3CE Makeup – Youth-Centered and Color-Driven

Established in 2009, Korean makeup brand 3CE (3 CONCEPT EYES) enjoy huge popularity in Asia and beyond. As an outgrowth of rear company Nanda Co. ( home to manner mark Stylenanda ), which was founded in 2004 by then-21-year-old businesswoman Kim So-hee, 3CE promptly won millennials over with its advanced formulas, girly colors and exquisite promotion. Rendered in an alluring pallette of pinko, orange and beige, 3CE makeup speaks immediately to the young, sophisticate girl-about-town who ’ second concern in creating a total look. Colorful and boldface, its products are a perfect complement to the Stylenanda aesthetic, which favors fresh, fashion-forward streetwear with a romantic edge. 3CE ’ randomness iconic status is cemented by L’Oréal ’ second 2018 acquisition of Nanda Co. – a sure vote of confidence. As the ship’s company continues to grow, Stylenanda and 3CE are both poised for worldwide exposure, with the Korean makeup look spearheading the direction .

3CE – Iconic Products for Lips

durable and hyper-pigmented, 3CE lipsticks and 3CE lip tints are the crown jewels of the trade name, aboard glosses and tint balm. Perennial best seller Velvet Lip Tint is famed for its color-rich, oil-based formula, which produces a cushy matte finish up while keeping lips plummet and moisturized. Packaged in a matte, tonic metro, fitted with a doe-foot applicator, and available in ten shades ranging from soft corals to intense reds, it exemplifies the girly aesthetic for which the post is known ( read our editor ‘s recapitulation of the Velvet Lip Tint here ). equally celebrated is soft Lip Lacquer, a arrant matte lip tint with a weightless, powdery coating, available in 13 shades that run the gamut from buoyant to vampy .
The 3CE matte lipstick Matte Lip Color features a creamy, highly buildable formula that glides on well for a non-drying eat up. It comes in respective iterations, most democratic of which is the Mood Recipe Line, with a standout shade being 3CE 116 ( Inked Heart ), a light orangey brown that flatters a diverseness of skin tones. All matte brim tints and lipsticks are arrant for creating K-Beauty ’ s popular gradient lip look ; alternatively, they can besides produce classical full, bluff lips. For a more slick finish, look towards Tattoo Lip Tint, which comes in a creamy, high-shine rule enriched by 11 botanical oils ; Plumping Lips, a balm-gloss-hybrid that produces a damp, opaque polish ; and Heart Pot Lip, a pigment sass ointment packaged in a cordate case. Like all their makeup items, 3CE lip products remain true to the company ’ s hyper-feminine aesthetics, from romantic shades to baby-pink lip tint tubes and candy-colored, cordate containers .

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3CE – Iconic Products for Eyes

Besides brim products, eye darkness palettes are some of 3CE ’ second most recognizable and covet makeup items. The bestselling Multi Eye Color Palette, comprising nine highly pigmented shades in flat and shimmery formulations, comes in a few versions. The best loved is the Mood Recipe line, which offers three earth-toned color combinations : Plot Twist, Smoother and Overtake. 3CE ’ s Overtake, which comprises flushed browns, chopper champagnes and coppery golds, transitions well from day fooling to evening glam, and is known for its compatibility with a kind of complexions. The brand besides offers other types of eye constitution, including One Color Shadow, a pot of eye apparition in a unmarried shade ; Triple Shadow, a batch of eye shadow in triple shades ; and Eye Switch Pot, a bantam but high-impact pot of eye glitter. With colors spanning the spectrum from the intense to the neutral, 3CE ensures that there ’ s something for everyone when it comes to creating the ideal K-Beauty look.

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3CE – Iconic Products for Cheek

The 3CE makeup count will not be accomplished without its iconic blushes, which marry alluring, user-friendly promotion with highly wearable shades. The Face Blush – available as separate of its Mood Recipe and Mood for Blossom collections – is a long-time best seller. Adding a natural flush to cheeks with a childlike brush, it comes in colors ranging from laid-back beige to vivid pinks and corals. Another noteworthy intersection is the Cream Blusher, which produces a similarly rose-colored glow but comes in a ample, creamy, highly blendable formulation. handily packaged in a pinch tube and enriched with amethyst, pearl powders and berry extracts for a beaming complete, it can be counted upon to provide vibrant pops of color. For those looking to streamline their constitution routine, the uniquely packaged, highly convenient Cushion Blush will come in handy. Formulated in a soft, watery texture and available in shades both elusive and intense, it works equally well for highlighting and contouring purposes. If you ’ ra looking for a multi-functional product, why not try Take A Layer Multi Pot ? This tint designed for lips, cheek and eyes is well suited for both quick touch-ups and for creating black and white constitution looks. It comes packaged in a minor mirror covenant and in a creamy formulation enriched with shea butter, which is well known for its humidify properties. particular note must go to the shade Diotima, an understated beige with a drop of yellowish pink that has been making continuous waves .

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3CE – Unique Collections and Collaborations

In line with the stigmatize ’ s pursuit of a sum, doll-like expect, 3CE has introduced several unique collections encompassing complementary color makeup items, from lip tints and center shadow palettes to blushes and collar polish, amongst others. Most outstanding of all are the Mood Recipe and Mood for Blossom collections. Mood Recipe, initially launched in fall, is defined by warm, earthy tones such as beige, rose and browns, while Mood for Blossom emphasizes pink hues inspired by the sakura season. Both highlight the trade name ’ sulfur continuing quest in providing excite twists on classical formula, as perennial favorites such as the 3CE flat lipstick and the 3CE Velvet Lip Tint undergo fresh reinvention. equally enthusiastically received are two collaborations between 3CE and Maison Kitsuné, the cult french fashion label, which have produced a range of covet items ranging from lip crayons and center apparition palettes to makeup bags and canvas tent totes .

3CE Makeup – High-End Glamor at Affordable Prices

Offering romantically packaged, quality cosmetics that are fully low-cost, 3CE has become the go-to mark for confident, fresh, cosmopolitan new women. From color-rich sass products and hyper-pigmented eye shadows to playfully packaged blushes, their product range never ceases to excite and surprise. For a acid of girly-girl charming, pick up your identical own 3CE merchandise nowadays from YesStyle ! Whether you ’ re going for a Velvet Lip Tint in sweetest coral, the celebrated 3CE Lip Lacquer or merely a insidious beige blush, they ’ ra certain to brighten your mood deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as your face .

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