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Matt Emmons, a member of the United States Shooting Team, explains how to properly shoot a rifle from the kneeling position. #LetsGoShooting #NSSF ____ Subscribe to the NSSF channel: ____ Visit and follow us: ____ Let’s Go Shooting [
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3-Position Olympic Rifle Shooting: The Kneeling Position - Matt Emmons- USA Shooting
3-Position Olympic Rifle Shooting: The Kneeling Position – Matt Emmons- USA Shooting

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3-Position Olympic Rifle Shooting: The Kneeling Position – Matt Emmons- USA Shooting.

sub kneeling pose.

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32 thoughts on “3-Position Olympic Rifle Shooting: The Kneeling Position – Matt Emmons- USA Shooting | Summary of relevant contents sub kneeling pose The most detailed

  1. Intens08 says:

    Been doing 3p shooting a little less than a year. I have a problem finding stability sideways so gotta shoot on timing when it travels left to right.
    doing about 9.3ish on average and cant seem to find accurate balance to get them 10's.
    my prone and standing is where i can collect my points for a better total than my fellow shootingmates.
    Its frustrating where im loosing about 5 points.
    Im using scatt mx-02 in my apartment about 1-2 hours 3-4 times a week just to follow up on the movement and trigger moment.
    I noticed if a sit on my foot til it numbs out and pain is gone i can start focusing on breathing but there is alot of moment sideways just not that much.
    been doing some half matches and gotten at best 566 without decimals (178/197/191) (knee/prone/standing)


  2. Taco Friday says:

    Haha..I was practicing this position at the range today..and no I see that I was doing almost every part wrong 😂

  3. Nathan says:

    I watched this
    I can’t do it for some reason
    I have the flexibility
    But my knee goes haywire and hurts extra

    Any tips or strats?

  4. Charles Mitchell says:

    In the kneeling position its always seemed more stable to me to sit completely on the side of your foot because it lowers the center of gravity to the ground and the side to side wobble of the foot is eliminated. I would also place my knee in my armpit for the same reasons. I would teach people this technique to people in the Marine Corps if their proportions and flexibility allowed them into the position. Would this be legal in olympic shooting? Please do a video of the offhand position, thats the most interesting and difficult of all. Prone is a piece of cake.

  5. Daily News India says:

    can we used doctor suggested prescription spectacles for weak eyes in Olympic event? please help..

  6. ciro says:

    Olimpic shooters use air rifle just for 10m matches.For 50 m matches they use 22 lr rimfire bolt action rifles.

  7. Aditya Kumar says:

    hey Matt this is a great video but you should also make video of all positions. If you made it previously, please send me link address

  8. jeremy scriver says:

    hay matt love the vid but like so many others I shoot 3p but im self taught s I bought an anschutz and got the sheet with all your advice but would love all 3p explained cheers from Canada

  9. gesman5000 says:

    In shooting practice on the first day we did 3p and I found the kneeling position quite hard but I'm not very flexible

  10. Ceaser The Ruler says:

    @Steve Hay, love that you've chimed in calling this bad advice. Matt is on the USA shooting team. Can you um, can you quickly give us your credentials and a site for which to reference them? You know, just so we don't get the wrong idea about your input?

  11. Glen Covarrubias says:

    Congratulations Matt for the initiative and humility to share with people who want to grow in the shooting, very didactic your explanation … hopefully have time to share other videos while on court 50 meters with your suit and rifle, and give some tips in the 3 positions! Hits for you! Excuse my English … I'm using a translator! thank you!

  12. Ahuizotl Xiuhcoatl says:

    This is purely for sport or target shooting, I think. "Tactical kneeling" advice should probably be sought elsewhere.

  13. Steve Hay says:

    Disagree with rolling the toes the other way, you will be hyper-extending the foot and if you needed to get up in a hurry you don't have a firm platform to use the top of the foot to help you get up…. bad advice!

  14. mocatz187 says:

    Why is it not good to curl your toes forward. When I curl forward I get a bottomed out feeling like I can't curl forward any more than I have so it feels fairly solid.

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