Ekamai and Thonglor are more than ever at the focus on of Bangkok nightlife with the arrival of a fresh baseball club, Babyface Superclub .
This fresh excite venue is all about Electronic and EDM music and is quickly becoming one of the go-to clubs for young and attractive Thais .
But if you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate got a gamble to try it however, hera ’ sulfur everything you need to know about Babyface .

What You Need to Know

In short :

  • You need to be 20+ to get in, like any other club in Thailand.
  • The entrance is free, you can pop in and have a look around before you decide to get a table or a bottle.
  • They have really friendly staff, especially in the VIP area. Expect the waiters and security to take good care of you.
  • They have both “cheap” bottles and expensive packages. Like Barbarbar or Route 66, you have the option between spending big, or not.
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Babyface Superclub dancefloor from above
Babyface Bangkok is one of these boastfully clubs where all the eyes are turned to the DJ .
It has a great design with LED panels all over the place that brings a limited vibration, but the entertainment or serve international relations and security network ’ thyroxine equally good as other clubs like Onyx .
On the other side, their prices aren ’ triiodothyronine as high either ( at least for now ) .

What ’ s special about it ?

The design is by army for the liberation of rwanda what sets Babyface apart .
You have walls covered with LEDs that transform the club into a massive psychedelic feel .
The VIP servicing is one of the best you will find in town, and even though the liquor packages aren ’ triiodothyronine cheap, the know is worth it .

What music do they play ?

Babyface DJs largely play electronic music and EDM with a bite of house and techno .
not then much of commercial music but quite something closer to what you will find in music festivals .


Who goes there ?

by and large young Thais and asian tourists. You ’ re not gon na see many western faces around .
VIP table with girls at Babyface Superclub in Ekamai

What ’ sulfur a thoroughly meter to go ?

The clubhouse normally gets busy around 10pm and the party sometimes keeps going after 2am .
But between 10pm to midnight is the best time to get there, specially if you don ’ thyroxine want to wait to get a table.

Do they serve food ?

Like most Thai clubs, they have a nice food menu where you will find Thai food, fried finger food, and fruits .
But if you want to have a proper dinner, there are 2 truly dear restaurants at the right of the golf club ( korean BBQ and Thai/Isaan food ) .

Prices and Bookings

The entrance is free,  and the price for bottles start from ฿2,800.
For VIP tables, they offer packages starting at ฿14,900.
That ’ s alike to what you will find in early clubs in Ekamai .
Contact us for more data and VIP bookings over here .


The place has batch of VIP and standing tables, but as usual, we recommend making a book if you have a big group or plan to arrive late .
Regarding the requital, all VIP bookings need to be paid in entire by bank transportation to be confirmed. That ’ randomness something we can handle for you if don ’ t have a local bank account .
Ace of spade champagne VIP table Babyface Superclub in Bangkok

About Babyface Superclub Bangkok

Check Babyface web site and social media to stay up to date with their latest events and special offers .


What is the entrance fee at Babyface Superclub ?

The entrance is free at Babyface every night except on special nights when they bring external DJs .

What is the dress code at Babyface Superclub ?

The dress code of Babyface is pretty elementary, you can ’ t wear flip flops, shorts, tank tops, or exposed shoes .

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Any questions regarding Babyface Superclub ?
Contact us today for more details about bookings .

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