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A Sharp Dressed Man - Why men should care about personal appearance - fashion style advice
A Sharp Dressed Man – Why men should care about personal appearance – fashion style advice

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A Sharp Dressed Man – Why men should care about personal appearance – fashion style advice.

science of appearance men s fashion grooming and lifestyle.

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50 thoughts on “A Sharp Dressed Man – Why men should care about personal appearance – fashion style advice | Summary of relevant knowledge science of appearance men s fashion grooming and lifestyle The most detailed

  1. SkyKing says:

    I used to be a fat slob. Lost 125 pounds started hitting the gym started dressing better in clothes that fit and were fashionable I started feeling better about myself and got more attention from the opposite sex. Like Mark Twain once said "The clothes maketh the man"

  2. William Stanley says:

    The better you aim at dressing, the worse you look if you do not pay attention to all the details.

  3. William Stanley says:

    That which we do in the body affects our soul. We are triune beings, just like our Creator. He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He made us Body, Soul, and Spirit. (Yeah, dividing soul and spirit is fun…)

    Seriously, I feel a lot different sitting at my desk with, or without, having put on my shoes. (My office is 33 square feet of the corner of my living room.

  4. Mike. P. says:

    You know dressing sharp is a good thing.
    Caring about how you look is also a good thing.
    But. If you don’t speak well.
    If your loud. Obnoxious. Vulgar. Just bad mannered in general looking good just went down the toilet.

  5. Ashish Bahadur says:

    Dressing plays a key role in personality. I noticed when I dress informal girls hesitate to ask for help. However with formal dressing people's attitude towards me changes completely, they see me as responsible person. So dressing is a very important in personal as well as professional life👮

  6. Stewart Bone says:

    Dressing well has an immediate effect on a personal level but can be very influential in a sloppy workplace.

  7. David Coleman says:

    The Nazis had the very best looking uniforms . So what do you say to that ? The Viet Cong wore black pajamas and they beat the Americans . Lmao

  8. David Coleman says:

    Try riding the subway in Toronto . So many crazy acting people . Most don't shower
    Omg . Lol.

  9. Exiled Monastic says:

    Had to wade through half a dozen of BS videos about this subject until I finally found this good one that actually convinced me. Thank you.

  10. Howard Kurtus says:

    i was searching the web to try to understand why my friends (other dudes) are giving even half-a-shit about clothes. I came to the conclusion that it is pompous for people who like wasting money. All you need is a suits for work an everything else is comfort.

  11. chamboyette853 says:

    The video is leaving out one very important piece of information. IF YOU DRESS WELL, YOU LOSE WEIGHT. The logic behind this is sound.

  12. Josh Richey says:

    Good afternoon,
    I receive your emails, and appreciate the daily tips on products and style. I know you have touched on this, but I wanted to ask again anyway. I work in Colorado in Education, and needless to say, most male educators out here who have been in education less than 20 years either dress causal (We have teachers who where shorts and Keen sandals to work everyday) to business casual, (khaki and a polo). I would say I have over the last 3 years been transitioning my clothing from the polo and khakis, to making sure I wear a tie, dress shirt and slacks at least 4 days a week (Also bought my first pair of full leather shoes and what a huge difference that makes). It has influenced several other colleagues, and there are now 4 or 5 of us who are taking more time in our clothing selection. A couple of times a year I throw in a suit (parent teacher conferences). But for the most part I'm looked at like I'm crazy when I dress more formally. My questions is this. What are your thoughts on me pushing the envelope even farther, and trying to incorporate the sports jacket daily, and the suit more regularly? Or should I accept that I work in a casual work environment and just keep it at the level that I am at? Side note, I firmly believe that the teacher profession is often thought of as not a true profession, and the low dressing expectations are not helping that out.

    Long message, so I'm just throwing it into the mix.


  13. Comment Youtube says:

    Here are my problems with dressing sharp (and I do everywhere I go with no exceptions) People as you say, make assumptions about people who dress sharp. (Such as people who do, are confident.) I am not confident. I have social anxiety, adhd, tourrettes, ocd and so I can a bit awkward at best, and a downright disaster at worst. People also assume I'm rich. I'm not. In fact, I recently moved so I don't have a job at all. I've had one gentleman think that I am a poser; that I'm trying to dress like I am rich to get attention. He asked me why I was dressed up (we were at a bar) and I said it was just my style and that I enjoy it. He proceeded to ignore me the rest of the night and not answer me whenever I complimented him or asked him a question. That was a painful experience, but I still dress sharp everyday, but I have to make myself seem successful or competent when I don't even have a job. I hate the look in peoples eyes when I tell them that I am musician that recently moved and that I'm living with my aunt currently. I feel like a fucking. loser. I also hate telling people I graduated from a community college because of course they assume I went to Harvard or something, and as the conversation goes on I can see their respect of me continue to drop. It's painful. I dress sharp because I understand the value of it, and I respect and adore the artistry of putting together an outfit. (colors, textures, patterns.) it's all fascinating to me; but me not living up to the expectations people have of me makes me depressed and makes me feel (as well as others) that I'm trying to be something that I'm not. I'm probably sending the wrong signals because I dress a bit "too sharp" blazers and pocket squares and the semi often boutonniere. I couldn't even dress sharp when I went to college because one of the factors of my OCD was that I had a petrified fear of it for no good reason (as is the nature of OCD) 4 years of hell…at a 2 year school. Good god I'm sorry for the rant.

  14. tnetroP says:

    Another note of thanks Antonio. I'm a man in my mid 40's and realised a year ago that I'd let myself slump into being overweight and with very little care about what I wore. For the last year I've been actively improving myself and followed various blogs and forums for fitness, mental wellbeing and fashion. I am now considerably fitter (probably the fittest I've been in my life), have a much stronger inner confidence and have started receiving compliments from old friends on how well I dress. Recently a female friend commented on how she thought I looked like someone out of a fashion magazine. I am married so not looking for womens attention but I think most men would still appreciate compliments such as those.

    I now couldn't buy a jacket, or in some cases trousers, without considering a tailor to get the fix absolutely right. It has come at a cost, though, as I've had to replace nearly my entire wardrobe in that time; I simply don't feel comfortable in my old clothes anymore and wouldn't consider wearing them. But it's worth it.

  15. Stefano Morandi says:

    thank you very much for all your hard work Antonio & his coworker
    my dad wasnt really a sharp dresser and i lost him before i started to get into it myself, so you have been an incredible helpful mentor (the most important) on this for me. im starting to improve my appearance, got some blazers, a suit, had tailored what i use often and donated the rest to charity (mostly fancy tshirt, bad quality shirt and cargo pants hahah), now grooming properly etc…. obiouvsly, people do notice!
    many thanks again, keep up the good work!

  16. KyDdNaruTo says:

    Hey, good stuffs man I learn a lot watching 2 minutes of your video than I've known my entire life, this is particularly just for me sense I'll be entering a business field where I'll be wearing suits & ties and although I already met the woman of my dreams I think dressing successfully can also reinforce my potential & current success to her. Love the vid definitely subscribing and will be checking out more.

  17. Daniel J Ellers says:

    Thank you, Antonio, for this video. I want to care about my appearance. Two questions: Do you have style advice (videos) for heavier guys? Second, as an artist, how can I incorporate my brand color (orange) into daily dress without coming across as garish?

  18. Christian Schiller says:

    Hello Antonio,
    Your channel is exactly what I have been looking for. You deliver quality content in a pleasant and enthusiastic way. I enjoy watching your videos because they motivate me to continue improving my style, my self-presentation and hence myself.
    Keep up the good work! Best wishes, Chris

  19. Amit Sharma says:

    Hey Antonio I've got a party on 30 January 2015, the party is in the afternoon so should i wear a tuxedo in the party or not.

  20. Danny Chisum says:

    Antonio, I just wanted to thank you for your videos and advice. I basically wear work clothes five days a week. But on weekends and days off I like to dress a little sharper. Do you have more advice for me and others that wear work clothes or uniforms during the week.,and would like to dress up a bit on non work days

  21. RAMIM RAAZ says:

    its too late i just got ur show in you tube…..watching ur all episode its make me more confident to handle my client( as im celebrity fashion designer) ……….thanks and god bless you .rameem raaz

  22. moontree029 says:

    Alright, so I'm a frequent viewer and I have a question. So, I'm a very geeky kind of guy(I'm talking heavy scifi/fantasy geeky). I buy a lot of t-shirts that reference my interests. Can I still look sharp while in jeans and a t-shirt?

  23. INDUSTRIALIST1234 says:

    Great Video ! Your message goes way beyond fashion. It's a real life lesson about Self – Esteem.

  24. AR36 says:

    I never really cared about looking sharp, my family had never really convinced me to do so other than not looking like a slob. Your video has given arguments in a manner that strikes me.  And I saw your intro video and I'll be honest your probably the first person in a suit that I feel safe around (even if its just a video).

    I look forward to more of your videos

  25. Adrian Land says:

    Hey Antonio, I'm a big fan and have been watching for quite some time, a video I would like to see in the future would be one regarding how to build an interchangeable wardrobe with a lower budget like a college or high school student who wants to look nice, also maybe a video on perfumes and colognes and tips on which smells to wear for certain occasions. Thanks a lot keep up the content!

  26. Wallace Bean says:

    Hello, Antonio

    I was looking for advice to a high school student on how to dress nicely but not overdo it in that type of environment.
    Thanks, William.

  27. Kay J says:

    Hi, Antonio!

    Want to say that I like your videos. Furthermore, it likte to tell you to slow the pace and take pauses sometimes when you speak, it it difficult to listen to you sometimes. Maybe, this has changed now, but I though it would be good to know. And don't start with saying that we should subscribe, it sounds forced.

  28. mark mariniello says:

    Great channel Antonio!.I work in men's fashion.I cannot believe how many men,and women,don't know the basics of fashion.I wish I could share these videos with them!

  29. Liam Tweedie says:

    Hi Antonio, I wish you could Give some of my friends a good talking to on tips for appearances, I am on a weekly basis asked if I am a a Fashion designer or a CEO, when really I work in a backdock as a storeman, every week, NO matter the weather or situation, I never EVER dress down!!!,(well except for a pool party) here in Australia people dress down even for the best of occasions, I went to a wedding a a couple where in Jeans a Short sleeve shirts and not even dress shoes more like black retail shoes and its sad, But not me, I believe the way a suit is not a man "a Man IS A a suit"  "a suit doesn't make a man look good, a man MAKES a suit look good 🙂 

  30. Chino's Corner says:

    Thank you Antonio for these great motivating tips! To be honest, I've been in positions where I'm being influenced and lose discipline. Therefore, I start wearing mid-class impression clothes. I also think that it does mostly have to do with the area you live tho. e.g I live in NY and the county where I am, most people don't dress sharp. They rather wear comfortable clothes such as hoodies, cargos, graphic t-shirts more like a non-complicated lifestyle. You should make a video on how to dealwith

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