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HOW TO LOSE YOUR BEER BELLY Exercise changes our bodies in amazing ways! There are so many positive effects on our body; Slows down the aging process, improves endurance, increases metabolism, allows you to sleep better, your brain starts working faster! Watch this video and get motivated to start exercising if you haven’t already! But today we are focusing on the stomach area. So first, let’s find out what kinds of bellies we have and how to get rid of them. There are 5 types of belly that are not caused by being overweight. THE RING OF LIFE, caused by a sedentary lifestyle, excess sugar, carbohydrates or alcohol. How to overcome it: – eat less sugar and alcohol – more protein and “healthy fats” (nuts, oily fish) – walk and exercise: lunges, squats, push-ups. STOMACH STRESS caused by constant stress, skipped meals, irritable bowel, unhealthy diet. How to overcome it: – go to bed earlier – add magnesium to your diet – to calm down: yoga, stretching, chamomile tea. The LOWER BELLY caused by a recent birth, a monotonous diet, a crooked spine. How to overcome it: – Healthy diet: more fiber, carbohydrates, vegetables and water – Plank exercises – Circuit training. MOM’S BELLY caused by a weak pelvic floor. How to get over it: – more “healthy” fats – Kegel exercises – stretching – keeping belly tight – naps during the day BELLY LOCKED AT NIGHT caused by food allergies, weak gut. How to overcome it: – do not eat starches, alcohol, dairy products – more vegetables, chicken, fish, water – a full breakfast – breathing exercises: inhale and exhale deeply 10 times lying on your back – walk after eating. Timestamps: 1:04 How to lose fat in the lower abdomen 4:41 The stressed belly 7:53 Japanese method to eliminate fat quickly 10:07 Four movements for a flat stomach 13:12 Exercise for an ideal size — – — — ———————————————- ————— — — —————————— – Our social networks: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The positive side of Youtube: ———- – ——– — ————————————– – ——– — ——- For more videos and articles, visit: This video is made for entertainment purposes. We make no guarantees as to the integrity, security and reliability. Any action you take on the information in this video is strictly at your own risk and we will not be liable for any damage or loss. It is the viewer’s responsibility to exercise good judgment, care and caution when considering any reproduction. The following video can represent the activity performed by our actors in a controlled environment. Use good judgment, caution, and caution if you consider reproducing it.

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