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MY FATHER IS GUILTY. I did this in the middle of my set for the entire Good Parts Tour. At the end of the night, one of the most frequently asked questions was where people can get it, so I went to film it. It’s so much fun to immerse yourself in a new art form. More poetry to come. Share with your dad or someone he reminds you of. My dad doesn’t care. The same way my wife’s eyes get cloudy on NFL game day He doesn’t care Like talking about stocks with 6-year-olds It’s not that they don’t want to listen It’s that they don’t care Like a butcher on a vegan farmers market A sober man in an Irish bar Like me at your escape room birthday party He doesn’t care I called my dad when I got my first record deal And he was so excited Lots of emotions and feelings I made it and the check is pretty big,” I said, “Dad, you’re going to have a very successful son. I said, “I’m going to buy a house, I’m going to buy you one too. clickers and the big open rooms” I said, dad, don’t worry, it’s just the beginning. The tables are tilting. We finally won.” He responded as “Like my 85-year-old grandmother completely baffled. like your n american at a cricket match – confused He said “Son this is fantastic I’m so happy for you” Look my dad doesn’t care about anything but my heart He knows wealth and value always They’ve been a long way And when I Showed him my BMW had the new start button He faked his excitement awfully Like “Yeah, great car” My dad’s eyes light up when I talk Of my soul He wants details of every kid I sang with in the hospital We can talk for hours About all I’ve done for the homeless And when my prayer game is strong and I’m focused, he notices Look what happens with the children, we just want to make our parents proud We know the songs they like and then we sing them very loudly And I’m pretty clear on how to attract my father’s attention now To be of service to myself or to others, that’s how Maintena is No, one day I could be huge with my face in Times Square when I fly, alone private flight, I lie in the air. One day I could become a bajillion gazillionaire. GOOD PARTS Tour Tickets Now Powered by AutoNation Drive Pink THE GOOD PARTS ALBUM iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: Google Play – Amazon – Follow Me: Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: @AndyGrammer1

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Andy Grammer - "My Father Does Not Care" Poem Video
Andy Grammer – "My Father Does Not Care" Poem Video

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Andy Grammer – "My Father Does Not Care" Poem Video.

poem i don’t care.

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43 thoughts on “Andy Grammer – "My Father Does Not Care" Poem Video | Summary of relevant information poem i don’t care The most detailed

  1. Ronnie Fowler says:

    I hope you always have the best we love your outlook on life you are a true motivator we truly appreciate you I'm glad to know they're still good people as yourself longing for better Days in such a sad crazy place fan / family always 👊🦁👍

  2. Mark_Harbinger #Strangedoctor says:

    A lot of people who see this might not even know your Dad is a music celebrity in his own right, which makes your poem even more meaningful.

    My son (who was elementary age at the time) and I interviewed your Dad on our community radio show, I don't know, maybe 15 years ago. He seemed like a lovely man—and so do you. I am a fan of both of you and your (respective) music.

  3. Alex Krauth says:

    In case you don't know, his father is Red Grammer, A famous children’s singer and songwriter. And I believe every word of this poem. I love both of them! Check out his music if you haven’t heard it before. It’s amazing!

  4. Sue Werley says:

    I had the privilege of meeting your dad about 10 years ago. I was a principal in a tiny school in a small city in Wisconsin, about two hours from his alma mater, Beloit College. He came and worked with the students during the day and had a concert for the school community at night. Because I was his chauffeur during his stay, we had several opportunities to chat about kids in today’s world. We are both the same age and had kids the same ages, so there was a connecting point. Anyway, fast forward to today and I came across the video with PS 22 chorus. And I got teary-eyed. When my husband, a retired music teacher, asked if this singer was the son of the children’s singer on the CD’s I got about 10 years ago…….oh, my goodness! Wish your dad my best. He certainly inspired me, the staff, and the parents in my little school with his message of peace and love.

  5. reesme417 says:

    What an an AMAZING tribute to your father! I have had the please
    pleasure of communicating with him and I am so impressed with both of you and your music!!!God bless you both!!

  6. M. Corege says:

    Hope to see your Dad in one of you videos – what a great man, your father, for raising you to be an even better man – cheers from Canada

  7. CalebPlays says:

    I painted a photo of a beautiful lady and I am 10 and I thought Dad was going to say something like good job or I’m proud of you I get mmmhhm yes not even joking broke my heart 💔 and I thought to myself is this art really that bad but you know my dad never really cared about anything I said if I made him a beautiful photo of our family he just goes yeeeeep I see and I would look on Instagram and other social media places and I would see my friends with their dad’s having a fun time I and I…..never got nothing never even got a I’m proud of you my dad never said that to me ever he just comes home lays down and sleeps wakes up goes to work come home sleep wake up goes to work sad…. and sometimes he acts like he doesn’t even care about us and when he would come home from Stead of getting a hugs and a kiss Stead we get what is this mess this is why we can’t have kids😢 still kind of makes me sad knowing that I grew up like this but I know deep down in my heart he loves me

  8. Tahira Schmidt says:

    His father is the famous childrens sing Red Grammer…. "i think your wonderful" song explains it all 🙂 !!!

  9. S.E. Fenno says:

    The best legacy and inheritance is a beautiful heart…not monitory wealth. Your family is truly wealthy.

  10. BalboaCZ NCC1404BadG00gle says:

    Andy, my son and I have a "complicated" relationship for many reasons. I just sent him a link to this in the hopes he will see from another son's point of view, why we are so "complicated" and see that I love him and am so very very proud of the man he has become.

  11. Joshua Fuller says:

    I've been a fan of your father since 1981. We tend to put our idols on a pedestal, but I always hoped he was as kind as his stage persona and warm smile made him seem. After all these years, I feel I now have some vindication that if I'd met him, I would not have been disappointed.

    ….and that's pretty cool.

  12. T4jesusnow says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. This is the worst, and the best, and the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Absolutely not what I was expecting. Thanks so much for this.

  13. Suzanne Byville says:

    Finally! YES!! Heard this live in Detroit and searched. Love it! (And that butcher line gave you no trouble! 😉 )

  14. Hannah Whatley says:

    I love this; the rhythm and the way you put it forth are awesome. I love the message, too; it reminds me of pieces by Jeff Bethke and Jon Jorgenson. Much love!

  15. Susan Mitchell says:

    Having met your father more than once, serving children in concerts, I can see his smile and joy with all you do and say. Bless you and your amazing father, Red, and mother Kathy.

  16. ashley jacquot says:

    seen him perform this in concert. And it made my bawl my eyes out. And this video does too. This is what’s important in life. ❤️Very well written Andy.

  17. Raquel Clark says:

    I just love this guy more and more! He has been my favorite artist for at least 6 years now. I even saw him at this tiny little FREE concert in my hometown in Oregon. It was the best day! He is so awesome and real.

  18. Hans Adriel Gabriel says:

    And I thought artists can't branch into poetry. Another boundary broken by Andy!

    Keep on Pushing, Andy!

    We can say that I've finally found my Halellujah as well! (I can keep going with these puns, but I'm afraid of being charged with suicide. But really, I'm just Holdin' Out here.)

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