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LITTLE TIMES lately! You might want to put these 2 cute short wig styles on your radar! Today’s video features a wig review for Raquel Welch Cinch in SS23 Vanilla and Gabor Perfection in GL23-101SS. (see product links below for prices and colors). XOXO TAZ #raquelwelchwigs #gaborwigs #tazswigcloset #wigs #wiglife #shortwigs #affordablewigs Find these styles at! ▶RAQUEL WELCH CINCH~ ▶GABOR PERFECTION~ ▶Any questions about this style? Contact support at OR GET A REMINDER from Wig Studio 1. Dial 1-877-594-3001 8-4 PST. OR CHAT LIVE with Wig Studio 1 by selecting the “help” button from any product page on the website. 🔹WHAT’S ON MY MANNEQUIN HEADS? You are welcome to inquire about wigs on the head! I will reply as soon as time allows. I rotate wigs too often to keep up with the list of each below the video. 🔹 MY WIG SIZE – 21.25″ Circumference 6.5-7″ from hairline to chin 3-4″ from chin to collarbone 5’2.5″ my height, medium build PLAYLISTS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN! 👉🏻 NEW WIGS SERIES ~ 👉🏻TAZS HOW TO ~ 👉🏻TIPS & TRICKS ~ 👉🏻WIGS WITH 4″ OR LESS FRINGES ~ 👉🏻AFFORDABLE WIGS SERIES ~ 👉🏻TAZS WIGS SECRETS REVEALED! & PROMO CODES WIGSTUDIO1.COM-WIGSTUDIO1.COM Automatic 30% Off Most Brands & Styles!Wig Studio 1 YouTube Channel – Check It Out!Wig Studio 1 Wig & Topper Help on Facebook: *I don’t win any sales commission Use promo code TAZ and get 25% off your order!*I earn a small commission on every sale 🟪 SQUARE HAIRSTRIPS!Visit and use promo code TAZ to get 25% off off your entire order!Most functional and fashionable accessory I own and so sweet on wigs!🟪JEULIA.COM – Beautiful handmade pieces at unbeatable prices!Check it out!I get a small commission on every sale.Link representative: PROMO CODE: TERREM15 to get a 15% discount on the total of your nde order!🟪 THE S TAZS WIG CLOSET WEBSITE! EXPLORE, SHOP my open box wigs and my BLOG! Take a look at my new OR website for mobile Safari users. 🟪 TAZS WIG CLOSET AMAZON STORE*** I get questions all the time about my favorite WIG ACCESSORIES and beauty products! Many of them are listed here: * I earn a small commission on each sale 🟪 LULU KELLOGG ATELIER Etsy Shop! Fun and whimsical handmade jewelry! USE THIS LINK AND GET FREE SHIPPING FOR FRIENDS OF TAZSWIGCLOSET! *I don’t earn commission 🟪 TAZS WARDROBE – TWC MERCH! Musical selections from Produced and filmed in 2021 by TAZS WIG CLOSET ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL

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42 thoughts on “A RARE SIGHTING of 2 CUTE, SHORT PIXIE WIGS | Raquel Welch CINCH & Gabor PERFECTION! | Overview of the most detailed raquel welch short hair documents

  1. Jackie Magnusson says:

    I would like advice on purchasing a low density pixie. I have a small forehead and don’t need a lot hair.

  2. Jan Tremblay says:

    I love Cinch! I don’t care for a full wig, so the nape is removed and the wig is then a full coverage topper with my hair blended in the bottom. I also have the long side trimmed to match the other.

  3. Martha Gutierrez says:

    You nailed these two styles and they look so cute on you. They’re the type of styles I wear. How comfortable and stretchy are the caps. I love it when you mention that because some of us are average/large and it makes a big difference. Thanks for reviewing older styles 💗

  4. Lynn Russell says:

    As a person just beginning to wear a wig, which (average size head) short wigs would you suggest that have less hair/volume and perma-tease that may feel more normal? I am used to having minimal hair and when putting on my Raquel Sparkle, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of hair. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  5. Marcia Crook says:

    Hi Taz, on the Cinch review, there is a wig on head D behind you. What wig is it? I love it.

  6. Kirstie Hanrahan says:

    Hi Taz, thank you for fast reply, sorry but you gave me the link to a Belle Tress wig Intensity (which I’m sold on by the way after watching), it was the blonde longer bob with a fringe on head ‘H’. Sorry to be a pain, thank you

  7. Kirstie Hanrahan says:

    Gorgeous as usual 😊, could you kindly tell me the name of the wig behind you with the letter H? Thank you

  8. JoAnne Catelli says:

    Hi Taz … such a cute surprise with this "Cinch" wig review in this gorgeous Vanilla color … i ordered one even before my coffee this morning … and with the additional added bonus of a discount TODAY ONLY ON WS1 … it was a no-brainer … love it on you and i think it would work for me as well … as i love my little pixies … and this color … WOW … !!! … have an amazing day sweetie … xoxoxo

  9. Ibelieveinangels yesido says:

    I've had my eye on Cinch for a long time, Taz. I never would've considered Vanilla without seeing this. Thanks! Blessings! Jackie in upstate NY

  10. Lana Leah says:

    Saw a company using your video for their wig company on Facebook marketplace. Saw it today, I took a video of it.

  11. Cooking By Irza Kiran says:

    Wow ma'am your all videos amezing and wonderful i am your big fan you are soooooooòoooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful love you loveeeeeeeee youuuuuuu uuuummmmaaaahhhh 😘😘😘😘and I am your best friend 😍♥️♥️♥️♥️😋

  12. Kathleen Beauchemin says:

    Love both! As always, great review! I hope you are well and that your son is doing well also! Pray that you all stay safe and in good health❤️

  13. Gloria Lagroon says:

    Hello Taz both styles are cute on you! I need to try Raquel Welch wigs. Like the memory cap her wigs have. Hope you had a great weekend. Hugs! ❤

  14. Jean Jacobs says:

    Greetings Taz! Both of these are so cute! I love the asymmetry of the 1st one and the color and fluff of the 2nd. You look great in both! Love and blessings ❤🙏

  15. Wanda Peppers says:

    Love the Gabor. Can you tell me how it might fit a petite head? Thanks for your reviews🥰

  16. Suz says:

    Hey pretty lady, I love these 2 wigs, particularly the Gabor one, wow 😘…..added to wish list…..hugs beautiful lady xoxo

  17. NO BS NO ARGUE says:

    I am interested in one of wigs you previewed today. I am not sure size to buy or style for my face. I tried to measure, even bought some toppers and 2 wigs. Not exactly comfortable. Is that normal for just starting to wear wigs?

  18. BoniW says:

    I’m a Raquel Welsh fan and this is my go to color. I have 5 pieces in this color. But I’ve never seen Cinch before. I just got Perfection in the color shown and I cannot say enough about how great it fits and how comfortable b sides the stunning color .I really appreciate you reviewing these two pieces. 🥰💖💐

  19. Tbascoebuzz says:

    Oh my goodness..I LOVE them both! lol…. I’ve never thought about a pixie but….they’re adorable!

  20. Sandra G. McAlister says:

    Taz, you can wear any style, but i think short cuts and pixies are adorable on you! Thanks for the review, have a wonderful Sunday! 💕

  21. Jackie Marsh says:

    Pixies are my Favorite!! I Don't Think a Person can go Wrong With Them!! Love Both of These Adorable Styles!! You Look Gorgeous in Them!! Thank You Sooo Much for These Perfect Reviews Sweet Friend!! Have a Lovely Day!! Love and Hugs!! XOXOXO

  22. Lee Ann Lowery says:

    Thank you for showing some shorter (but not too short) wigs. I have my bob and my lob and my beach wave but have struggled finding a shorter summer length for my rounder face and features. I need some length and some volume to balance out the full face but not another bob. Going to take a look at Cinch. Face shape and size are hard to factor in for shorter hair.

  23. Sally Smack says:

    Cinch always catches my eye when I come across it because it's such a cute cut. But I can't do basic caps, and I've really tried. I love volume, too, on all my wigs; but low-density and little to no permatease is the trend. Ugh.

  24. Mint says:

    Hi Taz, I’ve actually had Cinch in large before. Several years ago it was available in large. How was the fit on these too. I love a bit of volume. Hugs, Sharon 💜

  25. Michelle Diekman says:

    These are So pretty, You look Beautiful in them. Hope you and your Family are Well. Fall is on the way!
    I Love Fall and Spring the Most.
    God Bless you Dear Lady , Hugs by the Truckload! 😙🤗💖💐

  26. Take Control Beauty says:

    Morning TAZ 😘Trying to get back watching ! These are super cute on you! Love the profile in the Gabor and I'm all about volume ! Sending hugs Babs ❤️❤️

  27. Rita Collins says:

    Taz light in the box is using yr image to sell a wig yr wearing for $28. Just thought you should know, short blond wigs and yr image comes up , theyve blurred out yr racks behind you

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