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This video details 5 important e-collar tips if you’re just starting out. Also, I wear an e-collar in a way that NO ONE ELSE talks about. If you don’t like shock necklaces, take a look at my idea and see if it changes your mind. Be sure to check out my third tip. It’s a huge game changer. It will even help you when you train your wife… It’s ok. Not really. In fact, mine is still mad that I even suggested where she went when we went shopping so I could keep her focused on the main goal. Electronic collars (or shock collars) have a very bad stigma. The truth is that they can be the most effective tool in your training tool belt, if you use them correctly. Please watch the video and leave me a comment below on her thoughts on these necklaces. Do you use them? If not, does my video change your mind about its usefulness? Why or why not?

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5 Tips: E-Collar Dog Training for Beginners
5 Tips: E-Collar Dog Training for Beginners

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5 Tips: E-Collar Dog Training for Beginners.

dog collars that don’t cause matting.

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29 thoughts on “5 Tips: E-Collar Dog Training for Beginners | Covered the most detailed documents about dog collars that don’t cause matting

  1. Dog Focus says:

    I would love to know what your experience with these collars has been. Do you find the repulsive or irreplaceable in your training routines?

  2. E Li says:

    Fortunately the UK did not pass the ban for these collars and after watching your helpful video I can start to use one for training my dog off leash. Thanks for the info.

  3. Chocalate Kid says:

    Oden!! bring de winds and turn de tides!! thanks! Common sense, which isn't very common anymore!

  4. Darla Warrior says:

    Really great video. When I do the 1st training day, should I go outside because that's where he will be wearing the collar?

  5. Edward Ruppert says:

    I like your video. I’m very leery but need to get better trained dog my wife is 73 and not quite 5 feet tall. I recently had to retire because of an enlarged heart. I was told that I would be safer with a large to medium dog and we have always Cocker Spanial size and small. My fatigue sets on fast and a big dog trained right would stabilize me if I’m losing balance or god forbid pass out. Its weird I will tell him not to jump on my bride or folks calling on us but a few seconds later he is hoping on them. I hope this method works my boy Charlie2.0 is about 8 months old any tips for a young fella like him and a old fart like me would be greatly appreciated. Thank You again for the great video.

  6. 30 Meadowbrook says:

    I have an extremely stubborn collie mixed and for 16 months i've tried a couple of different methods of training including spirit dog and still cannot get the dog to pay attention to me when there is a distraction. I'm now using a shock collar. I try the vibration but if that doesn't work I go as high as 10 (it goes to 100)
    I still feel bad about it but nothing else has worked. And if anyone has ever read the Rudd Weatherwax book Training Lassie they will agree that these collars are far more humane than his "well respected" methods.

  7. AmericanMade1964 says:

    I just acquired 2 female Gsds that were locked in a garage 24/7. My current gsd knows and is trained not to leave the yard and she is one year old. These other gsds I have had for 6 days now constantly leave the yard and don't come when I call them. I tried the vibration collar with no effect. Just kept running down the street. Omg I'm disabled and I'm not chasing these bitches lol today I have e collars coming and I'm gonna zap them when they leave my yard.

  8. s h says:

    Shockcollars aren't outlawed in Britain, just Wales, but your point still stands about the negative connotations.

  9. Adventures with Frodo says:

    My lab was a genius. I put him out 50 ft in sit stay. I called come and beeped and he came. Then ai put him out 50ft and beeped and he came.
    I use the beep 90%. I only use the stim when he is on prey mode and his brain is totally oblivious to external sound.

  10. Judy Ives says:

    There is no way to use a shock collar except for throwing it in the garbage. Any decent trainer can train a dog without causing him pain!!!! There’s no excuse for using one. Putting a decent recall in a dog is easy and natural with positive methods.

  11. Michelle Crouch says:

    Hi, I don't know if you'll get this as your video is 2 years old now. I really appreciate your suggestions in #3 for using tone for positive feedback. I want positive tools with the e collar for my dog and this is a great one.

  12. william gomez says:

    this video was extremely helpful and informative. unfortunately, i kept kept getting distracted by the beautiful mountains in the background

  13. Jennifer me says:

    I would like to know how to use e collar to stop my border collie 10 month old pup from lunging at cars, cyclists ????

  14. Brenda Fraser says:

    As soon as he says shock collar not train No collar I felt sad. Try better words ok. Please.

  15. Amy Garcia says:

    Thank you. My dog knows his commands. But now will not do them no matter if treats are used. Your video has helped me with him thank you!

  16. Cierra Bellisomi says:

    Extremely helpful video! Thank you from a new dog momma who needs help training. Love using the tone/chime for positive reinforcement.

  17. Kym O says:

    I never considered using something like thing on a dog before, but my female weenie has made a horrible habit of running out into the road. The gate got broken so that it stays open just a crack, just big enough that she's able to slip thru if a certain car or stray dog gets her attention, and she's too fast for me to catch very quickly, esp if I'm trying not to get run over myself. At my wits end trying to save her life, this is my last resort. Her new collar is coming in a couple days to replace her old pretty pink collars. It makes me sad but you've been a VERY bad girl Mimi, mama's doing this to try to save you… T.T

  18. Rick Fox says:

    Love this man’s honesty regarding former mistakes that he may have made. This kind of a person I trust

  19. P4 Polecat Premium Podcasts Productions says:

    Thank you for doing such a great job with this video and your channel. The available transcript is a nice addition, to your already very good teaching technique

  20. Jammin Mammy says:

    Thank you for this video. I live in the woods on acreage and have three vizslas who generally get to run our property at will, but sometimes the two younger ones run down the road to 'visit' the neighbors. (And I mean visit the people, not necessarily their dogs, lol.) Thus far, the neighbors have been good natured about it, but I don't want to push the limits. So I need to rein in the two younger ones on property boundaries and an electric fence is not an option. It seems you have the prongs located on the side of the neck, whereas the instructions for the shock collars I purchased recommend the prongs go in the front neck, in the location where sits the thyroid gland. I am skeptical of putting it there, especially for my female whom I would like to breed. Plus vizslas are known to sometimes have thyroid issues as they age. IDK…it just seems wrong to me to put anything with an electrical current over the thyroid gland. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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