These 5 Anello Backpacks are Tokyo ’ s Latest Must-Have Accessory !
These 5 Anello Backpacks are Tokyo’s Latest Must-Have Accessory!

These 5 Anello Backpacks are Tokyo’s Latest Must-Have Accessory!

Date published : 11 January 2020
last updated : 3 February 2021
When you walk around Tokyo, you ’ ll undoubtedly notice that everyone seems to have an Anello backpack. The designs and colors are diverse, but the pronounce is the like on every udder : Anello. From kids to high schoolers, office workers to seniors, every Tokyoite seems to have one of these Anello bags – is that the latest drift in the city ?

What is Anello?

Anello is a japanese bag brand that was born in 2005. The parole is borrowed from italian and means “ ring ” or “ loop ” and stands for the simple yet well-adjusted design that the brand got celebrated for. Anello uses diverse materials and designs in creating its many bags, accommodating to versatile styles and generations.

In the last respective years, Anello has not only become massively popular in Japan but besides oversea, particularly in asian countries and regions such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines. Counterfeit products have popped up here and there, far emphasizing Anello ’ south popularity. For brand- and fashion-aware tourists coming to Tokyo, an Anello bag often is on top of the must-buy list when touring areas such as Shibuya or Harajuku !

Where can I buy Anello backpacks and bags?

Where can I buy Anello backpacks and bags? One easily-accessible shop that sells a capital variety show of Anello backpacks and bags is denim Mate in Shibuya.

Jeans Mate Shibuya is a mere 5-minute walk away from the busy Shibuya Station and thus fits in any sightseeing plan with relief. Although the name of the shop class suggests a jeans specialization storehouse, Jeans Mate boasts a big choice of casual break and outdoor brands, such as Champion and Outdoor Products .
Among this choice, you ’ ll easily find the many different Anello base !

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Top 5 Anello Bags Recommended by the Staff!

To know more about the Anello backpack and bag tendency that conquered Tokyo by storm, we asked Saki, who works at Jeans Mate, for her recommendations .

1. Kuchigane Rucksack: A Spacious Anello Backpack that’s Fancy and Comfy

1. Kuchigane Rucksack: A Spacious Anello Backpack that's Fancy and Comfy ▲ Anello “ kuchigane ” backpack for 4,500 yen ( tax excluded ), Champion coach jacket for 9,500 yen ( tax excluded )
Let ’ s first front at two of Anello ’ mho bags that enjoy firm popularity.

The “ kuchigane backpack ” is by far Anello ’ s most democratic backpack. It ’ sulfur hard to see judging merely by the outside, but this bag offers an amaze measure of space once opened. This is the Anello bag ’ randomness main characteristic ! It ’ mho barely perfect for day by day consumption because you won ’ metric ton have to rummage through all your stuff, ineffective to find anything, while still being able to easily fit all your necessities. The polyester canvas bag is amazingly whippersnapper while hush big adequate for A4-size documents.

Saki says :
“ This particular Anello backpack is quite simple but easy to use and is specially popular among people with little children. The main space is quickly accessible via the slide fastener and you can take things in and out without having to put the backpack down. ”
“ It doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even look that adult from the external and the backpack fits basically every equip. Whether you ’ re going for feminine, casual, or sporty, the kuchigane backpack goes with everything. Designs are besides bountiful, from monochrome to three-color designs. ”

2. Synthetic Leather Kuchigane Rucksack: The Convenient Smaller Size!

2. Synthetic Leather Kuchigane Rucksack: The Convenient Smaller Size! ▲ the synthetic leather kuchigane backpack for 4,500, denim jacket ( the staff ’ sulfur own )
The kuchigane backpack comes in three sizes and the one shown above is the smallest one among them, made out of man-made leather. On circus tent of the main space, these short versions besides boast two inside and three outer pockets, vitamin a well as a slide fastener on the back. The modest size makes this backpack great for casual sightseeing !

Saki says :
“ The Anello mini-backpack looks quite cute and enhances every expressive style ! If you grab it by the top treat, you can easily use it as a casual bag adenine well. just wear it whatever fits your manner and mood. ”
“ Like every model, it comes in all sorts of colors and combinations, but I particularly recommend the pinko one. The gentle texture of the talk through one’s hat leather and the natural spirit is merely a bang-up combination. ”

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3. Big Logo Print Day Bag: Sporty, Spacious, and Comfortable!

3. Big Logo Print Day Bag: Sporty, Spacious, and Comfortable! ▲ Big logo print day pocket for 5,500 yen ( tax excluded ), Champion coach crown for 9,500 yen ( tax excluded )
This is one of Anello ’ s newest bags, released in January 2018 !

While the brand ’ s iconic kuchigane backpack emphasizes a fashionable vogue, the fresh big logo print day bag follows a sportier line. The bulge boasts a write holder in the front and an extra pouch for a pill in the main pocket. All in all, there ’ s enough of space in this cool backpack.

Saki says :
“ I love the boldface rubber eraser mark of the logo, it ’ s a cool eye-catcher. The front pocket is kind of concealed, which I like, and I think it ’ s a very neat androgynous plan. ”
“ With a pair of cool sweatpants and a bright nylon jacket, you can pull off a trendy athletic look with this udder well. ”

4. Canvas Sacoche Bag: The Little Everyday Bag!

4. Canvas Sacoche Bag: The Little Everyday Bag! ▲ Canvas sacoche bag for 1,900 yen ( tax excluded ), denim crown ( the staff ’ s own )
The canvas sacoche bag is a playful accessory with handwriting-style print to spice it up a bite. The color of the print and the liner is the like, so it goes well with a wide scope of outfits and designs. The little size makes it perfect for a fooling city amble, fitting a wallet and a pouch perfectly – all you need for a quick trip !

Saki says :
“ Sacoche bags are actually popular right now and this one decidedly is a favored, arrant for occasions such as a go steady, outdoor trips, or cycling. The sail fabric gives it a natural capture and fits a wide compass of styles, not popping out besides much. My personal recommendation is to go with a casual but feminine stylus with this, such as pastel colors with a jean jacket. ”
“ Because it ’ mho small, it can well be used as bag in a bag and super-handy for traveling. This is a great udder that I ’ vitamin d recommend for cherry bloom trips. ”

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5. Anello Logo Print 2-Way Tote Bag: For a Casual Weekend Stroll

5. Anello Logo Print 2-Way Tote Bag: For a Casual Weekend Stroll ▲ Logo photographic print 2-way carryall bag for 3,500 yen ( tax excluded ), side slide fastener pullover for 3,900 yen ( tax excluded )
last but not least : the logo print 2-way carryall base with a bold, colorful logo as its independent sport ! The “ o ” in Anello serves as the handle, a cunning and alone quirk that makes this carryall bag stand out while still staying fooling. The bag is big and offers plenty of board for both large and belittled things, from your wallet to an extra perspirer. It ’ s a simple bag that ’ ll become one of your favorites in truth quickly !

Saki says :
“ The slurred cotton canvass this bag is made out of is sturdy and looks cool, making this bulge very popular. particularly unique is the color of the back side of the shoulder stripe, which matches the logo. It ’ s a belittled detail that makes this pocket stand out. ”
“ The shoulder strap besides has a good length, perfect for wearing it over your shoulder, or grab it by the handle and carry it in your handwriting. Both styles are comfortable. It ’ south nice for a weekend stroll and I ’ d recommend it to people who ’ ve never had an Anello shoulder bag before. ”
In addition to the classic kuchigane backpack udder, Jeans Mate offers a large variety of Anello bags, including all newfangled releases. If you find yourself in Shibuya and feel like treating yourself to a fancy japanese accessory or two, decidedly make certain to stop by ! You ’ ll be surprised at the great choice and reasonable prices – and what kind of styles will pop up once the cerise flower season starts ?

  • Jeans Mate (Shibuya)

    ジーンズメイト 渋谷店

    • address
      〒150-0042 東京都渋谷区宇田川町30-1 蓬莱屋ビル1F-2F / 30-1, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042, Japan
    • Nearest station
      Shibuya Station, 3 minutes on metrical foot
    • phone Number

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