I love pimple patches. I love how they protect the pimples from the external environment, the nasty bateria, fret and dust. however, I feel they even look excessively eldritch to be worn in populace. Plus, they never wear well under constitution. So most of the time, I rather put makeup over the pimple if I ’ thousand going out .
That ’ s why when I first saw the ad for the Nonco Mastic Band Patch on A ’ pieu ’ randomness web site, I immediately decided to get it. The concept of a mousse that dries down to form a flimsy layer of pimple bandage that could be used without being obtrusive and sits well under makeup sounded like a genius product .
I have used the A ’ pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch for a while now, while it ’ s not a bad product, it was not what I hoped for. If you were ever interested in this character of intersection, keep reading and I ’ ll tell you all about it .


A ’ pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch comes in a credit card squeeze tube. The pipe has a simple design representing the natural concept of the product. It is lightweight and easy to carry around. The coerce tube makes the application hygienic.

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A'pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch - Packaging


It has a tea tree perfume. But once spread out and dry, the olfactory property is gone .


The A ’ pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch has a semi-transparent whiten color when squeezed out. After spreading out, it turns into a clear bandage .


The texture of this intersection quite unique. When first squeezed out of the metro, it is a gelatin that flows lento. The gel feels quite muggy when spreading out and would stick to your finger. This makes it difficult to apply a thickly layer. however, a dilute level works well for this product .
A'pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch - Texture
When dried, the gelatin turns into a clear rice-paper-like eyepatch. The mend is extremely thin and completely adheres to the skin .
A'pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch - Dried


I normally squeeze the product right onto the pimple when the pimple is big. For smaller pimples, I would squeeze the merchandise onto the back of my hand and then dab it to the pimple .
The gel dries pretty promptly. however, for a dense level, it would take a few minutes to dry completely.

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Once it dries, it sticks completely to the skin. It appeared quite “ inconspicuous ” when it was foremost applied to the skin .
A'pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch - Applied
however, the bandage is very easily lifted off the skin due to its thin texture. If you move your expression, the edges would lift up. Below image is how it looked like after a night of rest. But evening though the edges are lifted off, the center where the pimple is, is still integral .
A'pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch - dried & lifted off


A ’ pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch works pretty well. To be honest, in terms of treat and segregating acne, it does about precisely the same as the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch. I say about, because each pimple is different and I couldn ’ t precisely compare which performs better. however, both of them made the acne come to its head more promptly, reduced the pimple ’ s size and the sum of inflammation .
A'pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch - Results
The part that burst its “ flair intersection ” bubble is because its rest of being lifted up. Once the patch is lifted, it has already lost its adhesiveness and will not stick back to the skin. This besides makes it unserviceable under makeup. When I pat foundations over the patch, it would dry out the plot and make it lift up, which destroys the “ invisible-ness ” of it .
therefore, I couldn ’ thymine use it under makeup, which is quite disappoint. however, because it is still effective as a pimple patch, I would recommend to people who have clusters of pimples which are difficult to be covered by a individual pimple temporary hookup. The gel texture would cover any area you desire.

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The A ’ pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch retails for 8,000 Won for 15ml of product, which is quite bum. The 15ml has lasted me over more than 30 uses already, and I ’ ve alone used not even 1/4 of it .

Bottom Line

A ’ pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch is adept for those who can not be satisfied with the defined form and size of normal pimple patches or those who are looking for a cheaper alternate of the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch. It is low-cost and effective at treating and segregating acne. I would have one on my counter at anytime .
A'pieu Nonco Mastic Band Patch

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