*Links marked with asterisks are affiliate links, these help Ree with running costs of the blog 4U2 Cosmetics is a reasonably new brand to the UK and it ’ s placid pretty fairly unmanageable to get apply of although they are already very popular in the States. I ’ m told they are launching properly in the UK soon but I don ’ t have any dates at this moment in time. however, the products I want to tell you about are their 4U2 Lipaholic lipsticks .
4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks
They have 13 lipsticks in the solicitation, ranging from nudes to reds and from brights to neutrals.

My initial impressions weren ’ metric ton 100 % incontrovertible, I ’ ll admit. This was because the promotion looks reasonably cheap ; a simple black bullet train and a clear plastic lid. It doesn ’ t precisely scream lavishness quality which is possibly to be expected given that this is a budget smasher brand .
4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks shades
Another issue is that I ’ m not a fan of the bouquet of these lipsticks. It reminded me of children ’ s makeup or the lipsticks you used to get in makeup sets from Argos. Because of these issues I put off trying them for a while, however, I was actually quite pleasantly surprised when I did .
4U2 2
They are very creamy and apply nicely to the lips. They feel courteous, not drying or clingy ; I was surprised by how hydrating they were .
4U2 3

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As I ’ ve mentioned, the bouquet international relations and security network ’ t in truth to my taste and you can decidedly smell it on your lips but it isn ’ t the end of the populace. The longevity of these surprised me the most, they actually death several hours. One lasted right up until 12:30 when it was applied at 7:20am – even after eating lunch !
The shades have numbers alternatively of names but don ’ triiodothyronine very follow any regulate .
I ’ ll explain each shade and there are swatches below :

  •  01 is a pale coral nude
  • 02 is an orange nude (one of my favourites and I didn’t think I would like it)
  •  03 is a classic pinky nude
  •  04 is a bright orange coral
  • 05 is a dark, berry brown shade
  • 06 is a coral red shade.
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4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks Swatches

  • 07 is a more orangey red shade (this one follows on quite nicely from 06)
  • 08 is a true red
  •  09 is a blue toned red (my favourite shade of red)
  • 10 is a bright purple (perfect for winter)
  • 11 goes back to more nude shades with a browny pink nude
  • 12 is a less browny nude (a your lips but better shade)
  • 13 is a caramel brown shade which I personally won’t be wearing.
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4u2 Lipaholic Lipsticks Swatches Pt 2
As you can see the colours jump all over the station but the shades are actually very courteous.

Again, I ’ m not clear on the price but I wouldn ’ triiodothyronine expect these to cost more than £5 .
They would make a great addition to a newfangled makeup wearer ’ s makeup cup of tea. I besides think they would be beneficial for newly makeup artists who want a selection of lipstick shades without spending pathetic amounts of money .
4U2 cosmetics aren ’ thymine however available in the UK but a soon as they are I ’ ll update you on where to find them. In the meanwhile, if you love budget lipsticks why not try these NYX lipsticks .

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