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In times of social isolation and global chaos, é semper bom parar e olhar pra interior. Hata yoga teacher Milla Monteiro will guide us in a practice that will clarify doubts and fears about inversions. Quais são os efeitos, how to do, that part of the body and precision to strengthen, which is the best way to practice these positions that puts us head down and leaves us more open to sense and exergar with our heart! *********************************** ✅ NÃO ESQUECE TO REGISTER: 👍 Curtiu o video? Deixa seu like e commenta o que mas gostou! 🔥 Help more videos in playlist: *********************************** Playlists More help : ►Surf Session : ►Diário da Estrada: ►Epicos: ►Diário do Havaí: ******************************** **** Our channel is a meeting point where all São Paulo is in the same way. Pessoas do bem, adventurers, athletes, supporters of sports, all têm o seu espaço. We tear down like barriers between the world of TV and reality. We are between the extraordinary and the simple, or the super athlete and the common person. In the end, we want the same things: great stories, great waves, great maneuvers. Oh epic, oh incredulous. We want to check and pass two limits. We want to overcome us, but no one overcomes sozinho. Together we are more! Together we are OFF. *********************************** 💭 ASSIST TAMBÉM 💭 Multishow Humor: Multishow Music: Travel Mode:

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Aula de Ioga Guiada: Mundo das Invertidas | Respira e se Inspira | Canal OFF
Aula de Ioga Guiada: Mundo das Invertidas | Respira e se Inspira | Canal OFF

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Aula de Ioga Guiada: Mundo das Invertidas | Respira e se Inspira | Canal OFF.

posições invertidas yoga.

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