The Asics Gel Venture 7 is a solid budget trail shoe that does the basics without taking any risks. solid construction and elementary designs mean this shoe should last for many chase runs and hikes. The Gel Venture 7 does not have a rock plate. The Gel Venture 7 offers just the right amount of cushioning The Gel Venture 7 provides good traction on most types of terrains and surfaces

Introduction Asics Gel Venture 7

I ’ ve tested respective drag shoes, and closely all of them had $ 100+ price tags. then when Asics comes to the board with a prove line of shoes at closer to $ 70 for MSRP, even the veterean lead runners start to consider this as an choice. The Gel Venture 7 fits in at about 10.7 ounces and has a 10mm drop. This places the brake shoe into the lightweight trail class with moderate padding. Shoes without such a big drop would be the Altra Lone Peak shoes at $ 120 with no drop and excess grip, or one of the industry leaders in extreme offroad shoes, Icebug, with the $ 180 Orbi5 with scantling in the brake shoe. But you ’ re probable not here to go after the lead of the line offroad shoes, you equitable want a deal and want to know if this shoe is any good. One price and timbre comparison brake shoe would be the New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi Trail with an 8mm drop, $ 78 pricetag, and full-length rubber outsole. Cushioning type … Read more lavish : provides energy restitution and some shock The Gel Venture 7 is more responsive than

responsive plush Cushioning come … Read more come of cushioning The Gel Venture 7 offers just the correct

little padding highly cushioned tractability … Read more flexibility and structure The Gel Venture 7 has a dear mix between

rigid compromising constancy … Read more and defend The Gel Venture 7 has some implicit in stability

not particularly stable very static

Impressions Asics Gel Venture 7

Asics Gel Venture 7 - Pair
The Asics Gel Venture pipeline of shoes is the entry level trail brake shoe from Asics. It ’ randomness designed to be a daily trainer for those who need performance trail running in a proved package. For those who need more accelerate and less trail, they can look at the Dynaflyte line of Asics shoes. Although the Gel Venture is well suited for off road, Asics has a high-end trail shoe called the GT-2000 8 Trail which overlaps in features, but offers more technical school ( FLYTEFOAM, DYNAMIC DUOMAX ) in a more expensive ( $ 150 ) box. The former model of the Gel Venture featured a near identical outsole, alike midsole, and upgrade upper berth. The midsole changes were by and large aesthetic without much of an effect on function. The upper features a newfangled lace arrangement and a few design changes that provide a balmy freshen. however, both versions in the lapp semblance look about identical. This was my first time in trail running shoes from Asics, so I was excited to try out the match. Everything tightened up well, and the first thing I noticed was hearty outsole design ready for trails. Quite upstanding, not besides much flexibility, and lots of grip. My beginning run was along the Charles River Esplanade and the shoes felt ready adequate for a longer trail scat. I set out over the next 50 miles of testing to see how the shoes held up. first real number test in the brake shoe was an 8 mile trail run/hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I found it to be solid across most of the trail, alone slightly slipping on arenaceous rock surfaces which is park for most trail shoes. The arctic coverage on the outsole made gripping the trail easy, although due to the blockheaded stacks, you don ’ thymine feel 100 % connected with the trail which you may get with Merrell Glove shoes. After finishing this beginning test trail run, I was pleased since the shoes held up and I had apparently nobelium problems on my feet. good a sting sweatier than normal, but more on that in the rest of the shoe recapitulation .

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Protection Asics Gel Venture 7

Asics Gel Venture 7 - Sole
Trail runners should be most focused on the lone of the shoe, this is what you ’ re ( broadly ) paying extra for. Asics puts in a fairly aggressive tread model on the outsole that features ‘ V ’ shapes in alternating orientations. This ensures forward and rear gesture grip is maximized. additionally, the tread pattern sits on top of a layer of more rubber. This reduces “ jab risks ” where sticks or astute rocks will be blocked by the outsole material. The last celebrated feature of the outsole is a scandalmongering dance band of arctic in the midfoot that isn ’ t a new material, but is more of an aesthetic choice. I personally think this is a catch at trying to make the outsole front like it was made by Vibram ( a high quality outsole manufacturer that brands their products with a jaundiced patch of rubber eraser precisely where Asics placed this band ). overall though, the outsole provides great traction for standard trail track. Above the outsole is the thick and hardy EVA midsole that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get the burden savings of FlyteFoam, but does provide reasonable accompaniment at a reasonable weight. additionally, this brake shoe has Asics ’ GEL engineering which helps reduce shock in the rearfoot area. I found reasonably much all Asics GEL shoes are comfortable and hard to notice any specific area where there is a GEL eyepatch. I was very well with this shoe on short to medium runs, but I felt the shoe was excessively stiff for me on longer 10+ mile runs.

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last, there ’ s an industry standard ORTHOLITE sockliner ( insert ) inside the shoe which is the first thing you feel when stepping on the shoes. What isn ’ t standard about it is the fact Asics put down a layer of adhesive below the insert. This is something I wish more trail run shoes did, and honestly something I wish more regular horseshoe companies did. The adhesive material is meek, such that you can still remove the insole, but it keeps the insole in home when get rid of or putting the brake shoe on. Keeping the insole in plaza is very crucial when trail running, as you ’ re much landing in unusual foot patterns that would twist a normal insole around. Rockplate The Gel Venture 7 does not have a rock plate.

not present solid security Lugs … Read more most types of terrains and surfaces The Gel Venture 7 provides good grip on

Lack Traction Provide Traction Water resistor … Read more weather conditions, getting wet quickly and The Gel Venture 7 performs badly in wet

Poor Water Resistant

Durability Asics Gel Venture 7

Asics Gel Venture 7 - Toe
The upper starts out with a good addition to all drag shoes that generally helps long term lastingness : a pull tab to help get the shoes on or off. Some beefier trail run shoes add more tab around the heel so you can attach an ankle gaiters ( Altra does this on their Lone Peak line of shoes ), but we don ’ t see any of that on this budget drag running shoe. Surrounding the list is well-cushioned heel counter that is well made. Inside the shoe, you ’ ll find the foam is thick at the top of the heel and then disappears at the bottom of the heel. This helps keep your foot positioned in the horseshoe and improve fit. however, it besides increases slant and decreases breathability. The rest of the upper around the toebox is well protected on the outside with numerous thick overlays and a foam+fabric amphetamine material above the toes. That foam+fabric upper material is notably thick, to the period where I saw it as a trouble for warm weather running. even when it was 50F ( 10C ) out, I still saw sweat collecting inside the shoe, particularly on this foam framework. That ’ sulfur good news for folks with cold feet, and good news program for anyone considering these shoes for cold weather. After my 50 miles of running, I saw normal signs of wear on the the upper, possibly have some concerns with the overlays lasting into 200+ nautical mile range. The EVA foam in the midsole is possibly a refer, as I had scuffs and mild amounts of harsh marks on them which may not bode well for more aggressive trail runners. Considering this shoe is set up for entry-level trail operate, it should have enough lastingness for the marketplace it ’ south going after .

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Responsiveness & Speed Asics Gel Venture 7

Can ’ metric ton hit peak rush in these shoes, largely due to the size of the outsole. It ’ randomness set up for more free-and-easy function, not necessarily trail race or quick descents on the slopes. This does mean the shoe is tailored to a slower meter, which means you will take advantage of the larger lugs on the brake shoe since you might have more ground contact clock time. Mud was ok in this shoe, would have liked a less building complex out invention that ’ mho easier to clean as all the overlays collected scandal and held onto it during and after the run. not a deal surf at all, but something that other more expensive models do a better caper at handling. I ’ five hundred pick this shoe for more hiking/easy trail running opportunities that aren ’ thyroxine besides wet or muddy .

Comfort and Fit Asics Gel Venture 7

Asics Gel Venture 7 - Top
These trail shoes feel largely like a regular pair of Asics shoes with lend grip. This is most likely why the Venture line of shoes is reasonably democratic for chase runners since you get a very familiar chopine. The amphetamine ’ randomness midfoot has a slight upgrade compared to the former model, switching out metallic eyelets to a Nike Flywire-like jell of loops. These loops do not wrap around the middle of your feet ( like Nike Flywire ), so you ’ re getting more of a benefit on the pressure decrease side than any meet technology benefits. I found the spike system to be adequate, although chunky around the nucleotide of the foot. Nothing adequate to cause blistering on my runs. The GEL engineering included in this horseshoe designed for shock concentration is either seamlessly integrated into the heel, or it ’ s so insidious of a deviation compared to regular shoes that I can ’ triiodothyronine tell if it ’ second actually working. Didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate add any discomfort, so I ’ ll call that a success. Sizing … Read more usual size The Gel Venture 7 has modal size : buy the

Buy size smaller Buy size bigger

Conclusion Asics Gel Venture 7

Simply put, this trail shoe is full of reasonable features at a reasonable price. Those new to trail running would have a great time in this shoe, and even experienced runners who equitable need a plain adjust of aggressive tread shoes could get a profit from these shoes at this price point. barely be aware that the previous model is very similar in design and features at a lower price, so consider that before going after this trail shoe .

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