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I’m obsessed with 90s outfits, so today’s video is a very glam 90s and early 2000s inspired collection from Shein, featuring outfits inspired by Legally Blonde, Mean Girls and Clueless! S2annalise15 (Additional 15% off any purchase, valid April 1-June 30, US site only: PO BOX – PO Box 2371 Chermside Centre, Brisbane, QLD, Australia 4032 SOCIAL MEDIA Tik Tok – Instagram – Pinterest – Twitter – MY DEPOP – VLOG CHANNEL – Links to articles: 1st Mean Girls inspired outfit: Button front cropped cardigan – Cropped cropped tank top – Hem plaid mini skirt – Reckless yellow outfit: Plaid Blazer Skirt Set – Reckless Red Outfit: Open Front Belted Coat – Back Zip Pleated Skirt – Legally Blonde Inspired Outfit: Printed Woven Tube Top – Split Skirt Set M – Overall Outfits 90s/2000s with skirt – cropped hem t-shirt – front blouse with skirt – This video is proudly sponsored by Shein!Thank you so much for watching!xoxo Annalise

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why do blondes wear shoulder pads.

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34 thoughts on “A VERY GLAM SHEIN HAUL | All the most detailed documents why do blondes wear shoulder pads

  1. Jaq Watson says:

    The red plaid jacket could go with your shoes with the red flame!!! Oh another video with the lion 🦁 costume there was a red chocker so all black dress & still all ties together. Love your videos 😻 Xxx

  2. Costa Reekaa says:

    Hey hun! I’m a new youtuber 😊 and i just uploaded my new and first FashionNova costume haul 🥰 Can you guys check it out and subscribe for me ‼️ Btw i liked and subscribed yours🎃👻♠️

  3. empress yenni says:

    Ok ok ok, I click on this video and the first thing I think is WOW your EYES, they just look incredible today

  4. Sinead Slaughter says:

    Sooo happy to finally see another brissy pale girl on youtube that I can relate to and get a better idea. I'm pale skin and live in brissy too and find it so hard to find shein youtubers who are also pale skin to see what the pastel and coloured outfits look like haha

  5. Maddie B. says:

    Lol as soon as I saw the first nano second glimpse of the clueless outfit poking up at the bottom of the shot I knew where that one was inspired from!!! Love love love that movie!! I was born in 86 so I really remember the late 90s and I loved your Clueless outfits 🙂

  6. Sam says:

    I feel like I lived through the same types of things as a 1999 baby. Maybe my parents were outdated, but I can relate to a majority of “90s kids” things

  7. Hi lol says:

    I saw ur pink hair and the pink clothes on the clothing rack behind you and i almost cried because it low key be my fave color. Also like all the movies you mentioned in the beginning i have been watching since i was 9 and im 13 so i might actually low key be obsessed with this video now.

  8. isra Mehboob says:

    Annalise you look amazing in a blazer♥️🙂.I really recommenced you to wear more blazers

  9. Victoria Carn says:

    Annalise: I hate see through clothing items
    Also Annalise: *literally wearing a completely see through top for the video😂
    I know what she meant! Just thought that was funny lol

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