This all-physical, alcohol-free sunscreen first appeared on my radar ( as many japanese stuphs do ) when 2catsinjapan posted a inspection on her web log, My Asian Skincare Story .
serum like ? Non-sticky and non-greasy ? Pump dispenser ? It sounded great…except for the price ( 4,320 yen or about $ 40 USD for only 22g ; Acseine site presently shows it at 4,000 yen ). I ended up bribe and testing a long ton of cheaper japanese sunscreens alternatively .
Fast forward 2 years, and 2catsinjapan raves again about it. My sake piqued–and determined to try MOAR sunscreens therefore I can make the best sunscreen balls possible –I ordered it off of Amazon. amazingly, it was identical near to japanese retail price at “ only ” $ 46 US. ( bill : This is Super Sunshield EX even though “ EX ” doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate show up on the front of the bottle or box. )
unfortunately, this turned out to be an expensive fail experiment.

Acseine Super Sunshield EX SPF 50+ PA++++ Review

The sunscreen ’ s a downy lotion tinted pale beige and pumps out neatly in pea-sized ball. To get 1/4 teaspoon ’ south worth, you ’ d need more than 1 pump ( I haven ’ thymine measured precisely how a lot ). I ’ ve actually never applied more than 2 pumps because WHITE CAST and ALL THE FLAKES. : :cue horror music : : My best results came when I applied merely one pump in light layers .
Reading the impressions of 2catsinjapan, @ jollyhatgirl, and @ the_lost_duck / The Lost Duck ( she reviewed the Bright Shield adaptation, which has slenderly unlike ingredients and is supposed to have more coverage/color-correcting ), I ’ megabyte reminded of something I heard on S-Town ( so good ). The server, upon hearing Reta report her interpretation of events, says, “ As she goes through her side of the narrative, it ’ s like about every little thing that Tyler said happened, Reta confirms, only the opposite, if that makes sense. ”
That conviction was loaded with shade, but what I mean here ( without shadow ) is that we can agree on a sunscreen ’ s qualities but view them through different lenses because we have different skin types and preferences and skincare/makeup routines.

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  • Color-correcting tint? Yes, but not enough to eliminate the white cast.  While one light layer creates a not-terrible brightening effect like the kind some pinkish “tone up” creams give you, that is the white cast at work.  Adding more creates a more obvious white cast, and there’s a clear demarcation line at my hairline.  And I’m only NC15-20/usually the second or third lightest color in a foundation line so I imagine anyone darker would look grayish.
  • Not sticky or greasy? Yes, but my fingers and powder brush also drag a bit over the surface of my skin.  Also, I wish there were some “grease” because it initially sucks up the moisture from the underlying skincare.  On the plus side, it didn’t dry my skin out further so long as I skipped foundation.
  • Matte finish? Yes, so much so that it mattified a super-shiny moisturizer and turned dewy cushions matte and flat and normally smooth mineral powder dry and flaky.  That meant my foundation would fade and break up a lot sooner than usual.
  • Skin smoothing? Yes, one light layer fills in pores and smooths out texture.  I only had issues with it applying patchily and sinking into the large pores on my nose.
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ultimately, Acseine Super Sunshield EX was minimally better than other all-physical sunscreens I ’ ve tried. To be fair, dryness, white cast, and sinking into nose pores are typical problems I face with most physical sunscreens, and on those fronts Acseine did a slightly better job .
I besides see all the reasons why it works for others–which is why I ’ thousand not raging about having exhausted $ 46 on a product I can ’ thyroxine recurrence. possibly this would have worked on me if I were greasy, pale and pink-toned, makeup-free, and suited to physical sunscreens .

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Acseine Super Sunshield EX SPF 50+ PA++++ Ingredients

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