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Santo Domenico Versace ( italian : [ ˈsanto doˈmeːniko verˈsaːtʃe ] ; [ a ] have a bun in the oven 16 December 1944 ) is an italian businessman and politician who is the president of the united states and co-chief administrator military officer of Gianni Versace SpA, based in Milan, Italy. Since 2008 he has been elected as Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the italian Republic in the constituency of Calabria. He is a extremity of the Alliance for Italy political party, [ 4 ] once being a member of The People of Freedom. [ 5 ]

biography [edit ]

early life [edit ]

He was born on 16 December 1944 in Reggio Calabria, where he grew up with his younger siblings Gianni and Donatella, along with their don, Antonio, and dressmaker mother, Francesca. An older sister, Tina, died at the senesce of twelve from an improperly treated tetanus infection. [ 6 ] By historic period six, Versace joined his founder and continued to work after school and summers with him until he attended university. When not in school, he helped care for his younger sister, Donatella.

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personal biography [edit ]

In 1981, Versace married Christiana Cavalli. The pair had two children, Francesca Christiana and Antonio Tina Santo. The marriage ended in disassociate in 2004. Versace remarried in 2014 to lawyer Francesca de Stefano, with whom he had one daughter, Ramona Francesca .

Career and professional life [edit ]

In 1968, Santo graduated from the University of Messina with a degree in economics. [ 7 ] He began working inaugural as a banker in Reggio Calabria for Credito Italiano and late as a high school teacher of economics and geography. In 1972, he completed his military service as an officeholder in the “ Genova Cavalleria. ” Upon completion of his serve, Santo opened his own accounting position in both Reggio Calabria and Milan. In 1976, he moved permanently to Milan where he began working full-time with his brother. Gianni Versace SpA was founded in 1977, with Santo Versace [ 8 ] as CEO until 2004. Santo played a head role in the achiever of the Versace mark by focusing on communication, organization, productivity, and quality. He oversaw all areas of the business—including sales, distribution, production and finance—and quickly became one of the diligence ‘s precede and most well-respected business people. [ citation needed ]

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In 1998, Santo was appointed president of the italian Fashion Chamber where he served from 1998 to 1999. Since 1998 he is a stockholder of Viola Reggio Calabria Basketball. From June 1998 to October 1999 was “ President of the National Chamber of italian Fashion. ” He is Chairman of Operation Smile Italy Onlus, an association of doctors and volunteers which deals with children with facial deformities in 70 countries around the global.

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In popular culture [edit ]

Versace is portrayed by italian actor Giovanni Cirfiera in the irregular season of the anthology series American Crime Story, which premiered on 17 January 2018 .

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