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Ari Fletcher Talks Rihanna Banning Her From Fenty Well, Rihanna has absolutely zero tolerance for BS when it comes to her brand, and now she’s banned Ari Fletcher from Fenty. What did Ari do? Is he going to beg Rihanna to take her back? Hello bad guys!! Today I have some hot tidbits about the Ari Fletcher drama. It’s even better than you might imagine because Rihanna herself weighed in on the matter. So sit back and get ready, because you know I’m going to spill every last bit of this tea. #arifletcher #rihanna #fentybeauty


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Ari Fletcher Speaks On Rihanna Banning Her From Fenty

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Ari Fletcher Speaks On Rihanna Banning Her From Fenty.

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29 thoughts on “Ari Fletcher Speaks On Rihanna Banning Her From Fenty | Summary of knowledge related to ari lip scrub the most detailed

  1. Impact says:

    she like what she like a'int ya'll the same people who have preferences, yall shouldnt be so worked up about sum she like wtf

  2. NAEBTV says:

    And everybody saying her bag going to stop soon ! Just shut up y’all said the same thing about Chris brown and he never really got cancelled. People acted like they hated him but look at him living his best rich life. People still love him. Look at rkelly everybody act like they hate him but his song viral on tik tok rn and when I go outside I still hear his music playing lmao y’all are just followers stop acting like y’all care cus everybody else care do. I personally don’t care about none of this I just was bored and wanted to talk shit.

  3. NAEBTV says:

    Everybody in the comments either soft or intimidated by ari I’m convinced lmao cus all she do is speak her mind and she’s been like that since she became famous let’s be real she always was a shit talker and a person who doesn’t give af that’s really why she became famous yea she was known for being herb bm but she got lit off going live talking shit, beating up girls for touching Herb you know ghetto Chicago shit that’s how she got a fan base. You have people that want to act all high sidity when they become famous and you have people who continue to be themselves. Y’all expect too much from people. Let her be her if y’all don’t like her just don’t support her but the more back lash y’all give the more she becomes famous lol y’all sweat this girl too much and be craving to bash her. Lmao ps Rihanna is a human with money y’all make it seem like just because somebody rich y’all have to bow down to them. Heads be fucked up about people who do even know y’all just because they rich and famous celebrities don’t excite me ! Y’all out here poor while Rihanna is building a empire you think she care about y’all ? NO but she won’t say that cus she wants to keep her innocent image. Ari don’t care about y’all but she going to let y’all know too. 😭 y’all to grown to be easily influenced by celebrities just people y’all don’t know in real life. Half of be mean af & treat people like shit but have money to keep it a secret like stop it.

  4. C Anonymous says:

    Yall weird asf…if that's her personality, she can be HER. Rhianna did what she wanted for her brand and Ari did what she wanted to do her HERSELF! nobody living their lives for NO celebrity. Yall sad asf!

  5. Daniel Robinson says:

    Everyone should ban her annoying, rude, childish ass. Why entertain or encourage the nonsense of this girl. Stop supporting her.

  6. Christie Place says:

    The fact that Rihanna even works with these girls says a lot about her! That lingerie brand caters to these kinda messy Instagram baddies so it is her loss because Ari would have sold lots of units for her 🙄

  7. Cassandra Bricault says:

    I just found this video and I’m so blown away how Herbo got a DV charge cause of her but she’s saying she likes guns pulled out on her. Idk how she hasn’t been removed off the internet

  8. Kimberly Wilson says:

    I'm so tired of these young females stating these woman are beautiful, such as Ari, and the Kardashians. Tell them to wash their face and see how beautiful they're really are. You'll be surprised. Beauty is not wigs, lashes, piles of make up and plastic surgery.

  9. quentina danile says:

    Rhi is all business & aint got time for the mess these kinds of chick's bring everyone can't go to the top with you

  10. Sasha Mo'nique says:

    Omg she’s from Chicago..if u ever had a hood nigga or from the hood u kno..ppl are way to sensitive..give ppl grace gawk damn no one is perfect 🤨the internet be takin shit way to far 😫

  11. Conchetta Sampson says:

    Right… my boo new what she was doing it’s business and I mean hey it is what it is💯💯💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯

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