Banana is a fruit where every part of it is useful. Hence, no pine away scheme can be adequately implemented. Each character of the banana establish is rather curative and helpful to others. In a marriage, the banana corner symbolically suggests that a husband and wife should make sure nothing is lost as they join hands in a marital partnership and launch a modern family .
scientifically, the tree grows tied though it has been cut off after its leaves or branches and produces gratifying fruits with a scope of medicative benefits. It signifies both the bride and the husband, flush though external influences can interrupt and complicate their partnership or family, meaning that they must stick together, produce and foster children as sweet and beneficial to society .

Each helping of the banana tree has its own benefits, the leaf is used for dining, the bark is used for preparation and compact, interim, its flower can be cooked and is an crucial redress for kidney problems. The fruit has proven to cure a variety show of diseases. therefore, foster symbolizing the way in which the bride and groom will benefit both their families and residential district in whatever manner they may be in.

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The fruit (Banana)

It is agreed that the newly-married couple should be sweet to each other and to their respective in-laws .

Plantain (Vazhai kai)

As the vegetable is tauten, therefore, the couple should be tauten with each other. therefore, appreciating each other through proper guidance and mannerisms .
On the other hand, the plantain leaf besides implies that no matter how many guests visit their home, the match must see that each guest is well fed with a good meal. This ensures that their syndicate has a potent reputation for cordial reception.

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The flower ( Vazhai Poo)

The flower represents the duty of the marital pair to multiply and keep the family lineage going .

The trunk (Vaazhai Thandu)

The torso is a sign of two things. One is no matter what ’ second going on in life, the husband and wife should be able to rise and soar to greater heights. Second is the vazhai adi vazhai idea, which means that the family name should continue for eternity, with the adjacent generation tasked to carry the family name forth. Make indisputable you perform enough good deeds so that, karma not only blesses you but the adjacent coevals angstrom well.

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Banana fiber

In ancient days the banana fiber was used as a newspaper and the written language was taught to the children ( before the olai chuvadi degree was reached ). It implies that the family would be filled with information and wisdom, and that wisdom would extend to others as well. Banana fiber is frequently used to produce clothing, the coarse roughage was used to create table cloths, mattresses, etc which were popularly used by the Japanese in the thirteenth century .

Banana plant is a versatile plant with multiple benefits and it ’ s a gem of a plant. Plant it in every house hold to reap it ’ s fantastic benefits .

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