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Body piercings with cosmetic jewelry can present risks and complications. This navel ring had developed granulation tissue and had become extremely painful for the patient. In this video we show for the first time on this channel how to remove an umbilical ring. A simple procedure, but it was the first time for my resident and me.

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A Stuck Belly Button Ring Emergency
A Stuck Belly Button Ring Emergency

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A Stuck Belly Button Ring Emergency.

belly button candling.

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  1. msfreedom1109 says:

    The belly button has all the nerves connected to it so it’s very sensitive and that has got hurt

  2. Priyanka says:

    Happened with me too. I changed top button to bigger ones. Post then all good. Piercing healed immediately. mostly top button is small and it tends to open piercing skin and is pushed in.

  3. Nikki Brielle says:

    Happened to me at 17. I have a nickel allergy and that’s how I found out 😅 had a really bad reaction. Sadly it looks like that will keloid.

  4. Vanessa Catagnus says:

    She could be allergic to the metal. I'm allergic to fake jewelry and it makes my skin swell and itchy. She probably didn't clean it either

  5. MotherofDragons says:

    This is what happens with bad quality jewelry. Especially if she has a nickel allergy. Make sure to use titanium in body piercings. Especially if you are prone to skin allergies.

  6. Only JESUS can SAVE you! REPENT says:

    Repent from ALL SIN and accept Jesus Christ while He can be found! Jesus is coming soon. Don't wait until it's too late. Get right or get LEFT!

  7. Anecia DiPiazza says:

    I've had something similar to this happen twice(2 different piercings). My transversal lobes rejected and so did one of my nose rings once. I have it in now and it's healed perfectly but for some reason my body rejected it the first time. It's definitely painful and I was really upset taking it out but once it healed up and I used different jewelery for it, it's healed great

  8. marcia corbin says:

    I have had my nose, tongue, eyebrow and bellybutton pierced and the belly was the worst! A year before I got my belly piercing I had my gallbladder and appendix removed. Thankfully it was done laparoscopic and the incisions were small but i did end up with scar tissue at my bellybutton. So fast forward to the actual piercing and dumb me not using my brain to realize that the piercing has to go threw the scar tissue and it's going to hurt! I knew soon as it went in that I made a big mistake and I had to remove it that evening. It was a waste of money and it took almost 2 months for it to heal completely.

  9. Grim Reaper says:

    This could have been taken care of at home. I just need ice to numb it, whiskey for liquid courage, and my tool box. Would have taken the amount of time that it took for het to see the doctor. Would have cost her about $3.50.

  10. Hyena says:

    Bar wasn’t long enough, bactine and contact solution for cleaning, also clean out your belly button. Don’t twist and play with the bar, don’t wear clothes that pull on it, let it heal and do all this for at least 6 months

  11. Kay Ray says:

    I presume this is in AMERICA? In the UK if you went to the Emergency Department with that they would laugh you to the exit😢 and people say free health care is good…..

  12. Tay Hard says:

    i think maybe the gauge was too small. i had the exact issue until i changed the gauge and cleaned my belly button

  13. kai says:

    although belly piercings have a high risk of infection, don’t be scared to get it if you really want it. as long as you do your research, attend great aftercare, and find a good piercer, you are all good!!!

    -from a person with a pierced belly

  14. A Divine Canine says:

    #1 Better aftercare. #2 Don't wait till your piercing gets bad before you address it. #3 Go back to your piercer (unless he has a gross studio and was unsanitary) and if that was the case, go to another piercer. Why go through the expense of the ER when your piercer can usually treat the issue? If he can't, he'll refer you to a doctor.

  15. lorien Ray says:

    I never knew until had bladder out and they go through belly button, that the belly button is the dirtiest part of our body, not the mouth according to my surgeon. The surgeon to,d me that I could have used a cotton swab when I was a little kid and in my fifties, pieces of that could still be in there, so high chances of infection.
    Happy to see this one come out in one piece a woman was fine, just needs to keep eye on it and not touch it, great job by all

  16. Moe11032 says:

    The way Dr. Larry explains in simple words, and showing the whole technique makes these videos an excellent educational resource

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