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Hello guys, welcome to my channel in today’s video. I am reviewing this new hair business that I am trying out called NO BRAND PACKAGES. I’m giving my one week hair update so far and I’ll be back with an update later! 22″ 3 packs 20″ Closure I’m wearing a custom closure wig Color 1b Texture loose waves Be sure to follow me on social media @_ispeakfashion Latest videos Shop lashes

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no brand hair.

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24 thoughts on “BEST BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE HAIR / NO BRAND HAIR REVIEW – BRIA F. | General contents related to no brand hair most complete

  1. Charlene Dortch says:

    Do a tutorial after you've shampooed that hair a couple of times then talk to me…. I've been wearing weaves for more than 40 years,.. it's after the washing is when you find out just what kind of hair you have.. so I'll be looking for that tutorial thank you for the info.

  2. M C Torres says:

    Great video! Loved the information, your wig is beautiful!!! I just got two 20in bundles for a diy drawstring ponytail. Thank you again for your honest video review.

  3. Crystal Smith says:

    I just got mine a week ago. Its a really good soft hair. But I dont like that I got 14 16 18 inch and it just look like it's 12 inches. And the closure is so short and ugly to me. I did do a sewn in. I just pin it up or leave it out I havent wrapped it up. I just brush it in the morning only experienced shedding once. No knotting. But I will say WASH IT BEFORE INSTALL. the pack said to do it and I didn't I got caught in the rain and it smells soooooo bad wet. But other than that I love the hair three bundle pack was like 64 and the closure was 27.99 ill try to attach a picture. But anyway next time I'll definitely get LONGER hair. Oh and I out mousse on the closure its so stiff so imma try to spray it and fix it. I got body wave which looks a mess. When I brush it out the pattern looks better I was trying to try something different other than straight but I am going to try curlers on it too.

  4. DivaLaJuicy10 says:

    I just bought that brand hair yesterday for my extended ponytail.. it was buy one get one free can’t wait to see how this hair holds up

  5. Ishani Nicole says:

    Does the hair still hold up well if I get a sew in with it? Lol this will be my first sew in. And how long does the hair last?

  6. Patrice Carr says:

    I love your hair!!! I’m going to EVERY beauty supply store until I find it(I’m sure I’ll find it in the first one I go in l0l) I most definitely LOVE the fact that you reply to everyone on here.
    Forgot to ask, is the hair still holding up? Would you still recommend?

  7. Stephanie Love says:

    Wow. I brought mine yesterday & installed it & it’s so good, so soft & i was scared at first but now I’m happy it’s worth the price. I was looking for reviews & here I am. Happy somebody feels the same way I feel about this hair.

  8. Jewel B says:

    I just bought 3 16 inch bundle of no brand 9a in meridian ms at hair queen for the 4th of July sale😁

  9. Brianne Roberts says:

    I brought this hair for three bundle 45 with a free closure! I’m getting it installed today! Thanks

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