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Are You a Grandmillennial? All About Granny Chic Style | 3 Articles on Dress
Are You a Grandmillennial? All About Granny Chic Style | 3 Articles on Dress

3 Articles on Dress that you are reading, Then you can read more information that update daily right below

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Are You a Grandmillennial? All About Granny Chic Style | 3 Articles on Dress.

chic at every age blog.

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34 thoughts on “Are You a Grandmillennial? All About Granny Chic Style | 3 Articles on Dress | Summary of relevant contents chic at every age blog The most detailed

  1. the Daily Connoisseur says:

    I would love to know… are you a Grandmillennial like me? 🤗 Thank you to Skillshare for bringing us 3 Articles on Dress. The first 1000 people who click the link will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium: I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you next week! Love, Jennifer xx

  2. henrietta henson says:

    Omg I've lived this way all my life now I am a great grannie at 70.. YEY at last I'm in fashion 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Beverly Purrington says:

    I am in my early 50's, but have always LOVED this style! I have often been told my style looked too "old lady". Ha! My time has finally come! 😂😂😂

  4. Angela James says:

    I'm almost 60 I've always love blue and white my home is full of it. My kids are almost 30 and 32 and just tolerate my indulgence

  5. NikkiL says:

    If you can’t imagine a month without a magazine by Phyllis Hoffman DiPiano (Victoria, Southern Lady, Tea Time, etc), your time is here. I feel suddenly sad in a modern white box with “clean lines” which means plain and dull.

  6. Melisa Palermo says:

    So funny, i was at a training and they asked us to pick a room from about 12 and mine was the "old lady" room

  7. TexasStardust says:

    This style has always been my style, since 1998… didn't have a " Decor Term " or " Name ", but it's been my style since 1998… when I was painting furniture, ( long before it was a " Business " or a ' thing ") and using limited wood tones to mix in with my painted furniture. ….using flowers, foliage, using prints, strioes, floral classic designs, toile, etc.
    I just felt it was comfortable. Inviting. Cozy and cheerful at the same time. I am a Maximilist by nature, so this " Style " suited me , with me not even knowing it would ( later ) become a Style.
    I wore classic sheath dresses ( still do) along with certain other clothing that I considered classic and Feminine. I did not even OWN a pair of leggings until 2010. I do not buy " sweatpants " never have owned any. Lol. I do like my leggings when it's very coldy, and I like to be warm. I wear them around home , so I can do things like rearranging furniture ( lol) or whatever, and be comfortable. I like the nicely made leggings.
    Vera Wang. Victoria Secret. Bally.Marika, etc. No flimsy see through ones, lol.
    Great topic, and since I'm late 60's years young, I totally get why this style has become prevalent as well as a desired look. …. because it is Timeless, in its own way.

  8. Angelic Krol says:

    I am 59, and have always struggled with the concept feminine equals granny. I give all you “granny chic” ladies a thumbs up. Most important: be you be elegant.

  9. Jennifer Kessener says:

    I think I adopted this style back when i was 20-30, and now at 64 enjoy seeing many younger people enjoying the same things. I have always said I am a traditionalist, and prefer English/French country looks.
    I am enjoying some of my MIL's beautiful pins and brooches, it is delightful to have them appreciated. Many are from early 1900, so you see fashions returning again and again.

  10. Christiana says:

    I’ve honestly never heard of “grand millennial” before until now; I always saw this referred to as “French / Victorian shabby chic” style with vintage and feminine details in decor. How interesting! For years I’ve had Pinterest boards where I would save all the “shabby chic” and “vintage Victorian” things I loved to look at. I love to get The Pyramid Collection and Victorian Trading Company magazines in the mail. I’ve felt like the oddball out for so many years— I tried doing the “modern minimalist” Scandinavian decor for a few years and about died. The Scandinavian / Farmhouse decor is utterly bleak to me and I felt like a houseplant neglected in the corner without any light. Your channel is helping me to embrace the fact that I actually love a rich, British-inspired interior. I love the ending of your video in which you discuss that quote from Mark Twain. 🤯

  11. Lady Kathryn Perry says:

    Yes, I have long been a grand millennial to five children and for today a grand mother of six!!! Be.

  12. Karen Patton says:

    I’ve been a great grand for two months and I answered everything the same as you except scallops(I’m allergic). I’m an avid needlepointer and have been in love with love toile for years! I love your videos.

  13. Kallisto Indrani says:

    I'd never heard of it before this video but if I could look even a fraction as beautiful as Jennifer then I would love to be one!

  14. Terri Peach says:

    I ran across your video searching for granny chic decor. You look beautiful and so classy and lady like. What an inspiration you are. I am 65 and definitely a true granny chic!

  15. Renee Junette says:

    I’m 60 and I love this style. I’m not stuffy but I love ❤️ this style. This video convinced me to order the Henkel Harris vintage Pembroke mahogany end tables rather than to more contemporary/transitional NEW end tables . I’ll need to buy a couple more blue and white porcelain pieces. 😋

  16. Amanda Gauthier-Parker says:

    I am older than the designated age-bracket being a GenXer, but this has always been my style… because my "granny" was the most stylish person I've ever known! Her antiques, artwork and dishes are my staples. I didn't totally rebel against my mom; she's a little more cottage. 🙂

  17. Remington wild says:

    I love toile and layers of fabrics that match it. My adult children have been telling me I dress like a grandma since they were teens. If you could only see my living room, oh mercy. 1971 furniture from a man that lost his wife and remarried. My house smells like old people because of the 4 pieces 9f this furniture that almost looks brand new. Everyone who comes to my home gravitates to the sofa's because there is such a comforting feeling of them. My 9 yr old gravitates to what we call the grandpa chair. Me and my hubby both gravitate to this style. We are only 48 and 49. We just love estate sales so we can find treasures that merge with it. My grandma would love all my shirts and purses, I lost so many clothes and purses going to see her and I love it. It got to where my hubby would say if you take that purse in you wont leave with it. So true, so true. What is so lovely is that I was ultimately flattered by this, I miss her so much.

  18. Catherine Holcombe says:

    This isn't a trend. This is classic! I'm from the Baby Boomer generation (1946 – 1964) and my parents were from the generations between (1900 -1945). I'm a granny to great granny millinial. Grand Millineal is just a new name for a very old, classical style of decor. (Like calling a housewife a domestic engineer). The generations that came after the Boomers got rid the of the things they inherited from their parents and grand parents because these treasures were considered uncool, out of touch, etc. They ended up in flea markets, thrift shops and antique shops. Where do you think most of the old treasures you find in these shops today came from? I am happy to see that good taste and appreciation for heritage items are making a come back.

  19. saraa! says:

    Blue and white porcelain and toile are everything! I adore color and classic style. It’s very refreshing to see that these things are making a comeback! Do you like cameo brooches as well? They can truly be works of art.

  20. nmbr6kid says:

    A tip on keeping your brooche from falling over…use a small piece of a cotton pad, like a cosmetic wipe, upon the back side of the fabric when pinning it on. It gives the fabric more substance without harming your clothing or resorting to the bra strap.

  21. Kimberly Perrotis says:

    I’ve had grandmillenial decor, or English Country Light, as I called it, all my life, I’m 61.

  22. Lucy Pumkinjack says:

    I am 56 and have always decorated like this. It's good that the rest of the world has caught up to my forward (old fashioned) style! LOL

  23. Kiki Lula says:

    My style is classic preppy, but could also be defined as granny chic. Some of my pre loved garments are quite old but still (or again?) chic.

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