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I ’ ve never been therefore excite to try a korean beauty brand for the first time. I ’ ve hear tons of beneficial reviews of their cult-fave Clean it Zero cleansing agent from other bloggers ( overseas and local ). And to discover that the same brand besides launched a constitution collection called B. By Banila is quite interest ! so let me give you a run down of their newfangled collection that we tested and played with during the establish, then tell you all about my acme five picks from the bunch .

b by Banila : Lipdraw Velvet Crayon ( monetary value P495 ) • Lipdraw Matte Blast Stick ( price P645 ) • Lipdraw Melting Serum Stick ( price P645 ) • Liplike Lip Slip ( monetary value P745 )

b by Banila : Eyecrush Circle volume Mascara ( monetary value P745 ) • Eyecrush Dual Fix Liner ( price P745 ) • Truetrick Brow Palette ( price P945 )

bacillus by Banila : Eyecrush Matte Shadow ( price P425 ) • Eyecrush Shimmer Shadow Goldish Tiara ( price P425 ) • Eyecrush Spangle Pigment ( price P425 ) • Eyecrush Shimmer Foil Lost Red ( price P745 ) • Eyecrush Shadow Palette Pink Crush ( price P975 )

boron by Banila : impudence Water Cheek Tint ( price P595 ) • Cheer Gradation Cheek Pure Peach ( price P795 )

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Swatches left to right : Eyecrush Shimmer Foil Lost Red, Eyecrush Shadow Palette Pink Crush, Eyecrush Shimmer Shadow Goldish Tiara, Cheer Gradation Cheek Pure Peach


uninfected It Zero Is their best-selling cleansing agent and the number one item in my list. It ’ s very effective at removing makeup, including my ill-famed waterproof mascaras and brim creams. It smells like cupcakes and ice skim ! It besides has this super smooth creamy texture that melts on your skin which constantly makes me feel like one ’ megabyte having a resort hotel discussion when I use it. The latest adaptation comes in a new box with better formulation. It has 4 variants nowadays ; Original ( pink tub that I ’ thousand using, besides known as the most effective at removing makeup ), Revitalizing and Purifying ( once Classic, Resveratrol and Purity respectively ), and they added a new type called Nourishing. Cheer Gradation Cheek Pure Peach ( price P795 ) is one of my fave coral tap blushes. Its gradient color allows you to control how bang-up you want your blush. It has a courteous satin finish that makes your cheeks pop and appear full .
Eyecrush Shimmer Shadow Goldish Tiara ( price : P425 ) is deoxyadenosine monophosphate pretty as its diagnose ! is a creamy shimmery trace I like to use as a highlight for my shoulders, collar cram, and chest. It reminds me of those shimmer powders girls used at parties / clubs. Eyecrush Shimmer Foil Lost Red ( price : P745 ) is a beautiful pink red metallic eyeshadow with acute color pay-off. It international relations and security network ’ t very easy to blend but it ’ s besides why I like it a set. It wont stir or furrow once its applied on the lids, which is a rare trait for metallic eyeshadows. last, if you ’ re into rosegold, you ’ re going to like Eyecrush Shadow Palette Pink Crush ( price : P975 ). It ’ sulfur fairly pigmented but you can build up the color to a certain intensity and its colors are fair beautiful .
Which Banila Co product is your favored ? Have you tried any of these ?

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Some photos from the launching event. Love how the rate was decorated !

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8 branches in the Philippines and is available on-line at,
BeautyMNL, Zalora, Lazada, Calyxta and Shopee .

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