I promised myself I would stop buying more matte liquid lipsticks. (Yes, I know, I don’t even believe it myself) But the new Armani Lip Magnet liquid lipsticks, which are supposed to be revolutionary, made me change my mind!

It ’ mho quite curious because my very first flatness liquid lipstick was already an Armani. It was the Lip Maestro in the tad 402. I discovered it four years ago, and I wore it so much that I managed to half empty it ! An impressive feat when you know how big my lipstick collection is… Since the Lip Maestro lipstick was released ( quite innovative for 2012 ), there have been indeed many different felt liquid lipsticks in the marketplace, by sol many makeup brands. To keep up, Armani had to pull out all the stops by launching nothing less than a revolutionary flat liquid lipstick. then let ’ s see if the Armani Lip Magnet fulfills its promises !

Armani Lip Magnet liquid lipsticks, presentation:

What the brands says about them :

An highly fine texture, alone sensation of lightness, intense color concentration, ultra-chic matte finish and flawless, durable wear : lip MAGNET is all this and more.
LIP MAGNET is the first base fluid lipcolor to offer unprecedented color concentration in the finest of textures, while perfectly fusing with the lips.
LIP MAGNET delivers incomparable results : saturation of color, extreme delicacy and a makeup coating with a flatness, second-skin effect.
Two major accomplishments :
– After lotion, color is doubly as intense thanks to a “ gradual dehydration ” phenomenon.
– The end is four times sparse than a fluid lipcolor ( 40 to 10 micrometers ).
This durable ( up to 8 hours ) flat lipcolor is never greasy or awkward ; it does not migrate or dry your lips. Lips stay hydrated and perfectly defined for hours on end, with a very pleasant bare-lips sensation .

The Lip Magnets are matte liquid lipsticks, but they have not been designed as conventional lipsticks, by and large made of waxes. Armani has, actually been inspired by it ’ s own engineering, used for the celebrated Maestro initiation, a foundation able to merge with the skin.
The Lip Magnet formula is a water-in-oil emulsion, like a mix of oils, pigments, and water that gradually evaporates after the lipstick has been applied, allowing the oils and pigments to merge with the lips and leave an intense color veil with a luminous matte finish. indeed, even if the body of water phase has evaporated, this mix of acute pigments and fine oils remains on the lips creating a very vibrant color. besides, this technology gives an unusual sensation on the lips : the Lip Magnets are so whippersnapper that you can barely feel them on the lips as if you ’ re not wearing anything on your lips !
In compendious, the stigmatize boasts its Lip Magnet to be 4 times thinner than a classical lipstick, and 3 times more pigmented. ultimately, with more invention, this Lip Magnet besides has an ultra-design and super precise applicator to draw perfect contours. There are 18 colors in full in the roll, and they retail for $38. ( Yes, they ’ ra not brassy ! apparently, invention has a price ) I chose 3 shades : 302 Hollywood, 506 Fusion and 600 Front-Row .

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Armani Lip Magnet liquid lipsticks, my test and thoughts:

– Packaging:  a pretty bottle that reminds me of the Lip Maestro ( except that it is 2 times smaller ) ( including the measure of the product excessively, unfortunately ). It has the lapp format as a classical metro lipstick, except that it ’ s a bottle with an applicator. And this applicator is so good ! It has an almond condition, and it ’ s a real technical gem : its tap is ace fine and ultra-precise ( no want for lip pencils with this applicator, the contours are so sharp with it ). It distributes the right sum of product on the lips… In short, you can feel they spent a draw of clock time designing it, and they did a capital job ! – Texture and feeling on the lips:  the texture is quite liquid and very fine. It ’ s not runny at all and it dries in a few minutes. You feel the urine evaporating from your lips and the intersection setting on the lips ; it ’ s a strange feel ! Once it ’ south dry, you barely feel the product. And it doesn ’ thyroxine feel drying at all. I wouldn ’ t say it ’ mho humidify or even comfortable either. It ’ s very like you ’ re not wearing anything on the lips. thus if your lips are normally dry, it won ’ t change their condition, but it won ’ metric ton dry them either. – Finish:  a beautiful aglow felt end, which makes the discolor velvet and vibrant. – Scent: they ’ re fragrance-free. – Pigmentation and opacity:  for me, it ’ s their independent weakness. The rule is therefore fine that the opacity on the lips is not the greatest in a single pass. You need to layer it to have an wholly opaque resultant role. On the other hand, the texture is thus ticket that it layers pretty well ! It ’ s not patchy at all, it doesn ’ t crumble when it dries. But you decidedly need to build the color !  – Color range: 18 authoritative shades, going from tap to red and coral. No nude colors, however, such a shame… In curtly, no brainsick colors, alone clothing ones. Armani targets a quite traditional clientele in its choice of colors ! 6 of them already exist in the mark ’ s other lipstick ranges, and 12 are trade name newly shades. – Application: I already mentioned it above, thanks to the bang-up applicator, the application is very easy, but you hush need several layers to achieve an opaque result on the lips.

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– Lasting power: average. On me, if I don ’ triiodothyronine eat, it lasts 4 to 5 heat content on my lips. As the texture is identical fine, the color loses some intensity after half a day, but since the product is easy to layer, it ’ randomness very easy to touch up. Another information : they ’ re not 100 % transfer rid. – Value for money: they retail for $ 38, and it ’ s not brassy, I ’ megabyte not gon na lie. Although I find the product great overall and the box very impressive, the capacity of the bottle is quite small. I guess it ’ s what they call an uber epicurean product…

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Armani Lip Magnet liquid lipsticks, the shades:

– 302 Hollywood : a stun orange-red, one of Armani ’ mho touch colors. It ’ sulfur very bright, about neon. I have a weakness for this kind of poppy bolshevik which gives a bunch of radiance to the face. – 506 Fusion : to be honest, I was quite disappoint by this color. I was convinced that it would be a nude pink but not at all. It ’ s a culture medium affectionate pinko. It ’ s a pretty color, but I hoped for something more impersonal, more nude… – 600 Front-Row: an excellent surprise ! When I saw the color in the bottle, I was afraid that it was excessively dark and a spot dull but in fact, not at all ! It ’ s a very dainty neutral berry, slightly maroon. It ’ randomness very slowly to wear at the consequence. I love it !

Finally, here are the swatches:

And on me:

– 302 Hollywood: – 506 Fusion: – 600 Front-Row:

In summary:


– it ‘s a truly advanced product
– the great plan of the very precise applicator, the best I ‘ve tried thus far for this kind of convention
– the unsheathed lips impression, you do n’t feel them on the lips – the sandbag flat aglow finish
– they ‘re not drying
– the color scope, classical but pretty


– no nudes shades in the color ranges, it ‘s a moment of a shame

– they ‘re not opaque with the first elapse, you need to layer it
– the price, they are very expensive, particularly considering the quantity of product in the bottle

In short, I truly like the invention of these lipsticks ( both for the recipe and the packaging with this great applicator ), but I ’ thousand quite bummed about their price, which I find quite expensive considering the quantity of product you get. I guess initiation is identical expensive ! The Armani Lip Magnet are available on the stigmatize web site for $ 38 .

And you, have you tried the Armani Lip Magnet? What did you think of their bare lips effect?

Photo credit : bonnie-garner.com

source : https://usakairali.com
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