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Mix Ratio + Treatment


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Sometimes plants don’t grow as well as we would like. Today I treated two of my houseplants with hydrogen peroxide using a simple and affordable mix. Hydrogen peroxide is useful in many ways to treat houseplants and I highlight 3 of those reasons in this video. #houseplants #hydrogen peroxide Thanks for watching! Happy planting, Asiyah Here’s an update on Miriam (the great lily of peace) – please share, comment and subscribe! Thank you! Head over to my website and get your FREE DOWNLOAD: 5-Step Guide to Growing Your Plant Collection – Want a Plant Love T-Shirt? Grab one from my Teespring store—-I’d like you to subscribe to my channel for more plant videos—–Are you looking for women-centered, nature-based training to improve your mental and emotional health? ? Do you want to know how I used herbal medicine to heal? Ready to GROW into the biggest and best version of yourself? Schedule a discovery call with me today – you can support this channel and my work with vulnerable/at-risk women by making a donation here – you’re the best! Let’s connect: Learn more about me: IG: Business Inquiries + Collaborations:

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3 Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide on Houseplants | Mix Ratio + Treatment | Asiyah's Plant Life
3 Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide on Houseplants | Mix Ratio + Treatment | Asiyah's Plant Life

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3 Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide on Houseplants | Mix Ratio + Treatment | Asiyah's Plant Life.

hydrogen peroxide travel size.

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41 thoughts on “3 Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide on Houseplants | Mix Ratio + Treatment | Asiyah's Plant Life | Cover documents about hydrogen peroxide travel size the most detailed

  1. Kathy Rogers says:

    My peace lilys did the same thing. They also have horrible white mushrooms growing in them. Did the peroxide eventually work?

  2. Chrissy Austin says:

    Thank you so much! My boyfriend had a peace lily from his brother's funeral and I have been able to save it. I so appreciate you!!! 🥰

  3. S H says:

    I am new to your channel. I have some house plants. Seems like most of my house plants are not doing well and have stunted growth. It has been really cold winter here in Canada. Its March now . My money tree plant keeps getting yellow and falling leaves. Most of the yellow leaves I had to remove or fell on their own. I love this plant . Feel sad because now it's almost barren. Same thing happened with my Enterium plant I changed their potting soil . Still it did not help. I will try to water with hydrogen peroxide and see it that helps. Thank you for sharing the helpful suggestions . Do you have any suggestions for my dying plants?

  4. Curlyg3gs says:

    Hello just wanted to clarify the mixture. Did I hear baby bath warm ??? I'm a beginner trying to revive a peace lily from a friend.

    Thank you.

  5. Shelia Glover says:

    It's Grandpa plant is 5 years old I would try to gently half the size of that container and get it out of there it may be root bound I need a larger container I read that peace lilies live 3 to 5 years but I think with good care maybe longer I use hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and missed my leaves and stems I didn't think about putting it down into the dirt

  6. Chicanita Jaquez says:

    Hi I’m so glad I found your site
    I have one plant that started turning brown and drop
    I will try your way I hope it get back to health 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🧤

  7. Cadaver Cakes says:

    I would find this video after I watered my struggle bus plant. Can i still do this even if it's been watered or should i wait for next watering?

  8. Yeshualives says:

    I used this method with three of my plants. It's been four days now and the soil is still really wet, like mud. Is this normal?

  9. Lisa Robinson says:

    how did you go? I use a much stronger mix for watering roots. I use one part hydrogen peroxide to 3 parts water. when you water you should see air bubbles exploding in the soil. the mix you have made is what I would use as a foliar spray. for foliar spray I mix it one part hydrogen peroxide to 20 parts water, oh and I also only use filtered or rain water for these treatments.

  10. NJERI MUNGAI says:

    I will try your method because I have the same issues with my Peace Lilly and African Violet

  11. Barbara Walsh says:

    Hydrogen Peroxide can be used on all the tools and pots you use for plants. Spray the blades of the tool and wipe it off with a paper towel. For pots, spray the inside and rinse with water. It's ready to use.

  12. devilmecare says:

    Take it out of the pot and start with looking at the roots first. Usually root rot is the culprit.

  13. devilmecare says:

    Those are some rough looking sheers. You need to get some sand paper and clean them up. Skip the soap and water and just swab them with alcohol, let dry. Better yet get some new ones.

  14. Kelly Mcmonagle says:

    Thank you so much! Crossing my fingers that my two birds of paradise can pull through and survive!

  15. Susan Wesley says:

    I watched your channel and I tried this on my peace lily an they turned black & yellow. Did I killed them?

  16. Musiclivesinme says:

    I'm going to try this with my piece lillies. I've had them for 9 months (since my mother's passing). I'm trying to save them cause they mean so much to me. Thank you!

  17. Osaiyekemwen O. says:

    Loved this video and your whole vibe. I just subscribed! I've been hearing about hydrogen peroxide. Its time for me to give it a try with a few of my plants this weekend. Thank you!

  18. Kenneth Williams says:

    Well water it’s normally hard water but not necessarily in that means there’s minerals in that water which is probably good for your reply. But what about food you don’t seem to mention what type of food do you feed your plan. Now don’t they need food for the plants?
    My plants do. Miracle grows is pretty good you know you don’t need a lot but plants do need food. Just a thought. Also soil can become stale or sour. Perhaps transfer the plants into breathable fiber pots. Breathable fiber pots are very good for providing oxygen to the roots and for the water to drain out pulling fresh air in. A good and thorough dry out before you water again and you may not like the way the fiber pot looks but set it inside of a decorative pot large enough to allow air between pots.

  19. Jenni Prado says:

    I just tried this after watching your video. However I used 1 TBSP of peroxide per1.5L by accident. Did I just kill my plants? 😢

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