I love brim products. A creamy lipstick and gloss pallette was my very first cosmetic detail and I felt gorgeous every meter I swipe on a lovely pink color .

Time travel to 18 years by and by and I now have 37 sass products of assorted types and I am glad with them. recently, due to the K-beauty sensation and besides the pandemic I became interest in Lip Tint, a no-fuss sass coloring that stains the lips and stays put for hours and hours. I used to pass over lip tints because the are ( 1 ) dry and ( 2 ) looks flat, not flatness, glossy, satiny, precisely lips by chance colored by lollipop or ice lolly .
Pink, Apple Cherry, Peach, Bitter Rose, Guava
now, the Koreans have perfected the humidify, fat / glassy looking tints that we consume them by sets. I am no exception. Wearing masks is the new normal and my bullet train lippies, sass cremes and glosses will not survive. Enter, my legion of long persistent lippies for the foreseeable future .
Fink Mink Pink
Nature Republic Pure Shine Lip Tint
02 Pink
– Lemon aroma, reeking gel consistency, stays put, drying, shockingly bubblegum pink color ( although they have a muted nude pink/ mauve color named Wine ), and still it looks good on neutral to cool tone carnival or lighter bark ladies

Canmake Juicy Lady Liquid Cheek
03 Apple Cherry
– Unscented, slurred gelatin consistency, stay for a few hours but eating greasy food will wipe this out, its red + pink color is the most cover girl and most blush-worthy of the three in the bent ( the other is besides Barbie cool pink, the early is warm orange-peach ). This gives an about natural hot flash of color on both cheeks and lips .
RD02 Peach – orange-red shade
Apieu Water Light Tint – RD02 Peach this looks like brilliantly tomato / orange red on my lips, but everyone ’ s got ta have some juicy summery tint .
Apieu Water Light Tint – RD03 Bitter Rose – for the coy lady, an about MLBB dark-skinned rose color with microshimmers
Water Light Tint contains Grapefruit, Mango, Peach, Orange extracts, hence this lively tropical fruit juice odorize. Both applies ultra bright but will settle into a less glossy shade afterwards .

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Lovely light summer shade of BE02 Guava
Apieu Juicy Pang Sparkling Tint
BE02 Guava – You know that bright pink-red-orange color of the guava fruit, that ’ mho it. indeed tropical ! Something to pair with your peach / apricot / coral makeup
Apieu Juicy Pang Sparkling Tint
PK01 Raspberry – This decidedly leans cool with a bright cool tap color.
As per ingredients, there are Apple and Rose extracts on these ones, therefore this fruit juice scent ( but I did thought it was some berry or grapes ). They besides has a smattering of irisdescent glitters ( pink, purple, as seen by the naked eye ), something you can pick out and evening count if you ’ rhenium interested. The consistency is slightly different than the Water Light Tint, as these apply juuuuuust a little bit moussy .

Romand Juicy Lasting Tint
06 Fig Fig – fig /pomegrenate fruit olfactory property, this will be the glossy ardent sister of the slightly shimmery fall Bitter Rose. Juicy Lasting tint seem to stay juicy on the lips without being excessively glistening / bright .
Romand Glasting Water Tint
07 Pink Valley – cherry / strawberry juice olfactory property, the pink is merely the tip or the undertone, it is about undimmed cool crimson. The extremist slick layer shows up after a while .

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Soft Pool
Romand x Neonmoon Glasting Water Tint
09 Soft Pool – this would be a pink / lighter version of Purple Shower, and besides crosses borders with Bitter Rose and Fig fig .
Love those fruity colors! The shine, too!
Arm swatches (Daytime – indoor – flash)
See the microshimmer of RD02 Bitter Rose and the bantam glitters on the Sparkling Tints in Guava and Raspberry. Notice that the first two ( Pink and Apple Cherry ) are directly. They do have the quintessential brim and impudence tint character.

Daytime – Indoor near screen – no flash
I swear Romand Soft Pool and Apieu Raspberry are cool-toned, specially on my lips in a fairly neutral toned face…I estimate the excessively ardent tones of my clamber and the unhorse are the culprits for this color changing 🤣
Pink, peach or just bright red?
I besides did not expect Romand Pink Valley to be almost as bright red as Apieu Peach ( which I kinda see as orange red ). On the other hand, Romand Fig Fig and Apieu Bitter Rose would be sisters in their muted, darker, evening or autumn – allow hues

Yes stain, I mean staying exponent is real. The Nature Republic bubblegum pink gel wat erbium tint is the most stubborn to remove even with eye and brim make up remover. Seems like our bantam, retiring gelatin shade is the most knock-down of all .
I thought I would love the foam tint because I am a shimmer / glitter kind of gallon but ! The texture is slightly velvet or moussy and the glitters are insidious. Koreans and their elusive “ is there glitter on my face or not ? ” constitution ethos 😅 So my absolute favored now are the Apieu Water Light Tint in RD02 Bitter Rose for its dreamy muted mauve + reddish brown color with shimmers, and Romand Glasting Water Tint in Pink Valley for its bright strawberry red / pink color drenched in gloss .
fair Google “ candied strawberry ”
I am very glad with these adorable ladies and I hope they stay sparkling and glossy for months to come !

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