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AT NIGHT: 2021 Toyota Sienna - Interior & Exterior Lighting Overview
AT NIGHT: 2021 Toyota Sienna – Interior & Exterior Lighting Overview

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AT NIGHT: 2021 Toyota Sienna – Interior & Exterior Lighting Overview.

light sienna color.

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30 thoughts on “AT NIGHT: 2021 Toyota Sienna – Interior & Exterior Lighting Overview | Overview of information about light sienna color most complete

  1. Cayden Nguyen says:

    Do you know how to turn on those blue lights? Or what types of 2022/2021 toyota sienna trims comes with those blue lights? it looks really nice but I don't know how to turn it on in my 2022 sienna.

  2. jcberb says:

    The headlights and fog lights aren't bright enough. I own a 2021 model just returned from a 16 hour trip. Much of it night driving to avoid traffic, I will be adding aux lighting.

  3. william ingram jr says:

    only toyota would make a hybrid for fuel efficiency and use energy robbing incandescent bulbs. also, when are they going to retire that 1980s cruise control stick?

  4. K2 says:

    No mirror signal is a major safety mistake as they help immensely and is required in various European countries and I believe Japan as well. Even Kia Carnival has them

  5. Kien Vo says:

    I really like and enjoyed your channel! Thank you for the videos. I am only interested in Toyota :-)))

  6. Glock_Norris says:

    This is a great video. Most people who are shopping for vehicles forget the importance of lighting. I’m shopping for a sienna and a bit surprised for a mid $40k there are no lights in the luggage compartment area. As well as the approach light which is usually located under the side mirrors. Also the minimal lighting in the 3rd row. Thumbs up for the video.

  7. Super Fly says:

    i own a 2020 hybrid, and as the weather gets colder i'm noticing a significant drop in mpg. my camry was stated to be 50/52 on the window sticker and now that its cold i'm getting 35-42mpg. so if this Sienna is advertising as 35mpg i'd safely say that in winter expect it to be around 25 mpg, and if its giving 25mpg i would've opted to go with a non-hybrid version of the Sienna (ofcourse they dont make it anylonger) if your planning to keep it for a long time since the batteries on a hybrid will have to be changed upwards of 150k-200k miles driven and those batteries are thousands of dollars to replace. I also called a local dealer and spoke to the rep about the mpg, and i confirmed my thoughts, he said, to achieve those advertised mpg's you would have to drive in 'ideal' conditions.

  8. Tuan5314 says:

    I like this video. I wish you have a Platinum model because I want to know if there is a lighting in the front cup holders.

  9. Феликс Счастливцев says:

    Thanks for the informative video. I would especially like to note the moment at 10:40 minutes. I will wait for these cars to appear in Belarus.

  10. Professional LED Lights says:

    Hello,I am the manufancture of LED headlights and like your video. Would you be willing to test them? Please reply to me if interest.

  11. JJ163 says:

    Mike, do you think you could show in future night videos if the car has welcome lights? I find that some cars, if the headlights are in AUTO Mode and the car is unlocked with the remote, the headlights or parking lights will then on.

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