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Hello naturalists! I used this serum to GROW BACK + REVERSE my hair loss, baldness and thinning hair in 2 months! In this 2-month #GrowWithMe update video, I’ll be showing you photos and videos of my hair growth and chatting with you about my hair growth process! TO ENJOY!! XOXO *BUY USED PRODUCTS HERE!*: HAIR GROWTH SERUM + DRY SCALP: SIGN UP FOR MAILING LIST: INSTAGRAM: ***SEE FAQ BELOW if you have more questions 🙂 I make this serum in small lots and I sell it FAST. If the serum runs out, my goal is to replenish it in about 10 days. If you are out of stock, please check back frequently for replenishment updates. Thank you for your patience ! *** INSTAGRAM: #GrowWithMe Updated Videos: Shaving My Head With A Razor: Going Bald: Natural Short Hair Playlist (20+ Natural Short Hair Tutorials!): OTHER VIDEOS 🙂 VS LOW . HIGH POROSITY 101 + Maximum Hydration: DIY Treatments for HIGH POROSITY Hair: DIY Treatments for LOW POROSITY Hair: SUBSCRIBE, Like and Share! SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: @NiaHope Twitter: @TheNiaHope Snapchat: Nia Hope For all business inquiries email: ****************** *** Frequently Asked Questions *********************************** Our Hair & Scalp Growth Serum dry best seller is made in small batches We hand pour small batches of whey each month based on demand. If we ever run out, please know that we will work very hard and quickly to restock within 10-15 business days. For updates follow @NiaHopeCo ( on Instagram. THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING HERE AT NIA HOPE & COMPANY! 🙂 FAQ: Q: When will the serum be back in stock? A: If the serum is listed as out of stock, I will try to restock it within 10 business days. Check here in my shop and/or (@NiaHopeCo) for updates on when the serum will be back in stock. Q: What are the ingredients of the serum? A: Jamaican black castor oil, black seed oil, jojoba and cedarwood oil, clary sage, lavender, rosemary, peppermint and ylang ylang essential oils. Q: How should I use the serum? A: For best results: Use *TWICE* a day (one dropper full and/or enough to cover problem areas). We like to use it once in the morning and once before bed. Massage affected areas for 2-3 minutes with each use. And above all, be constant! 🙂 Q: Can I wash off the serum after application? A: You CAN wash your hair if it gets oily, but only do so after allowing the serum to fully absorb into your scalp for at least 8 hours. Q: Do you ship internationally? A: YES! I ship almost everywhere. Q: How much are international shipping costs? A: Shipping costs vary by country. They can cost around US$10.00 to US$12.00 shipping to the Caribbean islands and Canada and can cost up to US$13.50 shipping to places like the UK and South Korea. ***PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE *MAY* BE ADDITIONAL CUSTOMIZATION FEES IMPOSED BY THE MAIL TO SOME COUNTRIES. *IF* THIS HAPPENS, YOUR PACKAGE WILL BE DELAYED UNTIL CHARGES ARE PAID. *** Q: When will my package be shipped? A: Each bottle of serum is carefully handcrafted, labeled, and packaged, which takes time. Please allow 3-10 BUSINESS DAYS before you begin viewing tracking information for your package. Q: How much does Hair Growth + Dry Scalp Serum cost? A: $31.00 Q: Does the serum for men work? A: Yes, the serum works for both MEN and WOMEN. Q: Can I use the serum on my child? A: The serum is intended for adult use ONLY. Consult a doctor before using this serum on a child. Q: Can you change my email address, I gave the wrong one? A: I do not have the ability to change the email address. This can only be done by the buyer or you can contact Etsy support. Q: Do you accept advance orders? A: No, unless otherwise specified.

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100% Natural HAIR REGROWTH Serum  | 2 Month Update - #GrowWithMe | Nia Hope
100% Natural HAIR REGROWTH Serum | 2 Month Update – #GrowWithMe | Nia Hope

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100% Natural HAIR REGROWTH Serum | 2 Month Update – #GrowWithMe | Nia Hope.

pur hair gro miracle.

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  1. Marry Jenney says:

    Are you still suffering from hair lost DR RORPOPOR HERBAL YouTube has a permanent cure to hair lost with his natural herbs medication . I have used it and it cured my hair lost completely🤗

  2. Dionizio Reis says:

    Vc eh linda e maravilhosa , mas NN entendi nada … Precisaria traduzir em português 😘

  3. grainiac says:

    I can't put oil in my hair and go to work…?? I am using some natural things (green tea/ coffee/ rosemary/rice water with some jojoba oil but I can only really do it on my days off work. I have blond and fine hair so 2x/day won't work; also I am told not to wash every day b/c it makes thinning worse. Any help for these issues? I guess what I'm asking is if I don't do it but 3x/ week will it still help me.

  4. KingZabo TV says:

    Not sure if you mentioned it I can’t remember but How many times a day/week do you apply it

  5. Andrea Pickett says:

    This gives me hope. I’m balding on the right side of my head. I just bought the serum. Can’t wait. Thank you for sharing your story and providing a wonderful service.

  6. purposed patience says:

    i just found your channel. i did the big chop a month ago, my hair is growing. i just placed a order for your product to support your product. Im looking forward to seeing the results. Your journey is so inspiring💞💞💞💞

  7. Evan Hartel says:

    does this work on white people?? 24 male and I’m shedding so much hair and i need something!! great video and keep up the great work!😊

  8. Lucas Ngwa says:

    Hello Good morning.Please i live in U.A.E and i love to order my, kindly update me on what to do.Thank you.

  9. Lil rani says:

    My appreciation goes to DR RORPOPOR HERBAL on YouTube for the healing he gave to me when i was suffering from hair lost.. keep saving lives sir…..

  10. Ernesto Perez says:

    Can't order because it say shipping not available for the selected address 😒 I ordered before but now I'm having issues.

  11. Travis Jantjies says:

    I just want to say thank you so much….I was balding by my crown area and on top of my head I used peppermint oil and black caster oil with a scalp massage in the morning and night….now I am on my 2nd week and my hair is already getting thicker….thank you so much

  12. Parxgirl215 says:

    I would love to try this but after trying Kitty Hair oil and no growth worried. NO refund so I wonder if the comments are from real people.

  13. mugisha elie says:

    Great job you have been doing but am wondering the way I can be found those natural medecine in Rwanda

  14. ALD says:

    I had my bottle for three days now, How often do you wash your hair queen, and when do you wash it out and reapply it how often,

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