve and little information on modification. Thank you.

  2. YogaTeacherBear says:

    Thank you for this instructional video.
    This is not an easy pose.
    For me it was one of the most difficult asanas to learn.
    I could not do this exercise for many years,
    but by practicing this pose almost every day,
    eventually my hips, thighs, knees and feet became flexible enough to even relax in this pose.

  3. Alex Zhang says:

    I play basketball for hours sometimes and afterwards, if I do a good fixed firm posture and hold it for over a minute, I practically feel brand new the next day. No joke.

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