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You know there is no miracle pill, cream, lotion or potion to remove hyperpigmentation, but Cyspera comes close. It is formulated with cysteamine, a powerful and natural antioxidant, which makes it very effective and well tolerated. It is the number one non-hydroquinone alternative recommended by board-certified dermatologists like myself for treating PIH and melasma because it addresses many different pathways of pigment production, such as tyrosinase and peroxidase inhibition. It’s also a safe, cruelty-free product designed for people of color. Ask me all your Cyspera questions below. Cyspera is available through the following link: UPDATED: 11/1/21 Hi guys! I’m looking forward to APC Cream for a full review and update for all of you! In this video we discuss: best hyperpigmentation cream, how to get rid of dark spots, how to get rid of hyperpigmentation, how to treat melasma, what is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, what is cyspera, what is cysteamine, how to fade hyperpigmentation, dark spots on face, how to use cysteamine cream, removal, hyperpigmentation treatment for black skin and more. As a dermatologist, I have found cyspera to be the best hyperpigmentation cream, the best hyperpigmentation cream on black skin, the best hyperpigmentation cream around the mouth, the best hyperpigmentation cream on the face, the best hyperpigmentation cream on the face, for melasma hyperpigmentation, the best neck hyperpigmentation cream, the best hyperpigmentation scar cream, the best dark skin hyperpigmentation cream, the best hyperpigmentation cream and the best leg hyperpigmentation cream THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED BUT IT HAS A GIFT! I know many of you have found me through your hyperpigmentation journey. As a thank you, scientis and sente skincare are delighted to offer our favorite hyperpigmentation care products: ✨One tube of Cyspera for the intensive treatment phase ✨An additional tube of Cyspera for the maintenance treatment ✨Skin Repair Cream ✨ Daily Calming Cleanser 🌟To enter this giveaway ($500 value), follow the steps below: 1. Like this video and comment below 2. Follow @dralexistephens @senteskincare on IG 3. Share this video with friends who would like these gifts. You can participate as many times as you want! Contest ends Friday, December 11 at 12 EST. Good luck 😘 International shipping available. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on my Instagram stories. The winner will be contacted by DM. #hyperpigmentation, #dark spots #melasma Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice. The content provided on this YouTube channel is for informational purposes only. Consult a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health-related diagnosis or treatment options. The information on this YouTube channel should not be considered a substitute for the advice of a healthcare professional. Statements made about specific products throughout this video are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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24 thoughts on “BEST CREAM FOR HYPERPIGMENTATION? | Overview of the most detailed touch bright and clear cream information

  1. A P C says:

    Hey Dr. Stephens- Wow! This is an outstanding video! You've got another subscriber and thank you very much for discussing our product. We had several customers reach out to us about this video and us not responding to you, so I wanted to jump on here directly to answer/address whatever concerns you had. Our IT folks screened through our emails/website and we didn't see anything, but hey, its 2020, who knows- please accept our sincere apology. It was not intentional and we have nothing to hide! First- we are in complete agreement on the smell! We get some negative comments here and there about it, but we'd rather keep less ingredients in our products than try masking the smell. Second- regarding the active ingredient itself- we use pharmaceutical grade Cysteamine HCl. It's hygroscopic properties make it uniquely challenging to work with, but our current formula has remained stable in solution in excess of 180 days with no oxidation or decrease in efficacy. We are so glad that you mentioned our products and really appreciate the straight forward nature of your channel. I jumped on expecting an APC bashing because we aren't exclusively sold through Med-Spas like the "other brand"- but your video was educational and honest. Please let us know the best way to get a hold of you and I'll gladly send you a sample as an apology for our team missing your initial contact. Cheers! – APC

  2. Dwain I hayes says:

    Hello Dr Stephens, how can i communicate with your personally… do you have a email or something please.

  3. Shanna JaNay says:

    Dr . Stephens is the new formulation of cyspera ok for people of color ? The ingredients seams to be different .

  4. nannypans says:

    Can you please do an updated video on the new three step process they have? Would love your opinion on it!

  5. Mum Of4 says:

    I bought Cyspera after watching this video and used it constantly for four months and still I use it because it’s very expensive don’t want to throw it away but no improvement zero good results. I wear suncream every day and reapply it throughout the day and also I wear a big hat too

  6. SOPHIA says:

    Where can I buy cyspera. My dermatologist sells it but they ran out last month and I had to wait for 3 weeks. Do you sell it? If so how can I purchase it.

  7. Elle Littlefield says:

    I’m on hydroquinone right now and just purchased Cyspera through your link as soon as I watched your video. Appreciate your deep dive into the mechanism of actions. Your videos are so valuable, thank you!

  8. carlosandmuriel says:

    I have learned that you have to deal with hyperpigmentation from all angles. Mine comes from facialhate, so I invest in laser hair removal which is the root cause. I started using this mask and I am seeing an improvement.

  9. Lindsey Yolande says:

    Thanks very much Dr for your amazing videos. I recently got cyspera (after watching this video) to get rid of my dark marks. It did a wonderful job but broke me out so badly; and made my skin a lot oilier so I stopped (I have oily acne prone skin). This is so sad as it was doing wonders for my hyperpigmentation. Would you say this cream is suitable for acne prone oily skin?

  10. A Laurent says:

    i need a product that doesn't use niacinamide. i break out in rashes whenever i use any product that has it in it. and every company is starting to put it in EVERYTHING 😭😭

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