24-Hour Clock Time Conversion Table and Other Useful Tools for Global Marketers and Communicators

Tools for Global Marketers and Communicators
marketing to and communicating with audiences around the earth presents both an exciting opportunity adenine well as some unique challenges and considerations. hera are some helpful resources to avoid confusion and get your best results .

24-Hour Clock Time Conversion

naturally, there are differences to consider from one country and culture to another, and one of the most practical ones is the timing of your communications. As a refresher course, the United States uses an AM and PM format, whereas the 24-hour clock, sometimes referred to as military meter, is more normally used in Europe. here ‘s a handy table to help you well convert AM and PM times to a 24-hour clock prison term format .

24-Hour Clock Time Conversion Table

1 AM 01:00

2 AM 02:00
3 AM 03:00
4 AM 04:00
5 AM 05:00
6 AM 06:00
7 AM 07:00
8 AM 08:00
9 AM 09:00
10 AM 10:00
11 AM 11:00
12 autopsy 12:00
1 phase modulation 13:00
2 promethium 14:00
3 autopsy 15:00
4 prime minister 16:00
5 prime minister 17:00

6 phase modulation 18:00
7 phase modulation 19:00
8 promethium 20:00
9 promethium 21:00
10 promethium 22:00
11 promethium 23:00
12 AM 00:00
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International Time Zones

Another time-related aspect to stay on top of is meter zones. For example, you may be planning your electronic mail market and communication campaigns from your agency in New York, while your aim audiences are in Paris. In this casing, you ‘ll need to convert Eastern Time ( ET ) for New York to Central european Time ( CET ) for Paris .
Time Zones on Wikipedia »

Daylight Saving Time (DST)

doubly a class, you ‘ll need to factor in Daylight Saving Time ( DST ), in which many countries adjust their clocks. Each country determines its specific time change procedures. These clock adjustments are made in the spring and decrease, normally from mid-to-late-March and late-October to early November. As some selling content is seasonal, be certain to keep in thinker that bounce in the Northern Hemisphere begins in March, while March marks the start of fall in the Southern Hemisphere .
Daylight Saving Time on Wikipedia »

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

UTC is the time standard used in clocks around the world. It is used for international coordination because with UTC there is no hazard of confusion about the respective time zones. UTC in any vicinity is designated as UTC- in the west or UTC+ in the east .
Coordinated universal joint Time on Wikipedia »

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Date Formats (YYYY-MM-DD)

A reminder that date formats are presented differently in different countries. The regulate of the numbers can vary, for case from YYYY-MM-DD to DD-MM-YYYY .
Date Format by Country on Wikipedia »

International Holidays

As you know, holidays and particular celebrations differ from one country to another. sol before planning the date and time to send your communications, be sure to check the national holidays and other important observances of your aim hearing locations .
list of Holidays by Country on Wikipedia »

Email Laws and Regulations (“Opt-in Laws”) Around the World

With e-mail market, it ‘s a must to understand and follow the legislation and other requirements of the country or countries where your e-mail recipients are located. Email regulations vary among regions and countries, and meaning fines are imposed for breaching these laws. For exemplify, in the European Union ( EU ), you need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ), which requires senders to have recipients ‘ explicit permission for both electronic mail commercialize and electronic mail track .
Opt-In and Privacy Laws in North America and Europe »

Must-Haves for Email Marketing Platforms

The Best Practice for Permission Email Marketing is Double Opt-In

When you choose license selling engineering solutions for your global communications, be sure that they include these essential features at a minimum :

  • Scheduling: The ability to schedule an email marketing campaign for automatic delivery, with a specific date and time, in any time zone.
  • Compliance: Support for complying fully with laws and regulations, such as the EU GDPR. Keep in mind that you are required to obtain and store the explicit consent from each recipient, granting you permission to send email marketing messages to this individual. Stored explicit consent also applies for email tracking if you track on the personal level.
  • Language: UTF-8-character support is recommended if you communicate in non-English languages and rely on non-English characters.
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L-Soft’s Email Marketing Technology

Exploring solutions for your global electronic mail marketing ? LISTSERV® Maestro is built on best practices and complaisance with the nonindulgent regulations in Europe. L-Soft ‘s e-mail market solution offers you four unlike electronic mail traverse levels, providing extra patronize for submission with the EU GDPR .
LISTSERV Maestro is available as software or a cloud service, from L-Soft .

  • Explore features and benefits of the ListPlex Maestro email marketing cloud service (ESP)
  • Explore features and benefits of the LISTSERV Maestro on-premises email marketing software

We ‘re felicitous to help you find the best solution for your ball-shaped communications and market .

LISTSERV is a register trademark licensed to L-Soft external, Inc.

See Guidelines for Proper Usage of the LISTSERV Trademark for more details .
All early trademarks, both marked and unmarked, are the property of their respective owners .

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