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Current version: 1.0.992, last update: 2 years ago
First release : 05 Feb 2015
App size: 29.72 Mb

developer : ordinaryfactory Inc. current version :, last update : 2 years agoFirst handout : 05 Feb 2015App size : 29.72 Mb
■ Analog Paris # 1 for 100 Weeks, Overall, Korea ■
■ Analog Paris # 1 Photo & Video app in 26 Countries ■

Analog Tokyo is the moment app of Analog Film City Series.
With the particularly created Analog Tokyo photograph filters, you can edit your pictures as if they were taken in Tokyo.


Latest reviews of Analog Tokyo app for iPhone and iPad

So an FYI- This developer used to have an amaze app just called “ analogfilm ” that offered DOZENS upon dozens of filters at a small price ( Pretty sure it was .99 but could have been a morsel more like 1.99 but WORTH EVERY PENNY ). Anyway, that app is one of my favorites and I thank the stars I have it on my phone ! ! ! The day it crashes and doesnt work anymore due to earphone upgrades will make me cry. Anyway, for some reason the developer pulled that app from at least the US App Store and put out these smaller bundles ( to make more $ $ $ $ Im sure ), which very arent that great compared to the other app Im talking about. The other app had a million categories of REALISTIC VSCO QUALITY filters and besides lots of grit/grain/light leaks and such. For .99, I guess these are hush worth it ( the Paris version has gradient vignettes which werent offered in the old app so thats a slight summation ). Anyway, hopefully the dev considers putting that app back in the US market even if they raise the price well it would be WORTH it. I feel regretful for those who never got the prospect to have such an amaze app that honestly is in my lead 3 apps ( and I am a HUGE photography app snob who has tried them all ! ! ! ! ). A real shame .
Perfect Rendering!
I have purchased this app and the other Analog Cities, and Im thus affect with how my photograph look like after applying a percolate. I hope they placed the cities in just one app and probably download each city through an in-app purchase. But still, Im giving this a 5-star rat !
very nice app
well made

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Please add more features
Like UNDO option, LIBRARY ( like VSCOcams ), and option to delete previous edits. I love the filters and I hope youll update this because its my favorite along with the Analog Film app. : )
Lovely film effect
I love this app and the expression and feel it gives to the photograph. sometimes when I take photograph outdoors, it would wash out besides much for some rationality and everything would look excessively blank. besides multiple photograph edit options would be a courteous deepen. If the video choice would be available with this app, it would be perfect. Over all I love the filter qualities and this app is sol worth the purchase. Keep on it : )
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