Water in Japan is soft water, but the water system in Bangkok is hard water different from Japan .
soft water system is a urine choice that has high detergency and permeates the clamber .
Since Bangkok ‘s urine is intemperate water, soap and shampoo are used in the bathtub, soap scum and mineral components tend to remain on the skin even if it is rinsed hard, and skin troubles tend to occur .
We will introduce Thai ‘s herculean soap and shampoo, which helps avoid such uncut peel caused by water.

What is soft water hard water?

The difference between soft water and difficult water is the difference in the capacity of mineral components such as calcium and magnesium contained in water system .
According to the World Health Organization ( WHO ) water choice guidelines, the mineral component content is defined as soft urine for water 1L less than 0 – 120 magnesium / L, and hard water is defined above .
Since the average rate of rap water in Japan is 50 ~ 60 milligram / L, Soft water, average value in Thail is 120 milligram / L or more, so it becomes hard water .

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Characteristics of soft water

It is characterized by low aggravation to the hide and high permeability .
The power to remove dirt is hard, but there is no tight feel, beautiful skin effect can be expected .
When washing your hair with soft urine, it gently moisturizes and japanese shampoo is made to bubble with soft water .

Characteristics of hard water

unvoiced water is full-bodied in mineral ingredients such as calcium and magnesium, so its minerals combine with soap and shampoo and make a film on the coat of the skin .
After drying this film, if you make your skin rust or shampoo, it will cause hair troubles such as potent hair’s-breadth or muggy scalp .

Recommended soap and shampoo in Bangkok

Troubleshooting with mangosteen soap!

When I was in Bangkok, I started getting acne on my neck that I had never done earlier, so I was suffering .
even though I wash adequate of the soap and washing my body, I think that the water in Bangkok is hard body of water, so my pores are jammed and skin trouble has occurred .
At that time, I began using “ Mangosteen Soap ” of the cosmetic brand “ Thailand ‘s most celebrated hospital cosme brand ” Avai boulevet “.

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A few days after starting to use, the acne was healed, the skin became clean and relieved .
The pericarp of mangosteen contains a draw of xanthones which is one kind of polyphenols, it has the effect of tightening the pores, has the effect of smoothing the hide, there are besides bactericidal action, peeling carry through, whitening military action and the like .
“ mangosteen soap ” is refreshing is refreshing, but not tight, prices are besides recommended as 1 B and 30 B bum, so it is recommended .

“Kobumikan” shampoo refreshes scalp, hair smooth

Although there was not a trouble of hair in particular, when I was looking for a good shampoo in Thailand I came across “ LEECH LIME Herbal Hair Shampoo ” of “ KHAOKHO TALAYPU Kao Ko · Talepo ” of non-silicon, paraben free “ LEECH LIME Herbal Hair Conditioner “ ( 200ml charge : each 75B ) .
LEECH LIME is thai Cobumican .
The shampoo here is refreshing olfactory property of cobumican, fine bubbles stand up, and it does not dislike nonsilicon .
Conditioner has good elongation, smooth texture, refreshing the scalp after using the intersection, hair’s-breadth has become bright and smooth .
Shampoo, conditioner set use is decidedly recommended .
Kobumikan improves blood circulation of the scalp, suppresses dandruff and hair loss, has the effect of promoting bactericidal carry through and hair emergence, so diverse hair wish products using cobumican are sold in Thailand .
This token can be purchased at “ Super ‘s ” Top ‘s “ or ” Family Mart “ at appliance store, so please test by all means .

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Soap for shopping in Bangkok, important shampoo selection

How was it ?

If the body of water choice is different, skin troubles that will not occur in Japan ‘s water will occur, so be careful .
In Bangkok, even if you take a bath properly, a film is made on the skin coat due to the difference in water quality, it gets sweaty with hotness and moisture, making it easy to cause stoma clog .
When traveling in Bangkok, why do not you try out real power products in Thailand that you can get at supermarkets and appliance stores ?

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