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Maui, Hawaii has some of the best food in the United States if you know where to go! Getting a dinner reservation can be impossible. Today I’m taking you to the best restaurants in Maui where you DO NOT NEED A RESERVATION! 📸 Book a photo shoot or video shoot with me and see my work: Rent my ALL NEW Tesla Model Y Performance on your trip to Maui: MY FAVORITE MAUI ACTIVITIES FOR EACH CATEGORY and SAVE $$$ Save 5% on ALL the links BELOW. Use code ‘BKR2022’ at checkout. This code is case sensitive. △ MY #1 FAVORITE THING TO DO (Lanai Day Trip) – △ My #1 Favorite Luau in Maui – △ Best Traditional Luau in Maui – △ Whale Watching Tours I’ve Taken That I Like – △ Road to Hana Tours – △ Cycle down the HALEAKALA volcano! – △ Best Helicopter Tour – △ Maui ATV Tour – △ Best SNORKELING to Molokini Crater – △ Visit Lanai on a Budget – △ Best Maui Hiking Tours – △ Best Maui PARASAILING – △ Haleakala Summit Sunrise Tour – △ Best LUAU in Maui – △ Best ZIPLINE in Maui – △ AQUABALLING in Maui – △ Best WATER SPORTS in Maui – △ Best SURF LESSON in Maui – △ Best UNDERWATER in Maui – △ Best Scuba Diving – △ Maui – Sightseeing/Guided Tours – △ Best HORSEBACK RIDE in Maui – Save 5% on all your Hawaii activities here: use code “BKR 2022” at checkout. (coupon code is case sensitive) Chapters for BEST FOOD IN MAUI | WITHOUT RESERVATION !! 00:00 Introduction 00:54 Best Breakfast on Maui 02:19 Best Restaurant on Maui 02:52 Best Burger on Maui 03:24 Best Healthy Vegan Food on Maui 04:50 Best Shrimp Burrito on Maui 07 06:38 Best Local Food in Maui 06:35 Best Poke in Maui 07:05 Best Fish in Maui 07:35 Best Mai Tai in Maui 08:28 Indoor Dining in Maui 10:02 Best Food with a View to Maui 10:31 Best donut on Maui 10:59 Best pizza on Maui 11:38 Best shaved ice on Maui 12:50 Best banana bread on Maui 13:21 Best chicken on Maui 13:51 Best Cake in Maui 14:35 Outro 15:31 Special Message 16:27 Use Lahaina Banyan my code ‘BKR 2021’ and save 5% on your WEDDING – Need TRANSPORTATION from MAUI AIRPORT? They can help you – My favorite REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN – ————————————————————————— FOLLOW ME INSTAGRAM – I must declare that I am one of the affiliate programs for Amazon, Hawaii Activities, and some of the links above are affiliate links. I will also say that I am experienced with all of my recommendations and will never recommend anything that I haven’t done myself.

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35 thoughts on “BEST FOOD ON MAUI | WITHOUT A RESERVATION!! | General information related to miss bliss maui most detailed

  1. Chuck Vossler says:

    Blake – Thanks so much for this video! Went to Maui – had no idea we needed reservations nearly everywhere. Missed a few places I had wanted to go. This vid was a lifesaver. Ended up trying a few on your list – especially liked Down the Hatch & Leoda's. Also thanks for taking some great photos for us for our sunset photoshoot. Maui is lucky to have you!

  2. Sasha Taylor says:

    I'm a concierge and I liked your video so much that I'm including it in all my confirmation emails to guests. I hope you get business from it!

  3. Megan M says:

    This was so helpful. I’ve been to Maui dozens of times and I thought I knew most of the restaurants but there are some great ones I’m going to try on my next trip! Thanks!

  4. D.E. Sarcarean says:

    How am I just now learning about Ono Tacos? I drove past there so many times, never once did I see it!

  5. Celina Marie says:

    Just shared with my entire family….we agreed with all your recommendations!! Places I even forget to try …I love the pies in Olowalu …just forget to drive up that way!! Hate long lines many times when passed. Well, just wanted to say Aloha and great footage. Do you rent your vehicle via Turo? Lmk

  6. Celina Marie says:

    Awesome video….I agree and learned so much from your video….just found you via apple TV and watching utube feed!!
    I feel so lucky to know you now. Also I maybe interested in renting a Tesla for my birthday this October…I was going to do a test drive in Honolulu but got rained out that day…
    Well,. I. Am looking forward to seeing more videos!! If can do all the island 🏝️

  7. Draxx says:

    I remember when I was hungover the local chill grill man fuck I was like I'm so fucked up I remember when we ordered boss looked at me & said don't worry broda we gonna take good care of you the docta is his was Hawaii hangover remedy hilarious best place on earth

  8. Ron Brandich says:

    Aloha! We have been to MAUI three times and absolutely LOVE Maui out of all the Hawaiian Islands! 2 of the 3 trips we were in Lahaina on Oct. 31st for the Mardi Gras of the Pacific! We were staying in Kihei as we have friends that own a condo there. It's also time to return too! Our First trip we drove, HONEST TO GOD, 1,200 miles on Maui in two weeks! We went everywhere and some places 2 or 3 times! Yes we drove to Hana twice and also to the top of Haleakala twice too! We felt like Ohana and the desire to go back is very strong as we felt the "SPIRIT" of the Island. OH…..I also LOVED the "FRESH" made Poi too….Yummy! Aloha and Mahalo for this Great Video!!

  9. Bonita Barbie says:

    Hi Blake 🤙🏼🌺 I’m also born & raised in Maui. Thank you for sharing the beauty of our special home💛. It’s all about the food trucks💯. I gotta shout out my daughters work place…If you’re passing through Upcountry Maui go to “Kaleis” restaurant in Pukalani 🙌🏽 They’re local family owned & have really good food! They also have a food truck in Kahului.

  10. DreadPages says:

    Awesome list, could not agree more with 90% of what was listed here. The other 10 was simply places ive never been to yet XD

  11. bigGMOPAR says:

    How can you not have Da Kitchen or Kula Bistro on your list ? Not even gonna mention the mobile Huli Huli Chicken in Kihei on tuesdays and saturdays.

  12. Jeanne Wallace says:

    Thank you for the heads-up on the reef-friendly sunscreen! I grew up in the Marshall Islands (in the 70's), but still didn't know this. Headed to Maui for 11 days in October. Mahalo! <3

  13. Nickole Ayer says:

    Not true for shave ice 🍧 go to Maui beach house in Lahaina right by Taco Bell best ever!!!!!

  14. Maui Kauai says:

    Ululani's always my 1st stop, after a 5 hour flight the Kihei location is such a great place to get the best Shave Ice on the island and walk across the street and slip into the aloha spirit.

  15. Maria Carmen Valenzuela says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you would have time for a photo shoot for myself and three others during the dates of Sept 27-Oct 1

  16. Bplusinengrish says:

    Actually go to a place called Lineage, ran and owned by a American chef 1st place champ himself.

  17. Jo Crews says:

    I accidentally stumbled on this. And THANK YOU!! We're heading to Maui & Oahu in October, & this video is SO helpful. Planning on trying some of these spots! Great job! Aloha!🌺

  18. The Shop 808 says:

    Brah guy, how you going trust someone says he born and raised on Maui, that sounds like Malahini and butchering names of 90% of the locations and places, also you stay promoting all da high makamaka kine places, what about the true local grinds, da kine made wit Aloha small businesses and best Kanak Attack fo da price. I mean yeah my Unko Russell's place down Koki wit the Ki'awe smoked Moa Huli-Huli(chicken) Komoda's(Koh-Moh-dah) not Ka-moda…idk bu'le…you throwing some red flags..but Great Prodution video

  19. toni darrach says:

    Great info Blake! We will be in maui in Dec.. defntly love to know more of your insider tips! Will be following you!

  20. guy kokubun says:

    Change your title and say maybe best tourist spots to eat on maui.
    Cause definitely not the best places to eat. Just saying!!!!

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