The current promotion as I ’ megabyte writing this web log post is that, if you buy two blushers you ’ vitamin d get a promotional price of RM50 for two products. If you buy three blushers, you ’ vitamin d get the promotional price of RM69 in full. This is actually a dear price because you ’ rhenium paying approximately the original price in Thailand ( with 31 % discount rate available on-line as of nowadays ) after conversion. “ Super smooth powder blush. intense semblance in matching flatness and shimmer shades. Longlasting excessively. so rush to blush ! By 4u2, of course ! There are 20+ available colours that are suitable for all skin colours and styles. There are felt and shimmer formulas with new formulas that are not like anything that has ever existed. The texture is identical finespun while the colours are ace pigmented. One thing that actually intrigues me about this brand is that they put a lot of thoughts into the promotion and marketing their products and you can very see that from the pictures, product appellative and packaging mind. For example, in the You ’ ra Mine lipstick stove, every lipstick describes a person such as you ’ ra “ My Ex, ” “ My Hero, ” “ My Little Devil, ” or “ My Best supporter ”. On the other hand, in the Love Me More blush range, S-series ( shimmer ) starts with ‘ you ’ while the M-series ( flat ) starts with ‘ I ’, which can be something like # S0 “ You Love Me ” and # M0 “ I Love You ”.

This brand is reasonably much like the 3CE or Innisfree of Thailand. The most celebrated merchandise range until nowadays is the You ’ ra Mine lipstick range that comes in 18 colours shades under 6 coloring material timbre categories. As I wanted to purchase with the Buy-2-for-RM50 promotion, I picked up M7 I Kiss You and went straight to the teller because I don ’ metric ton pale na change my mind after countless of times. The available colours are very attractive. This discolor is indeed pop with the glitters, it truly looks amazing for pool party looks. It gives me that ‘ summer, beach, coconut water, wearing a flower on a side of my hair’s-breadth ’ kind of vibraphone. I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wait to wear this blush to any beach-related occasions but you know what ? I ’ thousand gon na wear this ampere much as I would because it ’ s summer in Malaysia 24/7 ! This tad is actually a summer limited ghost that came out with 3 other colours. The Love Me More summer solicitation includes these colours : This color is very versatile and you can use it as an eyeshadow discolor while matching it with your buttock. It does have some shimmers in it, albeit the particles are actually micro. I personally would besides add more glitter if I use this on my eyelids. When I swatched this color on the back of my hands in the store, I immediately went “ Yes I want this ! ”. This discolor is therefore poppin-orange and it ’ s basically the color of the year, a.k.a. Living Coral. I ’ ve besides been looking for orange blushers so when I came across this shade, I was in truth loving it. This color is guaranteed to make you look bright, cunning and playful at the very like time ! It ’ s a light orange. It ’ s a light brown university. careless, it represents the asian beauty .

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After swatching the previous shade, I was thinking that I want to get something that can be used as a base before I apply the S11 You ’ re My Sunshine. I ’ ve learned that if you put a pinkier shade underneath a peach-toned blushing mushroom, it would compliment the rouge well. so after lots of think and hesitate, I chose this color that has the nude, pink and slighly orange tone .

This flatness blushing mushroom is besides identical desirable for a nudy look. It ’ s decidedly milder than S11 You ’ re my sunlight and it suits a elusive count for a casual day. I think that this is going to be my go-to casual-makeup blushing mushroom from now on .

This ghost is one of the first 20 Love Me More blushes that were created. Every shade has a companion shade of the opposite coating ( matte/shimmer ) with names of a alike manner. For exercise, M7 I Kiss You has a companion named S7 You Kiss Me .

I ’ m actually living for this semblance because it brings out the brightness in your skin and makes you look actually goodly and natural. The reason why I ’ m so excite because it ’ mho credibly one of the few natural looking blush colours that I have. ( I have a predilection to pick those that are actually amazing for makeup looks but may not be suitable for natural/no-makeup looks ) .


How to use

Apply the blush lightly on your cheeks with your fingers or a brush .

As for layer, I chose to go with M7 I Kiss You first, then apply S11 You ’ re my Sunshine like a cherry on clear of a strawberry milkshake .


I ’ m besides using 4U2 You ’ rhenium Mine lipstick in # 17 My Chickie Chic !
My best friend got it for me when she was in Bangkok death class 💕

At this very moment, it ’ s not available in any local physical stores merely so far. however, it ’ second already on sale online and you have to purchase from 4U2 IG history but if you wan na buy it in storehouse, you ’ ve got tantalum to wait until it ’ mho on the PlayUp Advance shelves which would be around this week !


Packaging : Simple, inner light and bite-sized
Colours : amazingly pigmented, buildable
Texture : Smooth and velvet
Smell : easy like pamper products
I am authentically please with this product. Everything worked out so well albeit I still have a thing or two to nitpick at. First of all, the packaging is very simple but it ’ mho memorable. The timbre international relations and security network ’ t the best you ’ five hundred get on the commercialize now because it ’ randomness made out of light plastic which feels like one of those Barbie shoes. ( I don ’ metric ton know why it reminded me of that but it actually did. )
besides, it can be a little bite difficult to open for some of the containers, particularly if you ’ ve done your nails. For me, it ’ s the S11 You ’ re My Sunshine container but the M7 I Kiss You is fine though. however, I do think that this contributes to lowering the cost of the product, which is fine by me because the packaging design is already dear enough and the message in the container matters the most .
I love the colours that they are offering and when I was swatching the products, I actually had a hard time deciding what precisely do I want because all of their shades are so amazing. however, I think PlayUp Advance does not offer all the colours that 4U2 has, sol if you actually want the full-on experience with each and every one of their shades, you might have to visit their Thailand stores/shelves. From what I can tell, most of the color available here are in truth sympathetic .
The color return is astonishing and it is buildable. so if you want a very inner light layer, you can achieve that. If you want intense colours on your cheek, no trouble at all ! The texture of the bloom itself is in truth smooth and velvet. The content is packed in truth nicely on the container, the fall-out is about non-existence and it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel like it would fall off anytime. The smell of the product does remind me of baby powder. It ’ mho delicate and sweet but slightly stronger than what a baby gunpowder would smell like .

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overall, I actually do love this intersection and I do highly recommend constitution lovers to give this a attempt. Like, Thailand brands are not adenine common as compared to Korean or japanese brands and I ’ m truly glad that person decided to bring in more brands that are actually low-cost and be giving good choice .
It ’ s been a while since I wanted to try a reputable Thailand cosmetic trade name but I barely see people talking about them. When this brand suddenly became celebrated, I was glad to find out that they actually do sell it here albeit my first base experience was with the lipstick buy from Bangkok. My have with the lipstick and the blushers have in truth been enjoyable that ’ randomness why I in truth do recommend this trade name to you .


color shade : 💖💖💖💖💖
Colour Payoff : ✨✨✨✨✨
smell : 👌👌👌👌👌
comfort : 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆
price : 💰
handiness : 👍👍👍👍

Repurchase : absolutely Yes .
reason : I wasn ’ thymine in truth expecting much but they performed then much better than I would ’ ve always expected, particularly from a post that just had started to get on the tracks and still being able to be on par with brands like 3CE ( by and large the vibration, but I ’ d placid pick 4U2 over 3CE ) .

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