Pure Boost DPR 2nd-7
There is judicious saying I have much thought much upon….. “ Don ’ triiodothyronine Judge a Book by Its Cover ”
But in this segment, I improvised it into “ Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate Judge a Shoe by its Look ”
It is a metaphorical give voice which means “ you shouldn ’ thymine prejudge the deserving or value of something by its outbound appearance alone ”. For blink of an eye, “ The material of the upper horseshoe looks so awkward and unlike any ordinary run horseshoe in the commercialize and insignificant, but don ’ triiodothyronine judge a shoe by its looks – it is a high performance city running brake shoe with a very rise engineering and responsive in it ’ s encircle ”. It is the Adidas Pure Boost DPR.

Pure Boost DPR
I ’ m a Big Fan of Adidas since my campus sidereal day back to 1994 from the classic Three Stripes, the Trefoil of 3 stripes leaves, resemble a batch of Adidas Equipment Three Bars and until todate. And they even called me “ Adidas Boy ”. It barely another noteworthy milestone for esteemed global people ’ second brand who begin their journey back to 1924 in Germany and belated persuaded U.S. sprinter Jesse Owens to use his hand made spikes at the 1936 Summer Olympics. And Adidas is a saturated brand of sports who started their core clientele in running ’ second global .
But today I don ’ t do any pay and sanction by any Adidas market company, it just my humble and fair sharing on the running shoe inspection for the benefits for the whole run community at their own choice, respectively .

The Technology Dilemma
Before I elaborate any further about the horseshoe, let me recall some available engineering in the market with few common name of running brake shoe here, as my previous mail which is significant on this review
Adidas : revolutionary Boost Foam Technology thermoplastic polyurethane ( TPU ).
Asics : Flytefoam midsole engineering
Nike : zoom and Nike Free Thin, lightweight cushioning under the heel and forefoot.
Mizuno : wave plate technology
They are all stand-up outstandingly to elevate and provide the best shoe sole for respective preferences in different room .
But based on my actual test move and case survey, my personal choice will be Adidas Boost Foam ( expanded thermoplastic polyurethane ) engineering for the postdate reasons :
– It is the most reactive brake shoe soles and flying gain to absorb and returning back the energy in any of running conditions and style. They called it “ Phenomenal Energy Return ”.
– This is the most versatile engineering available in the market in any range, from a novice jogger up to high performer record breaking runners
– The corporeal invented supply sufficient cushion and unhorse patronize for every runners which is the key fundamentals in every campaign horseshoe nowadays, tied their whippersnapper translation in Adizero Category .
Pure Boost DPR 2nd
At first I thought that Asics Flytefoam technical school. is the solution and the ultimate technology. But from my own experience and many feedback from my colleague brother runners, it ’ randomness appear that this technology is not desirable in a tropical, hot and humid region like in Malaysia. It create heat and burn our foot for any farseeing distance and fast pace running. The fabric just not meant to be wearable here tied with high repute given abroad .
however, I stopped being using Adidas shoe for quite sometimes since I found that none of them come in with broad toe box foot which I needed the most. But that has changed until I finally met Adidas Pure Boost DPR, “ Deconstructed Pure Racer ” .
If you want the best for your feet, specialist recommend that you avoid any shoe that squeezes your toes in concert. This could have adverse consequences such as the development of plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, bunions, corns, blisters and poor people pose. As such, constantly look for shoes with a toe corner that is broad and roomy enough but placid offers a comfortable match. But shoes with broad toe box are ideally suited for runners that need supernumerary space in the toe area while having a snug burst in the heel and mid foot. ( from my previous post )
Pure Boost DPR 2nd-3
First Impression
I won ’ t take me excessively long to be enamored and stare down this stun run brake shoe. I always look it wrongly. It looks more to fooling urban stylo shoe and fashionable appearance that will vamp you easily. And the “ riddle ” for every casual fashion shoe : tight, discomfort and not durable ( smasher is pain Brother ) .
But that doesn ’ metric ton find in Pure Boost DPR. It is surprisingly one of the most cushion whippersnapper running shoe ( 255gm entirely ! ) and incredibly comfort. ( I will comeback on this contribution late on my quiz run review in the future paragraph ) .
For criminal record :
pure Boost – 298gm
Ultra Boost – 304gm
Adizero Adios 3 – 226gm
Adizero Boston 6 – 244gm
In the restrain scenario of ball-shaped function community, most of runner and running group were based in city and urbanize area. Hence, most of running consequence besides had to commute in the like hobo camp of city sphere, weaving along interfering pavements and turning into sharp corners, I have to admit it. And Adidas truly understand the want of the market and come out with such a fresh and illusion attend of running shoe without sacrificing the ease and performance aspect .
On the upper separate, the one nibble knit enmesh, synthetic suede cloth with amalgamate Urethane material was super cool for any run shoe. It ’ s the reason for extra public discussion for breathable features that never come to any running shoe before. I truly appreciate this combination and an essential in a area in Malaysia where you have to deal with excessive sweat, rain, water in most conditions. When you come close, the fondness three stripes knitted on both sides were my darling share .
My only problem is only on the touge slide at the lace part which well slipped and flipped every time I ’ molarity going to wear it. Sometime it ’ s even bothering me and Adidas need to seriously look into this .
Pure Boost DPR 2nd-6
The brake shoe is built for inert foot runner but in many case, it suit any type as the cad dangle at 8mm make you feel the solid foot touching the road like barefooted but in the lapp fourth dimension provide ample cushioning for protecting your foot. saturated Boost DPR equipped with 75 % boost technology which is rebuff higher than Adizero Boston and I noticed that the supernumerary Boost goes to the mid exclusive area up to the forefoot compound .
hence even it come with extra broad toe box, I have to wear 1 size bigger than usual as it feel a bite tight on the mid exclusive the ankle & cad collar gripped. But with the combination of the broad toe box and excess elastic of the upper material, my toes are naturally “ dancing ” with roomy and breathable cabin down to the heels drop area for polish drive .
And when you wear it tightly, the outsole grapple and flexibility is the vital point that make the brake shoe much to offer when it comes to high performance running rather of daily prepare custom. On the other hand, the heel has come as a fitcounter, or harder and high timbre formative piece, to ensure that your Achilles tendon is irritation-free .

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Test Run
And as common, this is the best part of reviewing and evaluating a running shoe. This besides a reason why most of my review were update quite late. I have to be sincere, it takes me at least this mandatary examination run with different conditions and touch a sealed mileage to produce and intricate review as follows :

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– Easy run ( 5 – 10km )
– Hills Repeat/Run ( 10 – 15km )
– Speedwork ( 10km )
– Long Run, at least 3 times ( 15 – 30km )
dpr ch.jpg
And the crucial character is, I did the final tough long run at the high elevation conditions of Cameron Highland at 1,500 meter for a outdistance 30km and entire altitude about 900 meter ( about similar to Ultra Race in Malaysia ) !
That seance provide me as many critical information and points to be evaluated in many ways .
When running at extreme cragged like in Cameron Highland, I never worry on the acclivitous region. Most run shoes, particularly Adidas will never give problem on the grapple and landing part with indeed much stability and polish ride. My big worry is on the declivitous region where most smuggler if without proper forms and pose will tend to injured specially on the knee and ankle. Slipping down in control MRP, the forefoot partially make the streak effortless and in the same meter feel very safe as you need. Thanks to the low heel spend and impersonal design which I think an outbox inaugural by Adidas to cater rapid and sharp changes in the city operate with busy traffic and pedestrians anywhere. But in this case, I had to run longer and harder ( 3hr 28min move clock ) and in overall it ’ south actually suite the purpose .
alike, I in truth feel restless, flooding my wholly foot with fret and water for my everyday long run as usual and this shoe define the purpose. So there is no reasons for any blister and hyperhidrosis. It might not dried-up to fast but the lacrimation did not dead and less carry-over to burden your foot .
I must say that, Adidas Pure Boost DPR makes an amaze shoe not only for casual coach. It invention for any conditions up to race and farseeing outdistance use as long you choose the right size .
Pure Boost DPR 2nd-2
Overall Summary
In overall, this is my compendious penetration for the Adidas Pure Boost DPR assessment :
Stability: No doubt the Boost Foamation engineering that Boost powered the shoe, give coherent cushioning available in spades. Despite the lower heel drop, the foot has closer access to the Boost material due to the perforated last which provide incredible constancy for any type of foot, pronation and running manner. The key parole of this expression is “ Versatility ”. ( 10/10 )
Durability: I will compare this with Brooks Ghost 10 and it merely can ’ metric ton beat the Ghost in this area as I still feel act disbelieving on the upper fabric in the retentive period and months of usage. however most of my Adidas running shoe can stopping point up to 500km ( 8/10 ) .
Comfort: This is my foremost running brake shoe that don ’ t need a certain mileage to be broke for quick adaptability. alternatively of the roomy-wide toe box, the upper net of material with immediate unite with your foot in any conditions. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be imitate with the shallow toe-box until your wear it by yourself. ( 10/10 )
Design : In manner universe, I would say that wearing this shoe is just like a high-end supermodel in cosy and cool expectation hit the street with a couturier shoe. Simply a becoming analogy. The pucker constructed fetch in minds elements that not all running shoe need to sacrifice the attend to be the best performance shoe with style and come in diverse color. Frankly, I want to wear this shoe every day. ( 9/10 )
Price : Most Adidas Shoe constantly come in higher price range compare to others. Pure Boost DPR originate price is RM700 and in limited version tied higher. But if lucky, you can get special offer price early than in Adidas Outlet like in Johor Premium Outlet ( JPO ) or in Mitsui Premium Outlet ( MPO ). ( 6/10 )
My overall denounce is 92%
I rated Brooks Ghost 10 94 % .
My all-time darling running shoe is Adidas Adizero Boston 5 ( not 6, there is a flimsy different in some aspect ). The arrival of Pure Boost DPR will be much anticipated with many surprise elements .
It is significantly close to become the best always Adidas design which remind me the enormous Adidas Glide 7 and 8 which systematically being best running shoe for year 2015 and 2016 because of its versatility. But my recommendation, this shoe will be very virtual to be in rotation and a potent rival to become a racing shoe. I ’ ve seen an amateur and elect runners wear pure Boost DPR in major Marathon Race. My perception about the shoe is absolutely wrong at first .
You will expect the unexpected until your wear, examination and tease on the Pure Boost DPR

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You will find it so interesting to get better and intricate review through one of the most distinguish Running Shoe Expert Review web site, where I ’ meter besides one of the Reviewer :

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