I thought my Adidas Superstars would stand the test of time…that our love would never falter. And for dear reason — the integral TME team has been wearing Superstars for years, and can ’ t say enough good things about them .
not alone are Adidas Superstars frequently the editors ’ gym shoe of choice while traveling, but they ’ ve identified them as one of the best sneakers to wear with dresses, besides. They ’ ra versatile and chic and comfortable but…
But then the Adidas Grand Court sneakers caught my eye. With their “ cloud foam engineering ” and whatnot… and I had to try them .
Just…try them.

certain, Meredith .
Jeans | Grand Court | Superstar ( Nordstrom )
always since purchasing my Adidas Grand Court sneakers, I ’ ve found myself regularly selecting them over my Adidas Superstar slip. I knew things were getting pretty serious between us when I took them to Boston and left my Superstars at family. I pounded the paving for miles…from the North End to Newbury, Beacon Hill to Back Bay with nary a complaint .
Grand Court | Superstar ( besides available here )

Why The Adidas Grand Court Sneakers Outshine The Superstars

I know, these shoes look about the same, but there are three chief differences between the Adidas Superstars and the Adidas Grand Court. The last one, in particular, seals the cope for me in favor of the Grand Court .

  1. The Superstars are made with leather; the Grand Court sneakers are not.
  2. The Superstars have a hard shell toe; the Grand Court sneakers are soft.
  3. The Grand Court sneakers have cloud foam technology; the Superstars do not.
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Tee | Cardigan | Jeans | Sneakers

I can ’ t tell you what “ cloud foam technology is, ” I ’ megabyte not Pinky and the Brain, but I can tell you it feels like you ’ ra walking on — ohio I don ’ metric ton know — CLOUDS, when you wear them. That added patronize is greatly appreciated for these, erm, approaching mid-30s feet .
Tee | Cardigan | Jeans | Sneakers
The other reason I like the Grand Court ’ s better than the Superstars is that they are TTS ( true to size ). The Adidas Superstars are a little slippery with sizing. many people size down a half, but that didn ’ thymine exploit for me. I wear my normal size ( 8 ), but they feel just a shred besides across-the-board. not uncomfortable, but decidedly not my cinderella, glaze skidder moment .

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Shop More Adidas Grand Court Sneakers

I ’ m decidedly not “ kicking ” my Adidas Superstar sneakers to the restrict ( I ’ ve been waiting the entire article to use that pun ), but they are getting a little reprieve as I enjoy the heck out of my Grand Court sneakers .
Adidas is an excellent brand of sneakers, I like both…but which are my darling ?
Hands-down the Grand Court .
ten, Meredith
Photos by the fantastic Taylor Belle Photography .

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