Review: Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint

I have a new review for a lip product for you. You might know that I love lip tints and lipsticks and that I have in truth a batch, but the Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint had caught my attention respective times before, but I constantly forgot to buy and try it until it was sent to me by korean cosmetics online workshop Qdepot.
Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint

Banila Co. foremost came into my focus when everybody started to rave about their Cleansing Balm. I even bought a copulate of samples of it in ordain to try but I didn ’ t have the prospect to write the inspection even. early than that this Korean brand reminds me of benefit when I look at their logo and design of their skin care and makeup products. besides their design is modern and trendy, appealing to young women.
Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint
What caught my attention in inaugural rate was the packaing design. The lip tint comes in a cardboard box with the illustration of a beautiful yound and stylish woman. Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint is a mousse type tint providing a velvet finish. There are 5 shades available in entire .
Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint
I selected shade #04 called Beeone, a red peach ghost according to the description. The bottle of the shade is quite adoreable. It shows the phrase “I ♥ Seoul”, showing the coloring material of your tint through these letters .
Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint
The shade comes with a angled brush applicator, that can be easily used to apply the liquid product. It has a thicker texture than a gloss and the term mousse really describes it best, although the finish is appearing moist. It feels velvety on the lips though. If applying a compact level the product tends to bleed out, so I would recommend this lip tint for a more soft and gradient finish. It is besides not transfer-proof and dissapears after eating and drinking, but the color itself is super pretty and it doesn’t feel drying on the lips.

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Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint
The color of the Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint is defintely a hit for me. I love the tomato red shade and in my eye the description of a red yellowish pink shade can be confusing. I besides love the mousse texture of the product. Of corse because it is not long-lasting it is not the perfect shade, but it is good for everyday function and has besides a nice promotion design in accession. You can buy the Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint from QDepot for 16.35 US$. 
Q-depot is an online retailer for Korean cosmetics. They have already quite a assortment of the most democratic Korean brands and they keep adding products frequently. The site is easy to navigate, excessively. And they offer free samples for each order and free shipping for orders above US$ 49. They are committed to contributing 3% of their group ’ south net profit for social causes in unlike countries. So you can shop for your favorite korean products and do something adept, besides . Also,  Q-depot is having a promotion were you can get 5 US$ off your first order by using the code SW5OFF (orders +50 US$) or 10% off your first order using SW10OFF.



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Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint

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