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Have you ever wondered what effortless, chic and elegant style icons look like? Today I share 5 style tips that will help you do the same. —- SOCIAL NETWORKS —– BLOG | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | PINTERÉS | —- EMAIL —– AFFILIATE LINKS: Affiliate links are used in this post, which means I receive a commission Music: Purple Planet Royalty Free Music

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5 effortlessly chic and elegant style tips | The List | style over 50
5 effortlessly chic and elegant style tips | The List | style over 50

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5 effortlessly chic and elegant style tips | The List | style over 50.

chic at every age blog.

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43 thoughts on “5 effortlessly chic and elegant style tips | The List | style over 50 | All the most detailed information chic at every age blog

  1. Carrie B says:

    Hi Beth! Here I am again, blowing your channel up with questions! Just one, this time. What is your experience in style and fashion? Did you study these in college? You are so knowledgeable and comprehensive in your topics. I love r!! 💗

  2. Elisabeth Linz says:

    After one year's time I watched the vid again and can underline again every statement.
    Great tips.
    Meanwhile I have followed your tip of the button down blouse.
    Feel very well dressed in it.
    Thank you!

  3. Johanna Beneteau says:

    Great video Beth thank you. May I ask the Blazers today seem to be below the bottom. should we store our shorter Blazers until they come back in style?

  4. Daphne van Emmerik says:

    Dear Beth, Thank you so much for your nice video's!
    What I wonder: how do you stay stylish and chic while having a German shepherd around? I have a German shepherd too, but in no time my nice clothes are dirty because of walking with her in the forest or because she hugs her head to my trousers 😉 For me it is the reason to always wear T-shirt and jeans in summer and a fleece and jeans in winter while I like beautiful clothes so much. How do you deal with that?

  5. Maria Chaves says:

    Just discovered your channel … I definitely on the style wave length as you. My issue are my feet — very difficult to find shoes that are stylish and comfy. I appreciate your fashion inspirations!

  6. Irene Flores says:


  7. Cynthia Ava says:

    I love all of your tips. So happy I found your channel. I have been floundering a bit as a 54 year old mom and teacher…I used to dress very boho and funky when I was younger…Not feeling so comfortable in that style these days. Looking for an upgrade! lol You are helping so much. PS: Where do you stand on fragrance? Which ones do you like? I ask because I feel fragrance is an extension of my outfit. Need to find something that words with my new style. 🙂

  8. Nyokabi Chuna says:

    Very now 48 and I was getting Scared that soon I will start to wear Old fashion..but You dear Beth are making me Happy coz your tips and style are just fascinating ..Stay Blessed..from Berlin

  9. Star Oliva says:

    Fairly new on your channel. Love all your tips but, I find that after Covid I don’t really go out much so I find myself lazy to get all dress. Definitely not buying clothing like I use too for Fall. But hopefully the world will get better and will be able too go out again and dress up.

  10. Jill Laughlin says:

    I'm petite and usually pick medium to smaller handbags instead of large ones like you suggested so I'm wondering does picking a more proportional size to your body give the same fashion effect

  11. Anny López says:

    Gracias Beth por tus tips que nos das, me encantan tus vídeos, eres maravillosa, Saludos desde Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

  12. Asa Seahorse says:

    I am revamp my wardrobe, with the intention of clearout of winter [am in New Zealand] clothes. You have given me some great tips on styling which I can apply when choosing what to keep or what to pass on. My 'style uniform' is dark blue jeans/black pants, choice of three tops [depending on what I am going to] my blue blazer or [p]leather jacket.. And sneakers [black as I wear afo's [splints] and a wheelchair user. so once again thanks for the great tiips.

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