Blast Off/Bright Pink Coral but…..more red

I choose Blast Off. I purchased it in store but, was in a hurry when I selected the color. I was looking for a true pinky coral and went by the name. Its more red. Its a beautiful color and nice on me but, I’m looking to exchange it for the color I was originally looking for.
The wand holds a good amount of formula to swipe across my bottom lip AND too lip, without having to reload. This formula is amazing!! Feels silky going on and has minimal drying effect but not until much later in the evening. I actually didn’t feel like my lips were dry, ( the uncomfortable kind of dry matt lipsticks can give) until after a late dinner. The color faded on the inside of my lips leaving a slight outter ring but, this sounds worse than it actually looked. The wear wasn’t bad considering I had been wearing it for about 7 hours without having to reapply. I drank coffee and sipped water throughout the day and very minimal color tranfer to cup. I love this formula and now know why women love SMASHBOX. This was my first SB purchase ever.
The wand holds a great amount of formula and when you press it against your lips, the wand bends slighly to curve along with the curves on your lips. I love that about the felt tip and wand. Never felt that with other gloss wands. Nice touch for a flawless, highly pigmented application. I’ll be purchasing more colors.

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Great color, love the packaging, dont love the application

I purchased the SMASHBOX Always On Matte Liquid lipstick and the SMASHBOX Be Legendary Matte lipstick at the same time.

I tried the Always first, because it was a bright red that I’ve never worn before. I love the way the color looks with my skin tone, but the application leaves a bit to be desired. Because its liquid it sinks into the crevices of my lips and wears off quickly unless you put on several layers of it. When you put on several layers you can feel it on your lips. And, as it wears off, it gets kind of dry looking and feeling. It’s also kind of quick to wear off, by that may be because I only put on one layer. I would recommend the other SMASHBOX product that I bought that day.
The Be Legendary one was amazing! It feels great on my lips. Once its on, you forget that its there. Its completely matte, but impactful. I wore it all day, ate twice, drank water and coffee and only reapplied once. When I reapplied 6 hrs later, it was fading a bit, but it didn’t look bad or clumpy. I love how moisturizing and evenly the lipstick applies. It gets more intense the more layers I apply, but never looks overdone. I definitely prefer the Be Legendary Matte over the Always On Matte Liquid. In fact, I’m going to Ulta tonight to get the bright red color in the Be Legendary brand!


Don’t think so



It’s a little dry not sure if I would buy it again doesn’t ladt

Forever my favorite



I’ll never buy another kind of lipstick. This was my 3rd one. It stays on. It doesn’t dry out my lips. It has no taste or greasy feel.

Worst lipstick ever!



I received a free sample with any $50 purchase of this horrible lipstick! Absolutely disgusting taste of bitter metallic. Made my lips super dry and created lines I never had. Was almost impossible to remove. Hands down the worst lipstick I have ever tried! Never want to try a lipstick from them after this nightmare experience.

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I love the color but the product dried out my lips and they were cracking. Also the product dried up within 2 months.

Painfully matte and surprisingly long wearing.



I got shade “Out Loud” and it’s such a cute fiery orange color. I got it as a sample originally and wouldn’t have chosen it for myself normally, but I did really like this. This is my good luck lipstick for track meets, and it stays all day, even in the rain, the cold, even through a bit of sweat, sand, and dirt. It goes on painfully matte, so much that it’s kinda crazy, and then stays pretty long with minor touch ups in the middle by your mouth. It’s fine to eat with, but it’s a tad .. not sticky, per se, but crumbs may/do stick in it sometimes. It’s a really nice lipstick overall, and I love the color.