In today ’ s military post I will be sharing my thoughts on the A ’ pieu Madecassoside Needle Spot Patches .
I bought these in Korea as I was intrigued by the concept of micro-needle patches and how the ticket needles are meant to deliver the active ingredients directly into the bark to soothe and treat pimples .
I got a pack of 10 patches for 6000₩ .


sodium Hyaluronate, Madecassoside, Dextrin, Asiaticoside, Gaultheria Procumbens ( WinterGreen ) Leaf Extract, Salicylic Acid

Appearance: Theses spot patches are significantly bigger than regular hydro-colloid patches and are besides bright around the edge so identical noticeable on the bark. The middle of the spot has all the bantam needles so you have to be careful not to touch them with your fingers .

First Use Experience

I tested the patches out on 3 different types of spots to see what would happen – a whitehead, a visible crimson inflamed spot, and a new under the skin spot that hadn ’ metric ton in full surfaced so far .
When applying the eyepatch, I could feel very bantam peg pricks but it didn ’ t hurt at all. I could besides feel a little tingling ace while it was on. Within 5 mins the skin under the micro-needle part of the patch started looking flushed and the inflammation was intelligibly visible through the bandage. After approximately 30 mins the red and tingling completely stopped .
The instructions say to keep it on for 8-12 hours thus nightlong is best however I put it on in the day time around 12:50pm and removed it at night. I noticed that on flat areas like boldness and forehead it stay put and didn ’ triiodothyronine peel at the edges over time but on the edge of the chin/ jawline it didn ’ triiodothyronine stand by adenine well .
After taking it off at night ( 12 hours late ), I noticed the micro-needles were completely dissolved as expected and the sphere on the patch was damp. The area of my skin that was covered had a bombastic circular poser chump left over from the while which went away after an hour or then ( the mark is credibly because of the strong attachment ) .
I didn ’ metric ton notice a dispute in inflammation, soothing or size for either of the 3 types of pimples, but it did successfully stop me from touching them .
My impression after the first use is that this is rather expensive for something that doesn ’ metric ton do much. I decided the future clock time I use it I will test it on one new pimple over a few days to see if I get any results .


Continued Use Experience

A few weeks late I got an under skin crimson pimple developing on my cheek. I put on a micro-needle patch on it over night and the future dawn when I removed it I couldn ’ thyroxine see much of a deviation in terms of red and could still feel it under the skin. however, I did notice a small purity that seemed to be drawing to the surface and thought a standard hydro-colloid eyepatch could be good at this compass point, but wanted to continue testing the micro-needle patches so wash my face, dried it and applied another, hoping the ingredients sinking into my skin will work well with another go .
I removed the second plot 12 hours late and noticed the red had actually reduced this time but it even felt the lapp under the clamber. Considering this contains salicylic acid which should clear out what is in the pores I ’ megabyte thinking it is not enough to do the job with just 2 applications, so I cleaned and dried my expression and went in with micro-needle plot count 3 ( the stopping point patch remaining from the pack of 10 as I shared with my fiance ) .
The next good morning when I removed the spot I noticed the blot was a little flat but could still feel it and my skin was a little dry and bizarre around the touch excessively. So it seems like this does work but using 1or 2 patches international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate enough to do the caper .

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Overall Thoughts

I figured that this is very capital for not touching spots/ protecting from external bacteria like all early spot patches but when it comes to healing and reducing actual pimples I ’ thousand pretty sure I would have to use at least 5-10 patches for just one spot which to me is very expensive and not worth it at all .
I ’ five hundred rather treat the pimples with an low-cost AHA/BHA solution and then if needed put on a hydro-colloid topographic point plot at the right stage to draw out the sludge as that gives much quicker results.

The micro-needles are cool and I get the concept of delivering the BHA, Hyaluronic Acid and Madecassoside straight to the problem under the peel but honestly its besides long and expensive of a process to rely on this .
Will I Repurchase? not these ones, they ’ re excessively expensive for person who gets spots often .
Lets do some rough mathematics – you get 10 patches for 6000₩, that ’ s 600₩ per patch, so approximately 39p per eyepatch, seems bum right ? but think about it, I used 3 patches on 1 pimple which equates to £1.17 but 3 patches weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate enough, if I used 5 patches which I suspect for that particular pimple would have been a good measure that would be £1.95, so think needing it for monster pimple, you could end up using all 10 £3.90 worth of patches on one pimple ! crazy ! and that ’ s lone if you buy it from Korea as it ’ south more expensive on-line for other countries ( fair under the £10 bell ringer ) .
now compare this to popular hydro-colloid patches like the COSRX ones, you get 24 of those moment sludge removing bad boys at a similar price point and I normally don ’ t need to use as many on one spot. And tied better, if you live in or visit Korea, you can get a clique of 84 Olive Young Care Plus Wound Cover Spot Patches for precisely the lapp price ( 6000₩ ) thus you know where I would prefer to spend my money .
If I ever find any cheaper micro-needle patches with more in the pack then I ’ vitamin d decidedly give them a go as they do work, but as for these A ’ pieu ones I ’ ll have to skip it in future .

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